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  1. Here's Goldie, the former secretary at Patches' Place. Click the link below to see the entire gallery of pics. She's cute! Goldie Rain
  2. @F.W Could you please do me a favour? I'd appreciate it so much if you'd hit the space bar after a comma. Your posts would be so much easier to read and it's the correct way to type. Thanks!
  3. This is Nikki from Wet Set! It's a great site and was the first really big pee site on the web. Check it out! The link is below. Wet Set
  4. A few nice wetting pics.
  5. I agree. There is nothing wrong with married women having male friends or vice versa. I dated a woman in the late 1990's whose best friend was a guy. But, he was a "buddy." What @Blackinksoul30 is seeking is a much more emotional relationship. That intimacy should be reserved only for one's spouse.
  6. @steve25805 Okay, I'll play along. I'm a Leo.
  7. @steve25805 Uh, I have some bad news for you. You're not a Cancer. You're actually a Gemini. I studied Astronomy in college. Astrology is superstition with no basis in science. But, for those who choose to believe, read the following: "A staggering 98% of people in the UK know the answer to this question. But did you know around 86% of us were actually born under a different constellation to our star sign? The dates of the ‘star signs’ were fixed, over 2,000 years ago, when the zodiac was first devised. Then, they corresponded to the constellation of stars that appeared behind the Sun on the day you were born. But an astronomical phenomenon, known as precession, means that the constellations have drifted since then. So which stars were you actually born under?" Cancer is 21 July to August 10. LMAO! Besides, how does when we're born determine our traits? No one has ever been able to explain that part to me.
  8. Hey Steve, wanna trade? LMAO!
  9. I just looked it up. For me, it was "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" by Andy Gibb. LOL!
  10. It seems that he and Trump were cut from the same cloth.
  11. I'm watching the Late Late Show with James Corden from London right now. The show is based in Los Angeles, but Corden is a Brit. Every year they do a week of shows from London. Tonight, he has this girl group called Little Mix on. I thought I was watching an act from the USA! England produced all of the best rock and pop bands in history! They set the trends. Now it seems that they're following us. I don't get it. To me, the best USA bands are the Doors and the Beach Boys. That's about it. England has beat us in music for ages. Ha ha! It's true. During the show, Corden said that Boris Johnson is likely to be the next Prime Minister. When he said that, the entire theatre booed loudly! Is this true? Is Boris going to be the next PM? Just my opinion, but he seems like a nutter. An English version of Trump. They both have hideous hair. And, he was born in the same city...New York. Is this an omen? LOL! What I'm getting at is...what the hell is going on in England? My grandparents were from there and it makes me sad to see this. It really does. Can anyone offer comments? Thanks so much.
  12. Forgive me, @Blackinksoul30 , but I'll give you an honest response. Why are you seeking male friendship online? Why are you engaging in intimate conversations with men online? Call me old-fashioned, but that is the role a husband should fill. When I was married, I would have been quite concerned if my wife was looking for serious friendships with men outside of our marriage. It's just not right. That's just my opinion. It can only lead to more problems. Have you no female friends? If you do, those are who should be confiding in. If not, perhaps you should try to meet some. I know it can be difficult to make friends. I've had a problem making male friends all of my life. Lastly, perhaps you'd benefit from some sort of therapy. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of it, but it does help some people. Maybe even you should get couples counseling. There are free or low-cost places out there where you can get help. A few phone calls should lead to some options. You obviously have problems with your feelings of self-worth. I don't know how to help you with that. This is why I suggest professional help. You won't get it here at Pee Fans. I can promise you that. That goes for any other site. Look to yourself, not online. Please don't be offended by my words. I'm only trying to help, I assure you.
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