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I don't know how personal the question is.  It was always interesting for me what salaries are in other countries.  Internet statistics are difficult for me to evaluate.  It is not necessary to show YOUR income.  What are they like in your country?  After taxes, how much do people get on average?

For example, in Russia it is $500/month.  Although in Moscow about $ 1500/month. As far as I understand, there are no such salaries at all in decent countries.

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Not everyone is paid a salary. Some like me are on an hourly rate, and what we earn varies very much depending upon the amount of hours we put in and how much overtime is available.

The median household income in the UK is close to £30,000, but this includes households where both partners work, counting both incomes together. The average take home pay after tax per person per week is a little under £600, but of course such a figure is skewed upwards by the relatively small number of people earning vast sums. 

Living costs in the UK are very high though. Housing costs both in terms of buying a home and renting one are extortionate. Such costs wipe out a large part of disposable incomes. In essence in the UK property owners are growing wealthy off the backs of those who don't own. Yet the cost of buying a property to get on that ladder is continuously rising and growing ever more out of reach for ever more people. Younger age groups in the UK today are known as "generation rent" because of this. A lack of sufficient housing, particular cheap housing to buy, and social housing with reasonable rents, is at the root cause of this.

Average UK pay looks pretty good until you add on the cost of housing. The wealth gap here is also very large, with millions struggling on incomes of less than £1000 per month, which sounds good until you consider that a typical rent will eat up well over half of that on it's own, whilst other living costs like food, fuel, gas, water, electricity are very expensive here too.

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Probably 2800 - 3500 dollars per month in Canada.  Average rent is $2000.00 per month, electricity is around $200 per month. Car payments are probably around $200 - $400 per month. Insurance is probably $150 per month. It all depends on the person's income and lifestyle.

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On a personal level I am paid a bit more than £9 an hour, and work many hours. 

My total pre-tax income for April 2019 to April 2020 was a bit under £20,000. After tax deductions it was closer to £16,000.

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I'm on a casual rate of close to $30 per hour, no annual leave, no medical coverage (due to age, this is basically free anyway) 

I work a 6 day fortnight with the odd Saturday for roughly $1200 take-home pay per fortnight. I own my house, we have no debt, no credit cards, some money in the bank.

We love the stress free lifestyle, pretty comfortable at this time. 

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I can tell you it's not cheap to live in Canada lol. We are taxed to death here

Iam self employed so I pay myself what ever I want lol. But I do pay myself a salary of $5000.00 per month. I pay my full time employee abit more, he makes $75000.00 per year plus benefits. He is a good worker and we make sure he is well payed 

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Well I can't speak for others, since all I really know about the salaries of the two countries I've lived in (America and Singapore) is the amount my parents made/make in each -- I'm eighteen, so I don't work yet, but here you go (all values are in US dollars):

We lived in Washington DC in America, and my father made around $850k-$900k a year from his job (dependent on bonuses, since he is a professional in private equity) and another $250k or so from property that we rent out. My mother was the Bureau Chief of a well-known newspaper (can't say which); she made roughly 450 grand a year and the company settled our taxes.

In Singapore, it's slightly different. Mother makes 480 grand, father roughly 1.1M (again, highly variable bonuses so more on a good year and less on a bad year -- recently it's been far less due to COVID, around 800 grand), but we pay our own taxes. The property contributes less, since we've lowered our rent due to the struggles of COVID; my dad knows things are hard for people and basically halved everything so it's around $120k-$130k.

I don't know what the averages are (google searches don't make much sense to me either in that regard) but we're considered well off I guess.

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