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    Like laughs, music, conversation, and pee. Love to be peed on and to pee on others. Open to most things pee related

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    Soaking,wetting,desperation. But not humiliation. Just love sharing something so intimate.
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    Being peed on by a special lady. Only happened once but want more!

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  1. You could try a site called Locanto. They have a casual encounters section. I've not met anyone myself through this so can't comment on that. I miss Craigslist, but I never actually met anyone into pee on that, sadly
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I've never done that - I don't have a basement but if I did, I certainly would. I have peed in my shed a couple of times though! When I was a kid, me and a friend used to pee in his dad's garage in the corner. Don't know if he ever suspected
  4. I've recently discovered how much fun a bath towell can bring to a naughty guy like me. If I lay one or two of them on the floor, I can just let go all over them and then just put them in the washing machine afterwards. I have to say I do a lot of washing! Nothing better than looking through the pictures on this site and just letting go at the same time. Does anyone else do this?
  5. You're welcome anytime. I'll do it with you. I actually don't have carpets in my home but will gladly buy some!
  6. Hi there, I'm from London too. Sorry to hear about your relationship and I'm sure folks on here will help cheer you up
  7. When I was at Junior school a couple of the boys had a competition to see who could piss the highest distance. One boy managed to piss up into the cistern High up on the wall above the urinals
  8. Thanks for your wonderful story Riley. Is it based on real events? (just say yes, don't spoil it)
  9. The peeing takes place in the pool only, unfortunately. There is a small shower room which I think some people use. There are hard floors and they do get wet. Everyone is mostly naked (which is very liberating) but some wear fetish gear too. The floors though are understandably sticky! as there is a lot of sex going on too. I watched two guys wanking each other and they just came on the floor- thats allowed. There are staff who go around cleaning up throughout the night. The pool gets fuller as the night goes on. Some wear trainers in there but most are barefoot. I would ideally love to go to
  10. Like you, I'm very introverted and it was uncomfortable until I started talking to people. They are a very "matter of fact" crowd from all different backgrounds. Rather like people on here of course. At one stage I had an accountant giving me tax advice as he played with himself. Amazing. After a while I relaxed. The great thing is, when you need a pee you just go over to the padding pool and there is always someone there ready to receive. There weren't many women but those that were there really loved pee! Several guys would crown around as a woman would kneel in the pool and we all relieved
  11. Hi. I recently plucked up the courage to visit a private piss fetish venue in London. I've been there twice now. They have a padding pool where you can pee on each other. There are mostly guys there but a few ladies too. I was nervous though, I have to admit, it was very new to me. Best time was watching a lady squatting over a guy as she peed on his chest. I was kneeling and watching from behind. I put my hand under her stream- wow it was amazing. Second time I went there, a really nice girl stood above me and peed into my mouth (first time I'd had it in my mouth). After she finished and
  12. A story... We were young then. We had been in a steady relationship for three years and it was great. She was beautiful and sexy. Our sex life was pretty good and could be described as 'normal'. I felt safe with Caroline. She was blonde, curvaceous. Just beautiful. That night I was to see Caroline in a different light. Little did I know it but my nice 'safe' relationship was going to become almost too hot to handle. It was a beautifully warm summer night. We had been out for a drink at a local pub with a very good mate of mine, Terry. We had got very drunk, the three of us. In f
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