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  1. Navdoc73

    Best Places to see Peeing

    Salt water fishing venues. Where I live there are many great places to drive up to, park by the bay and fish. Almost all do not have any type of facilities. Most women that fish are not shy about peeing outside. Leads to some great daylight sightings. I have been tempted to padlock the rare porta potty provided to see if women would just squat right there.
  2. Navdoc73

    Nurses Pee

    When I am working on the ladder truck there are usually a few empty water or gatorade bottles up there with us. I have used them in the past. When i have to pee at a fire scene i will tell everyone that i am going to check the back yard for fire extension with my 3/4 inch hose. One our guys took a crap in a bathroom of a house where we just put out a fire. We were pulling ceiling out in the hall and we hear the toilet flush. He comes out with a big grin on his face.
  3. Awesome pics! 

  4. Just having a great day here in Texas. I have been looking for new content without much luck.

  5. Navdoc73

    Peeing inside a girl?

    My better half enjoyed me peeing in her. It made her pee too. She liked me peeing on her clit. She was on her back in the floor when I peed on her. She did not enjoy when some drops splashed in her face though.
  6. Navdoc73

    For the Ladies

  7. Navdoc73

    For the Ladies

  8. Navdoc73

    Road Trip Potty

    From what I saw on the net is that it is meant for young children.
  9. Navdoc73

    Outdoor and Makeshift Urinals

    I have seen the gutter befire. I remember as a young kid peeing in a bathtub at the local high school football stadium. That is where I discovered that it was ok to pee in the tub.
  10. Navdoc73

    voyeur site suggestions

    http://www.amateurvoyeurforum.com I love this site.
  11. Navdoc73

    clit stimulation while pissing

    My girlfriend and I are starting to experiment with me peeing on her clit. First time she said it was nice. Tonight I am going to drink a lot of tea and take her out on the pack patio. We have some old camp chairs out there. She is going to sit in one with her legs spread over the arms of the chair. She is going to masturbate either just about climax or all the way. I am going to pee directly on her clit to take her over the edge or on to another one. I will let you all know how it goes.
  12. Navdoc73

    Silliest receptacle!

    I was traveling home from leave late one night on I-95 in Maryland. Had to piss like a race horse. It was pouring rain wore than I had ever seen. That was making the situation worse. My ex found a Burger King cup in the back of the car. I pulled over and pissed my brains out. About the time I started to worry if the cup would hold it all WY ass was feeling warm. There was a hole in the bottom of the cup. I jumped out of the car, tossed the cup and finished pissing. Now not only is my butt wet but I am soaked from the rain and freezing my ass off. From then in I always check the container for leaks before peeing or I just say "fuck it" and pee in the rain. I am gonna get wet anyway. Another time I filled up a gator aid bottle 2 and a half times. Not so much the volume but I had to tilt the bottle to get my pens in the right position. Didn't think it through before starting. Had to balance the partially full bottle, squeeze my pens and roll down the manual window at the same time. Not to mention worry about being caught cause I was in a public park.
  13. Navdoc73

    Unisex restrooms and the future of pee porn

    I do not think that we will ever have truly unisex restrooms here in the US with stall type partions. Here in Texas there is a chain of gas stations on major highways called "Bucky's". They have huge clean restrooms for each sex. This is what makes them an attractive place to stop on a trip. The toilets are in little individual rooms. The doors are just high enough to get a mop under the edge, maybe a little bit higher. They have someone that cleans it just about after each use. They also sell food and tons of other junk and tourist crap. I could see all restrooms being like this in 20 or so years and possibly urinals off in a separate area. It will be a very long time before Americans will be comfortable enough with nudity and genitals for true unisex restrooms.