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Pulling Knickers down/flashing knickers


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6 minutes ago, puddyls said:

kinda got in trouble with this one. but it was kinda worth it. 🀭 i did have pants on when i went in and ordered, but when i went to sit to eat, decided to take them off. haha. only got a few bites in before a manager came over and said totally deadpan, "ma'am. you need to put your clothes on." haha. omg sooo embarrassing.  😳 especially when she stayed to make sure i actually did so. C08F6B5B-6445-4490-97AC-514E8877433B.thumb.jpeg.836aada6ef09ea09882a8ee42cc850d6.jpeg



of course, they did come off again, if only for a short while before i finally had to go back to work. πŸ˜‡


Be careful! We don't want you getting in trouble!

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Rest assured @puddylsΒ - when dining or just drinking at the Peefans bar, your clothing choices are entirely your own.

There'll be no miserable management telling you to cover up, no disrespect or unpleasant hassle.

Can't do much to stop you being at the centre of a very, very appreciative crowd though.Β  At least it'll be appreciative respect.

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19 hours ago, puddyls said:

not down; but sideways



Perhaps it is great outfit and a good time of year to have romantic outing sans to some niceΒ  dining? Trasparent tights might do the proper shade of late evening...

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