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    Goth and alternative minded but don't get out much. I'm FTM trans. Would love to find a long term soul mate with similar values. I'm selfish and demanding.

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  1. Especially if they were outside this website or extended to in person?
  2. I'm a trans person if it helps any. Thanks. I'm looking to sell my anonymous content clips on a host site. I prefer something US based for payment reasons. I tried Clips4sale but it wasn't compatible with my payment options. thanks
  3. It's not easy for vulva owners to pee in a straight line. It would take a lot of practice to not have a geyser.
  4. Excellent but I wish we could have seen your insides while you sprayed the snow and your pants would have stayed dryer. How did the freeze dry feeling walking home feel? I'm also FTM.
  5. Great story! I hope there will be pictures of these messy adventures someday!
  6. Did this experience cause your fetish or you guys did this before together?
  7. He bought me a membership and then disappeared from the website it appears?
  8. I totally forgot about that earlier post. I have a thread showing where I sat on the edge of the bath tub like it was a toilet and peed hard over the edge. I do rent and don't want the entryway to stink. Will probably use a towel or pet pee pads.
  9. Would you shower after bathing in this?
  10. Drinking huge glasses of water. Where should I pee in my apartment? Will put cloth down.
  11. Did anyone women expose their insides while pissing? Did you make a thread about it?
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