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House to myself

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I might get a weekend by myself and I plan on peeing in my bed for sure. Idk about anywhere else. If you want to go crazy with peeing on the floor in multiple rooms, now is the time to do it. 😉 Just make sure you have the right cleaning products.

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On 5/28/2022 at 12:22 AM, foxypiss said:

So ny parents went away for the long weekend so that means I have the house to myself. Where should I do naughty peeing or in stuff

I always would do it in the living room if they weren’t home/were out for an extended period of time. I’d wear a shirt and no pants and just pick different places to pee, or casually pee off the couch. Having hardwood floors made the cleanup easy. 

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A couple of weeks have passed since that particular weekend - would love to know how it worked out @foxypiss

But as people will no doubt come back and read the thread, and use it as a resource themselves - here's a couple of personal learning points:

- Normally when we're deliberately holding and naughty pissing we're focussed on being extra hydrated, in other words drinking larger volumes to fill our bladders.  In this case that's a good thing, drinking water and maybe lager or similar will make your wee as clear as possible, and less likely to smell with time.

- A puddle on a soft surface (carpet, bed, seat) could take as long as 36 hours to dry (have your excuse ready that you spilled glass of juice - people don't need to know you spilled it through your bladder).

- If you leave a puddle on a real wood floor it can leave a 'tidemark' when it dries.

- If you use a mop and bucket to clean up, remember to empty the dirty pissy water out and rinse the mop before it begins to smell...

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I find myself in a similar situation next week - I no longer live at home, but my parents will be away on holiday and have asked I stop in a couple of times to keep an eye on the house etc. 

The thought of naughty pissing in their house (carpets etc) doesn’t really appeal to me, however they’ve quite a nice big garden that I’ll for sure enjoy pissing in (probably also whilst sunbathing nude, in a nonchalant manner). I might also have a sink piss or two inside - I’ll see how the mood takes on that front! 

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3 hours ago, foxypiss said:

Sorry alot has been going on recently, but that weekend I didn't end up doing anything because something happened that weekend and it messed with my mental health so 🙃 

I hope you're feeling better now Foxy

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On 5/28/2022 at 6:22 AM, foxypiss said:

So ny parents went away for the long weekend so that means I have the house to myself. Where should I do naughty peeing or in stuff

how cool would it be in a drawer full of underwear... something like that turns me on

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