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  1. So a few months ago I had my first colonoscopy. The prep was not too bad the first day but the second dose very early in the morning did me in. I was in the bathroom for about 4 hours. I was allowed to have clear fluids to prevent dehydration. So I was pushing fluids like crazy. I got to the place for the scope and I was lead back to the pre op area. I was told to get undressed and cover up with a sheet and gown. Once I was changed they started a 1000 ml IV. The anesthesiologist came and we talked. He gave me something to relax me. Once I got that in me I could not go anywhere. The nurses c
  2. What do you mean by port a potty? There are many different kinds. Could you post a picture of it? Preferably maybe with her on it?
  3. Something you might try is having him pee directly on your clit. I have done the a couple of times and my partners enjoyed it. I am not to interested in seeing a woman getting pissed on in the face or body. I think that is too degrading. I have no problem getting a little on my face when she pees on me just not full on. I think the view from below her is very sexy. One way that I really enjoy is when she pees directly on the head of my penis. It has made me cum a few times.
  4. Not exactly what you are looking for but a local portable toilet company claims that they are "#1 in the #2 business".😸
  5. I would think that they would straddle it so the they have a bigger target.
  6. Once with my first wife she wanted me to go down on her after cumming in her. We were watching girl on girl porn while I ate her. This was what eventually led to us having a few 3 wayswith her friends. This was also the night I got to taste her milk. She had just finshed weening our son and transitioning him to real food. I enjoyed that much more than my semen. I think that she would have continued lactating until we split up if I had not left on a 10 week deployment the next morning. Fast forward to a few years ago. I had split from wife #2 and fell hard for a co-worker who loved sex wa
  7. I estimate that my tub holds about 40 US gallons of water. I also stay in long enough when relaxing that I have to add hot water. On a good day I will produce 16 oz of pee at a time. So at worst I am sitting in way less than 1% of my pee. If my math is correct it is actually only 0.003120 %. Not a big deal.
  8. I have nearly filled a 32 oz Gatorade bottle when desperate.
  9. I have been thinking about your post since it was put up. I am not sure that I could resist checking out your panties either if they were left out in the bathroom. Even without seeing your face here I think that you are very attractive. It would be a huge temptation that I would find difficult not giving in to. I feel bad that you feel violated by this. Is there only one bathroom in the house or did he look for the master bathroom? If he went out of his way to use the family bathroom instead of a guest bath he was way out of line. A few years ago I was traveling and had to stop for
  10. I was watching a new show on the Pop network last night. It was Wednesday's episode of Florida Girls. The show is set in Clearwater Florida. It is about 4 crazy girls living in a rundown trailer park. So in episode 4 one the girls are out on a church kayaking trip. At one point Katlin anounces that she has to pee. She is shown squatting on the beach with a full stream going. Rather interesting for Americian TV.
  11. Alfresco I will agree that nurses will get more opportunities to see or help people pee. Before and after the Navy I had many not necessarily enjoyable incidents involving patients needing to pee. I have had the chance to help a few attractive young ladies use a bedpan. Nothing sexy though assisting a woman who feels bad enough that she does not care that a young guy is going to help them. On a side note. I have mentioned this before I was a Corpsman in the US Navy. There were several "nicknames" for us. Pecker Checker and Dicksmith were the common ones.
  12. I started a topic here a few monts back about job choices. I thought being a lab tech would get me to see an occasional girl pee. Help with collecting a sample. The only time it almost happened was when doing an insurance physical as a traveling medic. A woman asked if I needed to watch her give her sample. She thought it was a drug screen. Stupid me I said nope. Point of this post being a urologist envolves too much penis work for me.
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