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    I adore mature women because I had a real life experience with my mom when I was a teenager. She was the first woman I had sex with and it was the greatest time of my life. Now I'm hooked on mature women because they have real life experiences and are the best lovers

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    Its warm wet and salty
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    I accidentally pissed inside of my girlfriends pussy years ago by total accident but that was the beginning of my fetish for more

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  1. tommcam

    Piss lover

    I'm new here but I have experienced piss and pee fun and games and extreme medical urine issues. I had diverticulitis and had to have a urinary catheter up my dick in to my bladder for six weeks. I had no control over when I pee it just comes out into a bag that catches the pee. Fucking nightmare!!!! Now for the sick part sometimes I will take a tube and slid it into my dick and all the way in to my bladder it's about 15 inches. Once I get it into my bladder I how no control over pissing it just starts shooting out of the tube until my bladder is empty and here's the exciting part I take the end of the tube and put it right inside of my mouth and the ? Hot piss just flows into my mouth and I swallow it as fast as it comes.
  2. I can only tell you that I'm rich I'm rich because of my pee problems
  3. tommcam

    How much pee is there in a swimming pool?

    Funny you should ask. Back when I was a teenager my friends father found this stuff you put in the pool water and when someone pee's in the pool the stuff has a reaction and the water will turn red from the urine. Can't tell you how many people were super embarrassed by getting caught peeing in the pool. Great stuff I wish I could find the stuff today
  4. I love to see a pussy cat using her pussy like that. Two pussies in one picture gotta love it