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    50+ Male who has been into pee fun for years. If it's Yellow and Wet I enjoy it !

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    Golden Showers
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    Being showered by the Great Miss Piss. It was like a dream Cum True

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  1. One thing I have always found interesting is peoples viewpoints on Male to Male Pee fun. Now I'm not talking about your average person on the street who probably thinks watersports is nasty anyway. I'm talking about the views of people who enjoy Pee Fun in one way or the other. Girls peeing on Guys and Guys Peeing on Girls is always accepted. And most guys and many girls love the idea of a lady peeing on another female...and it in no way makes them a Lesbian..they are just having fun. But if a guy says he enjoys seeing another guy pee he's a sick pervert and God Forbid if he enjoys being peed on by another Guy He's immediately labeled as a Fag or Gay and you would think the world has come to an end. Why do we draw the line here ? I've always found this interesting and confusing and would love to hear others Views. Can a primarily Heterosexual male not enjoy the aspect of pee fun with another male? Thoughts ? Wetman
  2. new and thought I would say hello to everyone

    Welcome. Yes those two go well together
  3. Black Rifle Coffee Commercial Pee based

    Most of their Ads are funny. Sadly not my thing. If she was peeing that would be a Hot commercial
  4. looking for someone

  5. More from another video
  6. Here's one I found where this lady comes out and reads the opening to a play and pees her pants as she does it.
  7. Performance art pissing pic

    Interesting and unusual
  8. What happens to our members?

    I'm here as I can. My Job is very demanding and time consuming but I log on when I can...even on my days off I send much of my day on the road. Wetman
  9. Peed on the first time you met ?

    It was very exciting for me. I knew she was going to pee on me..that was part of the reason we met. But the urgency of the situation made it very exciting for me. I figured we would have some time to talk and relax before her first pee...but she texted me about 5 minutes before I got there and told me "I hope you hurry so I can relieve my overfilled bladder". This was Genuine Desperation !!
  10. Here is an interesting question. Has anyone else been peed on by someone the first time you met them ? I have in the case of Miss Piss but of course that was one of the reasons we met. We shook hands..shared a quick hug and then she was dragging me upstairs to the bathroom because of her desperation. Even though it was the first time we Physically met I felt I knew her already because of our long time friendship online. But wondering if anyone else has been peed on by someone they just met ? Wetman
  11. Hamster245 interview.

    I've seen a user with your name on Peesearch and X-Tube. Lots of good videos.
  12. I probably pee more in my Bed than in the toilet LOL
  13. She's going to lose it any second
  14. You can tell by her face she's desperate to Pee
  15. Big Bladder

    Showing off her Huge Bladder before Peeing