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  1. I work on a plane and while I haven't peed on any seats I have on the floor in the toilet. For those wondering how you could get away with peeing on seats - some planes (depending on the seat) have seat covers for when things like drinks are spilt. You could always blame it on a spilt drink if you wanted to try it.
  2. So I've been with my partner coming up to 5 years now and it's only recently I decided to open up to him about having a pee fetish. The other night I had a dream that I was peeing on myself and woke up really turned on and wet so I told my boyfriend who grabbed the towels straight away to put down on the bed. I have peed on him before but he's never peed on me so I asked him if he would. In between fucking he'd pull his dick out of me and I'd pee all over it. He also ate me out and asked me to pee in his mouth which neither of us had ever done before but oh my god did it turn me on!
  3. I'm definitely more of a 9 or 16 But I'd love to be a 6, 10 or 21 for appearance, although I'd miss the feeling of my lips being sucked if I no longer had them.
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