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Knickers, thongs and panties.


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15 hours ago, puddyls said:

OMG 😂🙄

Actually - guess you may already be planning it, but would like to think of you either celebrating a new or a second term president (depending on your leanings) by turning that grey a different shade.  I see your state looks pretty conclusive. 

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11 hours ago, puddyls said:

it’s honestly super fun being fully clothed, yet still be able to have my undies showing. was it a faux pas or intentional? the world may never know. 🤷🏻‍♀️😇

Whether intentional or not, looks absolutely perfect - and perfectly subtle too.  If we’ve learned anything from your posts though, I’ll bet that’s not the last we see of that dress or those panties. (Living in hope anyway). 

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2 hours ago, mickymoist said:

@puddyls a loose summer dress that  is see through in the sunlight is just lovely, the thought that there is probably a pair of damp panties underneath is even better 😍😃

haha. well, that was why i had it hiked up sitting on that bench. wasn’t sure how dry they’d gotten since i did wet. ☺️

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19 hours ago, puddyls said:

is there something a tad empowering about wearing sheer clothing that shows off what’s underneath? 😇💕 honestly feeling really sexy today. 

You have good reasons to feel sexy. Not only when wearing a light summer dress.  😊

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