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Where have you pee'd with the opposite sex?

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For those of you who have pee'd with the opposite sex, whether it'd be you, them, or both of you together at the same time, where have you done it? Could be in a bathroom, in a parking lot, at a bar, in a forest, wherever. I'd love to hear!

I'll share a quick story. I was dating this girl in high school, she'd always pee with the door open wherever and was really comfortable with pee talk. On my way home, I'd always cut through this big forest, and one day she came back with me to hang at my place. About halfway through, I really needed to piss and she told me to feel free and just go. So I did. I unzipped and started pissing with her about 5 feet behind me. She could definitely see my stream, judging by her laughing as I arched it up in the air a bit to put on a little show for her. 

So, where have you pee'd with the opposite sex?

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2 hours ago, glad1 said:

An awful lot on hiking trails and in the woods, but also on a beach, off a boat and a couple times we even shared a urinal.

That's awesome! Who'd you share the urinal with and how'd that go?

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6 minutes ago, murshymaze said:

That's awesome! Who'd you share the urinal with and how'd that go?

One of my hiking partners. We stopped at a coffee shop after we got off the trail. There was almost no one in the place and it had only one bathroom. I followed her into it and found it had both a toilet and a urinal. 

She beat me to the latter, but at least had the courtesy to give me enough room. It seems her aim was better than mine.

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4 minutes ago, glad1 said:

You mean it wasn't "Pee At The Pump"?

Nope lmao. Didn't think to do that! Just peed in the pitch black behind the building since the bathroom was closed.

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Ruth was sitting on a lounge chair on the deck of our boat , she pulled her bottom bikini aside and had this coy smile , then she just let it run ,not a hard pee , but more of a steady leak from her pussy , I went crazy she was sitting in this puddle of warm honey , I had to pull the bottom off and lick her dry then eat some more of her 

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When my wife and I are on longer journeys I often pee with her together when we have a break.
We both don't like going on the toilets along the roads or at gas stations, so we often take a break at smaller parking lots where we then go into the bushes.
She squats and I stand in front of her protecting her so that no one can look at her.
Then we both pee and chat with each other about who's pee takes longer 😉

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For me personally, I wouldn't say I have a lot of experience, but there has definitely been a few instances I can think of.

I've peed, together with my wife, at various places - at night while camping, behind the car at an event if there are no bathrooms nearby, and while hiking.

Same with my ex-wife - outdoors many times, in the pool, etc.

But I can only think of a few times I've peed with/around a girl who wasn't my S/O at the time, all in college, at parties, etc. My friend "S" would pee anywhere, she didn't care. I've told stories about her here before.

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This brings back memories with my ex-wife. Although she was not into pee like me she indulged my fetish. We often peed in front of each other. She even did my favorite hold until we wet.

She said she sometimes peed in the lake anyway, but one time we were swimming in a cold lake and both of us needed to pee . We stood close together so we could feel each others warm liquid and let go. 

We also frequently showered together. I made a point to hold my pee beforehand and asked her to do the same. We simultaneously released our pent up urine. I put my hand in her stream. Because we were standing so close together it was inevitable that I peed on her leg. Other times she would hold my dick as I peed. We did this in the shower because her aim was terrible .

We went camping a few times every summer . She was generally adverse to peeing outside. I of course had no problem with it as long as I was secluded. Finally one day the stars aligned. We had the campsite at the end of a dead end road, nice and private. The one downside , for her, it was a longer walk to the restrooms. One day , after a long hike ,she was extremely desperate to pee. she was holding her pussy , saying she was about to wet her pants. Music to my ears. She didn't think she could make it to the bathroom. I had to pee also, so it didn't take much convincing to get her to join me behind the tent to piss. I wanted to enjoy watching her go, so I held it a minute so I could get down on my knees and watch her pee on the ground up close. Once my erection subsided I went while she watched. She was more willing to go outside at that camp after that.

But, the hottest co-pee we had was when we came home from baseball game. A group of co-workers chartered a bus to take us to the big city for a major league ball game , about two hours away. I was in a period of being pee shy and could not pee with people around. I tried several times during the day, but could not go. I even tried sitting in a stall, but with all the activity around me, despite becoming increasingly desperate, not a drop came out. I got back on the bus for the two hour ride home very desperate. As the bus was getting near our hometown the pressure was so intense in both my distended bladder and penis, I thought I was going to wet my pants. I almost didn't care because I was in so much pain, but to pee myself in front of my fellow works would be an embarrassment I would never live down.

What I did not know at the time she had not gone all day either. Once the bus dropped the group off we had a fifteen minute drive back to our apartment.Standing up and walking to the car made my desperation much worse, my pee felt like it was going to come out. Once we were at our car and out of site of others I could not resist any longer, and I grabbed my dick with my hand for a good hard squeeze. It was then I noticed she was pee dancing, crossing her legs and grabbing her crotch with her hand , as I unlocked the car door. She saw I was holding myself too, something I rarely did. She said "you too"?  I said yea, I had been unable to pee since we left the house that morning. She replied me neither. We both struggled all the way home. I half jokingly said I call first use of the toilet. She replied no way I have been holding it so long I can taste it. I am about to piss myself. I said so am I when is the last time you saw me holding myself.

So, once inside she ran to the toilet yanked down her pants and started peeing. After a long day of not peeing , and holding it in it desperate pain, that sight and sound was too much. I  was about to lose control. I told her I could not wait anymore. She scooted back on the toilet seat and spread her legs, saying go with me then. I quickly pulled out my dick crouching down a bit to improve my aim, not wanting to pee on her or her pants. I instantly let go a torrent of a whole day's worth of pent up piss, while she did the same.



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Various women over the years- parking garage, hotel hallway, numerous stairs, the yard, the beach, a couple times on carpet in a hotel room, parking lot, garage, carport, patio. I feel fortunate that I've gotten to experience that much, hoping I get to experience more!

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