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Knickers, thongs and panties.


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Sophie ,

I can just imagine you wearing that pink G- string underneath a skirt . That the wind suddenly will blow the skirt up and WOW !!

There you are in hels and that pink G- String is well observed by me in seeing what you look like wearing it . in being so SEXY :wink: :wink: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :woot:

Plus those blue thongs you're wear tomorrow will be great !!

As I too have a pantie / knickers fetish I enjoy in as well . In viewing what girls like to wear / even wet in at times too :wink: :wink:

Thanks , for sharing


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If only there was a way we could verify this.....:wink:

FW ,

You just need to trust in Sophie , in telling you the truth . to what style of knicker she's wearing to day . then use your imagination to picture her standing somewhere . With her skirt being b;own up by a gust of warm wind . To expose those blue thing knickers . that she has said . That she would wear today ;)

To allow you to be aroused by that thought of what she's actually wearing :)

Trust me . As Sophie will be wearing those blue thing knickers . That you lust over so much ;)

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What is it that you like about them both? Being a guy I don't understand as they are both very different.

I like the sexiness of French knickers, and I like how hidden thongs are while still looking nice. They don't show under tight clothing.

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