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  1. @speedy3471 I picture you falling out of your tractor while viewing the above video. LMAO!
  2. She's into Urine Therapy too. (Drinking her own urine.) I welcome any and all feedback. Thanks!
  3. Me too! I remember crying when my mom showed me the newspaper headline that the Beatles broke up. I was 11 then.
  4. I know what you mean. I grew up in the era with no cell phones, no internet, no cable TV, no microwave ovens, and void of countless items that we take for granted now. In fact, there were only 4 channels on TV and ours was a black and white model when I was a kid. Popcorn had to be made the old-fashioned way too. We listened to the baseball game on the radio. Guess what...I still do! LOL! I'm listening to my Detroit Tigers right now as I type. You're right. People did seem nicer then. Yet, there are still many wonderful people in the world. Some of them are members here!
  5. I strongly advise that you get some professional help as soon as possible. If you considered suicide, this is serious! Please, talk to someone soon. Best wishes to you, Raven.
  6. I think you're right. I'll have to look. They were good ones!
  7. The link below is a video of the 'Cave of the Winds' tour. It's very short, but still pretty cool. Cave of the Winds video.
  8. It's fine. Don't worry about it. Forget it.
  9. Put me down for shaved all the time.
  10. My grandpa fought in the trenches in France in WWI against the Germans. He was from England and lived in the USA. He enlisted in Canada's army as the USA was not involved in WWI yet. It was hell, he told me. They got gassed by the Germans, just awful.
  11. The Dirty Dozen and The Great Escape are also fantastic! Man, I cannot pick just one. Oh well...
  12. Das Boot is awesome! Great choice!
  13. Yes, YOU mentioned the speed of light! Read your own post. It's the second to last sentence that you wrote. LOL!
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