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  1. 🔥 Holy fuck, be careful of this one, or you'll be spellbound! 😁 Really beautiful SWOY!
  2. Also have Skype. PM if ya want my id. I'll not tell you my life story (cuz I don't know you from Adam), but I'd be happy to shoot the shit and/or offer any thoughts.
  3. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night with a raging boner and full bladder the only way I can go is to sit and push that boner down a little. But apart from that no, standing.
  4. It's not manly to pee quietly, therefore, in the water. If your flow is not strong you will be accused of being a homo or having a small dick.
  5. Ahh, so most likely all shopped. Thanks for your input @ZooeyGlass.
  6. My extreme content penis is gone to make itself more subtle. 😜 OK, back to topic. Here is a link to the episode. Around the 13 minute mark one of the characters goes to an 'art exhibition' featuring peeing celebrities. All the photos look pretty real?
  7. Members of taboo-porn-site offended by picture of a penis. I'm just confused these days.
  8. In an episode of the TV show 'Nathan Barley' there is pics of David Bowie, Jamie Oliver and Kylie Minogue pissing. It's the 15Peter20 episode for whoever wants to check it out. I think it's on Dailymotion. I've wanted to know for years if the Kylie pic is real. Anyone have more info?
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