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A different kind of intro

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Someone here said I should post a few pics of myself in this forum. After much thought, procrastination, forgetting and generally not getting around to it ... I'm finally doing something about it. I hope the ladies like what they see (and are willing to say so) ... same for guys if you're that way inclined (I'm not but to each his own).

Without further ado ... pics of me peeing and one extra for fun. :redface: :tongue:






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I haven't posted any pictures for a while so I thought I'd take advantage of a boring day at home.  A few from my collection of selfies.  A couple in bed and a few with the help of a mirror.

Hope you enjoy.







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I got some nice comments last time so thought I'd post a few more.  I was playing with some  picture editing software and ended up with these.  Just a bit of fun, eh?




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On ‎16‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 1:58 AM, Curvy_Luscious said:

I can see why you are a "forum legend.." :17_heart_eyes:

ihihihihihi I was on curvy profile and got here from there:')

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love it! those are some great pix. glad you finally got around to sharing something. keep up the naughty work! 💋

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