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  1. Tie her up and pee on Her
  2. Nice to be peed on wearing clothes
  3. Over the years of my experiences with watersports I've witnessed many desperate situations. Figured I'd share some of them here. One of the most memorable was a time that happened with my 2nd wife who knew I was into pee fun and often treated me to golden showers and other Piss fun. She worked 3rd shift and on days that I was home from work she would usually get home around 8:30 am. This day I was sound asleep in bed when I heard someone banging on the door. I looked at the clock and it was almost 9 AM. I got up and went to the door...It was my wife who was having issues finding her keys. When I opened the door she pushed past me and ran to the middle of the living room which had hard wood floors. She threw her purse into a chair..spread her legs and with a loud sigh she began pissing her pants...a huge hissing pee. Pee flowed down her legs and quickly formed a huge puddle between her legs that spread quickly across the floor. I had walked over to where she was standing and my feet were soon covered in piss. She continued Peeing. By the time she finished her pants were drenched. She removed her pants and dropped them in the puddle of piss. Heading down the hallway she took a shower and left me to clean up the mess. Later she told me she had to pee before she left work but was unable to go before her ride left. Then her ride made several stops on the way home. By the time she reached the house she barely made it inside. Then she told me she was surprised I didn't slide between her legs and let her pee on me. The only reason I didn't was I was afraid she would get mad at me. Oh well it was still fun to watch.
  4. That floor is ruined
  5. Someone better get a Mop
  6. Massive lake of Piss
  7. The lake grows and she's still Peeing
  8. The second girl squats and continues peeing
  9. Pee pours from her pants as she continues to Pee
  10. The 2nd Girl starts to Pee
  11. The first girl starts to Pee
  12. One of the most massive pee videos I've ever seen. 2 Drunk girls make a huge lake of Piss
  13. Love her smile as she relieves herself