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  1. 2prnot2p

    Great Legs!

    Now...this girl has great legs! If you notice, her legs look great in every position and from every angle! These are Hall of Fame legs, for sure!
  2. 2prnot2p

    REAL FEAR!!!

    I think a Biden-Sanders ticket would win in a landslide. But, I don't see that happening. Hillary was advised to pick Bernie as a running mate, but didn't. He's so far left that I think Biden would beat him, sadly.
  3. 2prnot2p

    REAL FEAR!!!

    Bernie is running, for sure. However, it's almost a sure thing that former vice president Joe Biden will run too. I love Bernie, but I think Biden will be the Democratic candidate if he runs. In a very early poll the other day, Biden had 28% to Bernie's 26%. But, it's way too early to mean anything. The race will be a circus. There are almost 20 people who are running. It's ridiculous. I think a large field will waste so much time and hurt the chance of the Dems. Everyone wants the job. Why? I have no idea. It's so nuts! To use a Trump line, "We'll see what happens." LOL!
  4. 2prnot2p

    A few nice finds.

  5. 2prnot2p

    Peeing gifs

  6. 2prnot2p

    Golden Showers Paradise

    G/S PARADISE has just been updated. The movie gallery has a new clip and there are some other changes sprinkled throughout. Check it out when you have the time. Thanks! Golden Showers Paradise
  7. 2prnot2p

    Sympathy for Holland?

    I think the reason for the differences in the reaction of the media is the following: 1. Many more were killed in New Zealand. (50) 2. It was a new thing for New Zealand as it's thought of as a very serene place. 3. It was in a house of worship, where one should feel the safest. In light of the above factors, I can see why there was a difference in the media. It makes sense to me, completely. But, I agree. It's awful and yes, we should feel empathy for Holland. I do, however, think your reaction is a bit over-the-top. Makes you vomit? C'mon.
  8. 2prnot2p

    A nice mansion.

    Here's an aerial view of the mansion and the grounds. Enjoy!
  9. 2prnot2p

    A nice mansion.

    I thought I'd share some pics of Henry Ford's house, Fair Lane, in my town. It's about 2.5 miles from my residence. Mr. Ford died in the house in 1947. It's not nearly as posh as what he could have afforded, but is still pretty impressive at 31,000 square feet with 65 rooms. Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the architects who designed the home. I've been there many times and there are tours offered. I once played a gig there with the band I ran. The grounds it occupies are beautiful too. I hope you enjoy the pics.
  10. 2prnot2p

    where are you

    Among the nicest people in the world, for sure!
  11. 2prnot2p

    where are you

    O Canada...We stand on guard for thee! Gotta love Canada, ay?
  12. 2prnot2p

    where are you

    Motown, in the mitten-shaped state, USA.
  13. 2prnot2p

    Social Media

    I've wanted to write about this for years, so I thought I'd do it now. I have never engaged in any social media platforms. I got involved with the web in 2000 and even then it seemed like a bad idea to me. Everyone I knew went on and on about My Space. Remember that site? I think it's still around. Anyway... Eventually, I decided to try Facebook. I registered and...lo and behold...everyone I knew appeared on my page as though I'd told them that I'd joined! WTF! I mean, people I'd never even emailed were there on the page of people I "might know." OMG! That was crazy to me. How did they do that??? Scary! I immediately deleted my account. No thanks to social media. I think social media has led to the "look at me and what I did" society we now have. Your thoughts?
  14. Found this GIF by accident. I went to her site and...wow! It's not a porno site, but a very erotic site just the same. You should check it out. She's married and has a child. But, likes being sexy. It's paysite, but there's plenty to enjoy for free.
  15. 2prnot2p

    Sympathy for New Zealand

    I don't want to pour gasoline on the fire, but I live in a city with the largest Arabic/Muslim community in the world outside of the Middle East. There's a mosque at the end of my street. Our city is 40% or more Muslim. We have no problems at all. None. They do not impose their religion on me or any other non-Muslim, ever. I've never seen it happen. They also don't commit crime on the level of many other minorities. They're polite and we all seem to get along just fine. Oh, and I love their food! It saddens me to hear about Muslims/Arabs being the source of problems in other western nations, if that is the case. I don't have any advice or answers for anyone. I just wanted to share my experiences with readers here. Someone once said, "You hate what you fear. And you fear what you don't understand." I agree completely. That's all I have to say about it.