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    Well, it's obvious why I am here. Nothing excites me more than watching a woman pissing. And I much prefer "pissing" to "peeing" as it sounds dirtier. I especially like watching her piss when she is siting on my face. I married for the second time at 58 to a woman of the same age who made it clear it was going to be open and kinky. A mongth later her nephew came over and was fucking her in the ass while she was sitting on my face. His cock pressed on her full bladder and she let loose and gave me a huge golden shower. It was love at first swallow, and for the next 20 years, until she passed, I was her toilet. She only pissed in the loo if I weren't around. We would have friends over for a gang bang and she would sit on my fce in front of all and let me have it. Often this turned on the others and I got a bonus or two, usually from a woman but every once in a while a man. I am also turn out when a woman starts playing with her piss rubbing it all over here body and licking her hands.

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    Golden showers, especially when she is sitting on my face and I swallow it all. Also when she plays with her piss rubbing it all over here body and licking her hands. If a woman is sitting on my face when getting fucked in the ass, that usually leads to a wonderful explosion of piss.
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    They've all been hot, but the hottest always is when she is sitting on my face while another guy is fucking her in her ass.

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  1. A new discovery- www.cans.hornylines.com The fetish and specialty list includes "piss". Very few models as you might expect. When I checked there were just three out of more than 200 online. I went to the first and inquired about her specialty and she responded by holding up a plastic bowl and made it obvious when it was there for. This obviously deserves more investigation
  2. I have long been fascinated and turned on by hearing, watching, playing with, having sex with women while they are pissing. Over the years, a few girlfriends woould let me do one or more of the above, but very few were really into it. So the usual, watching videos etc. Then I met the woman who became my second wife when we were both in our late 50's. By mutual agreement we had a wide open sex life and spent more of our free time which grew over the next few years as we retired swinging playing with friends etc. I noticed that she never shut the door when she was just pissing, but also I never saw here wipe herself. Also she did drink lots of water and other nonalcoholic beverages which meant frequent trips to the bathroom. One evening we we having a group scene and she was getting in the back door from a gentlement with a rather large cock. As this was hapening and she was obviously enjoying she started to piss, and had a big smile on her face. I got very excited watching and entered her in front. She again got excited by doing double and let go again pissing on my belly and cock. From then on, she regularly pissed on me while we were fucking, and as a resultwe had rubber sheets to put on the bed when we were doing it. Little did I know what the next chapter was o bring.
  3. Because of actual experience, it's something I will avoid. There are sufficient adult experiences. One decision is whether I write about a true experience or embellish it and make it fictional.
  4. Thanks much for this. I'm not clever enough to do the workarounds, and I certainly would not be turned on by reading them, so I am going to interpret this as "no" and take a pass.
  5. So that this newbie doesn't get banned, p can someone summarize for me regarding age whether relating to experience and when writing a fictional story. Can fictional stories make reference to sex and piss play with somebody under the age of 18. I understand the probable answer to that question with reference to true experiences is no. But I'm looking for clarity when writing fiction. Thank you very much for any help you can give.
  6. My limited experience with chaturbate and cam4 is similar. I plead ignorance to MFC as I don't know that abreviation
  7. I have spent a few hours trying to track down what websites have models who piss on camera. I have checked out some so called lists by reviewers, but they turn out to be shilling for a site that doesn't allow for on camera pissing or they are just plain wrong. For example, llivejasmine.com is listed as site which has on cam live pissers. That's incorrect. The standard avenue from most sites is either no, or you will have to ask the model. I tried that on a few sites and came up empty handed. Although this is a far from exhaustive search, I have found one excellent site and it was the one I started on when I wanted to see live cam sessions. That one is stripchat.com Up front a warning that this site is not cheap. You really need a gold membership to get high quality results and that is $23 a month. So how did I locate pissers on strip chat. The first was serendipitous. I was watching a 23 year old Columbian who billed herself a "squirter". She was starting to do that when all of a sudden, she started a strong stream of piss. She laughed and played with it, dribbling on her body and then wiping her hands off. I gushed compliments (pun intended) and we have had two sessions since, both recorded. I then got the bright idea to check the names of models, and sure enough, I hit paydirt with three coming up with names like pissqueen. A couple of private messages back and forth and arrangements are being made. I could go into much more interesting and perhaps exciting details, which I might if you PM me.

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