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  1. On Tuesday, I had a lengthy work training that didn't require me to be on camera or on mic. I sensed an opportunity for some holding fun and stayed well-hydrated through the morning, drinking probably 40 oz. of hot tea and plenty of water, too, but visiting the restroom as normal. With about a half-hour to go until my training and my bladder feeling quite full, I allowed myself one last visit to the restroom and only let my bladder empty halfway. Then I drank one last glass of water and headed out for a quick walk around my neighborhood to clear my head. When I got back, I had just enoug
  2. Lol, ya got me — my husband came home shortly thereafter and let's just say it was a good thing I'd already finished my work goals for the day. 😉
  3. Partially prompted by this thread, I held onto a fast food drink cup from lunch yesterday and had a sneaky pee in it in my home office! My hot piss melted the leftover ice pretty much instantly. ... And yes, I took a video. 😉
  4. Delighted that you enjoyed it! Just writing it up turned me on all over again.
  5. I originally wrote this up for another forum, but thought y'all might enjoy it too! I finally got to try a long-time wetting fantasy of mine Saturday! And man, was it worth the wait. After a truly hellish Christmas with family, my husband (29, kinda looks like David Tennant) and I (27, blonde, slim, AFAB nonbinary) ended up returning to our home Friday instead of Sunday as originally planned. We decided to spend Saturday aggressively relaxing. To help achieve that goal, we each took a weed gummy. I'm very much a weed lightweight — didn't try it til last year, when we moved to
  6. Hmmm... - Go 24 hours without peeing in a single toilet. (Make it a week for a real challenge.) - Convince someone else to wet their pants. - Wet yourself in traffic. - Pee in a parking garage. Bonus points if it's on someone else's tires. - Sneak a piss in a potted plant — somewhere other than your home. - Wet in a formal outfit. - Ride public transit and let out a tiny leak at each stop. Bonus points for light-colored pants. - Rewet the same outfit an arbitrary number of times in a single day. - Got a mattress/other furniture that needs replaci
  7. I'm not a woman (trans guy) but I do have a vagina. My max so far while standing is 6 feet, and I actually do have a photograph of the puddle! The trick is to really spread your labia thoroughly and tilt your hips back.
  8. Re. the question posed in the forum topic: Yes, absolutely (though I'd be mortified if anyone actually caught me)! The last time I did it was this summer. I went out to a nearby stream (which is kinda down in a ditch and surrounded by tall grass). I perched there on a rock and drank water out of a thermos I'd brought with me until I was bursting to piss, and then I let it all out in my tight black bike shorts. That turned me on so much I had to stick my hand down my warm, wet shorts and rub one out. I was even more daring back when I was in college -- I got off sitting at a table in the
  9. This is a repost from another forum -- but I thought you folks might enjoy this story too! I'm 5'3" and pleasantly muscular, with strong thighs and glutes, a thin waist, and rather nice tits. I've got very short golden hair in a masculine cut, blue eyes and glasses with thick dark-blue frames. I tend to wear tomboyish clothing, but when it's hot enough (or when I want to be able to pee sneakily) I'll put on a sundress. My former office building was OLD and mostly empty. Upstairs doesn't matter for this story, though -- it's all about the basement. The basement is large and pac
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