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Thank you for sharing this. It's such a risky and hot experience. I've always wanted to try that myself but have yet to work up the courage or find a chance - you really seized that opportunity! The fact that the guy next to you even touched your pee makes it even better 😂a rare chance to see someone's reaction. I hope you can write about your experiences pissing in your airbnb too. This was a delight to read ❤

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Just love it, thank you so much for sharing your experience here. I wish I had been the guy with the backpack 😁

I have yet to do this in an airplane toilet, but I have sometimes made nice llittle wet messes in train toilets and occasionally even left a little squirt on train/bus seats and floor, when there were not many people around. There is something special about peeing on public transportation, don't you think? 

One of the pee friends I have been chatting with is a flight attendant, actually. I giggle at the idea that maybe she was the one who got to take care of what you had left behind. After all her hotel mattresses, it should be her turn 💦

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1 hour ago, xroy80 said:

One of the pee friends I have been chatting with is a flight attendant, actually. I giggle at the idea that maybe she was the one who got to take care of what you had left behind. After all her hotel mattresses, it should be her turn 

A flight attendant is a perfect job for someone who is into peeing. She probably gets to stay at one or more hotel rooms a week.

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what an amazing ( i think ) 1st post here.  i'm glad you felt comfortable sharing your experience with us. and i enjoyed going on the journey with you through a well written and descriptive story. it made me totally relive the one time i was in a similar situation. haha.

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On 1/21/2022 at 10:25 PM, PeeSamantha said:

Im a long time lurker here and I would usually just share these sorts of stories with my now ex-boyfriend who got me into naughty peeing. As thats no longer an option I thought I'd share with you all as I have a fantastic experience which just happened which I never thought I'd be brave enough to do!

I had a flight coming up early in the morning. Had my usual coffee and got a taxi to the airport half asleep. Eventually after getting past security I felt hunger strike and settled in for breakfast at one of the cafes with a couple of large glasses of orange juice, a weakness of mine. I actually lost track of time reading a book and before I knew it my flight was on final call and I was rushing to pay the bill and get to my gate. I feel the slight pressure of a full bladder at this point but there is no time to relieve myself before boarding as the gate staff rush me through and onto the plane.

When I got on, I was told that the plane had been swapped out and the seat reservations no longer matched, so to just grab an empty seat. The flight wasn't massively full so there was an empty row where I grabbed a window seat about half way down the plane. A young guy came and sat in the aisle seat on the same row not long after and seemed to pretty rapidly nod off despite the hustle and bustle of the safety announcements and takeoff.

Now, I hate plane toilets and usually avoid going if I can especially on short flights. They're usually pretty gross, there's not much space and though I enjoy making messes in public stalls I don't like them to start that way as it isn't nearly as fun. I also feel pretty guilty about ruining them on a plane given the all the people who need to share the limited number even though it is a very hot thought to mark them and leave them polluted for everyone.

So I tried my best to hold the growing pressure in my bladder. I managed pretty well for half an hour or so into the flight but at this point crossing my legs tightly and holding wasn't going to do the job as I started to pay the price for all that orange juice working its way through me. At this point I was also starting to get pretty excited - I usually don't hold like this unless it's in a sexual context or I'm about to have some naughty fun so I guess it's become a bit of an association. A tiny leak escaped into my panties. I felt a tiny bit of warmness between my legs but this was absorbed well by the fabric of my panties and dark jeans. This really didn't help my excitement though and only got me more worked up.

I knew I didnt have much time and didn't want to make a huge mess on my seat considering that it was leather and I had a massively full bladder so quickly woke up and got past the guy in the aisle seat and made by way to the toilet, not without releasing a little more pee into my pants (admittedly, not trying as hard as I was previously to hold it in as I walked down the aisle).

I quickly pulled down my pants and panties and sat down. After a quick initial squirt of pee into the toilet I stopped and had a naughty thought looking at my pretty wet panties and slightly darker patch on my jean crotch, probably a mixture of my juices at this point. I shuffled over so my pussy was right over the side of the toilet seat and slowly let loose while lightly rubbing my clit, enjoying watching my pee flow over each side of the seat like a waterfall, half into the bowl and half off the side of the toilet and pooling onto the floor as well as spreading along the length of the seat a little. This was my first pee of the day so it was pretty yellow and knowing I was making a dirty mess of strong pee all over the seat and floor really excited me.

