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  1. I've seen thousands of pee videos over the years with people peeing in every way possible but I must admit I've never seen a girl do this for a guy before
  2. Glad to see us back up and running again. Wetman
  3. Great
  4. Very Much feel the same way. Was great friends with Kevin when he was here. Then he vanished. After a month of so of searching I found out he had Died. Then Crissy vanished the same way. Been told he's OK but have no way to confirm it. Did have the Pleasure of meeting a former member here..something that rarely happens. The internet is a strange and unique World.
  5. On me ?? Sorry I couldn't resist
  6. You missed "On another Person"
  7. Working on a ambulance sometimes you get busy and don't have time to pee. The other day I transported a patient to a hospital in another city. I was working with a cute female co-worker. After leaving that patient we had to go back and transport another to the same town. I noticed that after our first call my partner didn't stop to use the restroom. After dropping off our second patient My partner said "Let's go...if I don't find a bathroom I'm gong to pee in my pants" Down the hall we found a bathroom and she dashed inside and shut the door. Coming out she said "Boy I feel so much better" Made the whole day better. Wetman
  8. Welcome to PeeFans. Hope you find something you like here Wetman
  9. Hosing down 3 girls outside.
  10. Big Gulp LOL
  11. Pre soaking my clothes before washing them
  12. The wife and I decided to have a clear-out and have put all our dogging gear on eBay. We haven't had any bids yet but there's thirty four people watching.