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I have encountered a number of errors loading the site today. They’ve always been temporary and reloading the browser once or twice seems to solve it, but something isn’t quite right. 

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I hope I'm doing the right thing by posting this here...I've gotten a "500 error, unable to display site due to a technical issue" sporadically over the last couple of days when trying to access different threads in the forums. Unfortunately I can't give any specific threads or actions that are consistent triggers, it seems to be pretty random and sometimes just reloading the page will display it correctly, other times it will bring up the same error repeatedly. 

I am in no way complaining, only staying what happened in case it's helpful in any way. If I should do something different or have handled it another way I hope one of the mods will let me know.

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Yes, same as the above posts - getting this white screen error on transitioning from one page to another.  A 500 error, and two slightly different texts.  One of them with a 'SQL Server Has Gone Away' message if that helps narrow it down.

Also dialogues like chatbox, notifications and messages taking longer than usual to populate - presuming all down to SQL Server slow responses (?)

Possibly related - a couple of times recently I've typed a message in chat. Hit enter, it's disappeared off the text entry box but never appeared in the chat sequence of messages.

Also on initial typing 'peefans' into Bing, there's usually the same list of archived site pages including 'login' and that list had changed this morning.

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5 minutes ago, Admin said:

Hopefully fixed now, but let me know if you have any other errors. Thanks! 

Page loading certainly seems to be back to normal speed and no errors since - long may it continue.  Thanks as always @Admin, very much appreciated.

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As I have said before, the site loads well on my windows 10 laptop. But on my android 6 phone, it keeps closing down my browser and taking down background processed like my VPN and blue light filter.

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Very minor @Admin - but for info, twice today Chatbox seems to have played up for me again.

Either logged on and found the chatbox on the homepage empty (but bottom corner popup Live Chat was fine) or vice versa - with bottom corner Live Chat 'conversations' blank but the homepage chat working fine.

Soon recovered itself in each case.

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