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  1. Welcome...Here we are pretty much a pee site but hope you find something your looking for Wetman
  2. A woman in Florida Really had to pee and was trying to use a private bathroom. When they tried to send her to a public restroom she just peed in the parking lot and ended up in Jail
  3. Enjoy
  4. Some vintage and new pee shots
  5. They guys at JTV 666 Always come up with wild ways to get the pee on the girls besides just Directly peeing on them. Tubes..Funnels...troughs...Bowls etc. I thought I had seen it all until they Have the girl catch the pee then pour it into a pressure sprayer and then they pump it up and spray it all over the girl. Reminds me a little of an old Pandora video where they peed into a super soaker water gun and blasted the girls with it. Wetman
  6. Very Nice. But them again I'm a Sosha Fan
  7. Great photos. And YES it's fine to post the pictures here Wetman
  8. Hi TV Guy. I know your site well. One of my favorite websites. I even have a DVD I won that was autographed and peed on by Sosha back when you did Webcam shows. Welcome to the site Wetman
  9. Welcome to the site !!
  10. If your in the tub with your friend and you gotta pee just pee on her
  11. A former member here..Kitty..did a video like that once. Was really Hot to watch that. Wetman
  12. Beautiful lady peeing for Ray.
  13. A girl soaking down her girlfriend after drinking a couple of beers
  14. She couldn't hold it any longer
  15. Welcome to the forum