Eventually this puddle on the floor at the side of the toilet grew pretty large and I wasn't even close to being done, so I moved over to the other side of the toilet and did the same thing on the other side being a bit bolder at this point being closer to the edge of the toilet than the inside. As my yellow morning pee flooded out with a large hiss I saw the puddle underneath merge with my other mess as I relieved my bladder. Luckily most of my pee was pooling around and under the toilet and not travelling towards the door to potentially give me away, but I was wary of this happening and stopped a little before being completely empty.

I stood up trying to avoid the puddle and admired the mess I'd just made. The seat and floor were soaked even with some of my pee having gone in the toilet and I felt a mixture of being turned on and guilty. Naughtiness won for me though and with my bladder still not being fully empty I thought the mess cannot get much worse and I might as well enjoy myself.

Looking at the tiny sink and mirror set behind it I thought of how hot it would be to pee on it and into the sink with my last few spurts. It required a bit of flexibility in the small space and the sacrifice of standing in my puddle but I took off one leg of my pants and cocked my leg up to try to aim. With sharp pushes I shot the rest of my pee in a few spurts, with most lacking some pressure and ending up falling short onto the side of the sink but one hitting my target, spraying the mirror and splashing back at me and the sink putting yellow droplets of my pee all over.

Satisfied that my bladder was empty I wiped myself off tossing the tissue in the toilet, gave my hand a quick rinse, put my pants back on properly and made a quick exit, no doubt blushing quite a bit. Luckily nobody was waiting to go in and I took my seat again after once again waking up the sleepy man occupying the aisle seat.

I sat thinking about the mess I'd made for quite a while working myself up and imagined the reaction of the next person to go in and discover it trashed with my piss all over the toilet, floor and sink. I then looked down and saw that I'd made a bit of a mess of my pants though the dark fabric did a pretty good job of disguising it. I spread one of the free flight blankets over my lap to cover this up.

Nobody seemed to have noticed though and I didn't plan to get up again during the flight. When the flight attendants came around I ordered another orange juice for good measure as a nod to all the fun I'd had.

It wasn't quite over though as I considered why Id been so nervous about peeing on the seat earlier - after all, they wouldn't know what seats anyone was in after the move, I had a free seat next to me and the guy in the aisle was now fast asleep. I was never going to get a better moment to take advantage of the situation and I definitely didn't want to use the toilet in the state it was now in.

As I pondered this I heard a lady in front come back from the toilet and mention what a mess it was and that she'd advise waiting to the person next to her which sent a new wave of guilt and naughty pleasure through me.

With this I pushed a little more pee out and felt the spreading warmth at my crotch and around my bum, hidden from view under the blanket. I was really peeing on an airplane seat, even if it was only a little! I continued to let little spurts of pee out throughout the flight as the juice filtered through me as I felt the need but tried to stop towards the end so it could dry a little before landing. I had to swipe away a small puddle onto the floor from the leather to stop it pooling. 

In the end this seemed to work pretty well but the seat was noticeably wet when it was time for me to get up. After unbuckling my seatbelt I threw it down into the wet seat and tossed the blanket over the top. 

I noticed the guy sitting behind me fetch his backpack from below my seat and had a confused look when the waterproof material of the bag had droplets of liquid on it. Obviously my pee had made it through the gaps in the seat and onto his bag! I took pleasure in watching him wipe this off touching my pee and worried a little that he might investigate further, but he just shrugged it off and slung it over his shoulder.

I loved politely saying goodbye to the cabin crew on the way out of the plane knowing what a mess I'd made of the toilet and seat. Eager to continue my naughty peeing in my airbnb as usual but it might be a while until I work up the courage for something so risky again!

Wonderful, thank you for that hot story! Are you going to share your airbnb story as well? 😍

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