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  1. So true Sophie! Also before when she had a different username even I was a mod there. But now with her new username I'm not a mod there yet.
  2. Yes chaturbate which now has issues with Apple devices by the way, the only way you can find pee stuff there is by searching the #squirt and asking the models. Cam4 does do Pee stuff but again even with models using the #pee there most don't remember they are using it when they go on cam, and some just use it as a different acronym. But cam4 works for Apple devices better then chaturbate so I use cam4 now instead of chaturbate.
  3. Hi peegirl99. I've seen stories posted onto a related website that has lots of similarities to what your posting here on the live thread. Just wondering if they are written by the same person.
  4. I'm currently holding and having urges. I need to go pretty bad. I'm gonna hold till about 8:30 maybe earlier edt. If anyone else is holding post here or join in the live chat
  5. Very true alfresco. My situation didn't change at all.
  6. I'm glad to see this thread has had some activity. There should be more though with all the quarantine going on.
  7. Welcome to the site. I just added you on kik and sent you a message.
  8. Can a mod please ban @SilkEscort? It's obviously a porn bot!
  9. It seems this thread died after New Year's Eve. What's up all?
  10. It's usually not a exact amount of days for a woman. Or so I've found out from friends, and on here thanks to puddlys.
  11. Awwww I'm sorry your monthly came at a bad time puddlys. I again hope you don't have bad cramps
  12. Omg I'm so sorry this happened to you puddlys! But I'm also not surprised because of the outfit you were wearing. They obviously thought you were like a call girl or something. Please don't take offense to this as I'm not trying to be offensive I'm just making a observation. I've known your username on many related sites and one that closed. So, let's just say I'm a casual fan of yours. I really am very sorry this happened to you and let it be a lesson to all females partaking in this topic in public and at night.
  13. Lucky you Sophie. And great story. It also got me hard which was needed as I'm holding in my pee

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