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A controversial proposition...

Should we keep everything simpler and within the confines of the standard forum?  

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  1. 1. Should we keep everything simpler and within the confines of the standard forum?

    • Yes - ditch the clubs and live chat, let's keep it simple and get everyone united and talking on the forum again!
    • No - more options and variety is better, don't change anything!

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Hi everyone, I've been doing some thinking...

The main purpose of this site has always been to be an online community for pee fans. Although to some it's mainly a picture/video/story source, what separates us from almost every other pee site is that we also have a vast amount of like-minded people who actually want to chat and connect. 

I'm normally in favour of expansion and new features, but recently I have been wondering:

Should we go back to basics?

By this I mean, have pretty much all aspects of the site run through the main forum again. We are, ultimately, a forum after all.

More specifically, I mean ditch the clubs. Move all the threads into relevant sections of the forum. There can still be individual threads for discussing specific niches, for example a 'naughty peeing chat' thread or a 'UK pee fans meetup' thread. Do we really need the individual clubs? It was meant to unite micro communities, but I feel it may have just divided us slightly and left a lot of people confused. The other option is to put more emphasis on clubs so they become more popular and more well utilised, but as things currently are we're in an uncertain and unhelpful middle ground it seems.

There have also been some comments about the chat. This will be even more controversial, but I wonder if 'live chat' should move to a thread on the forum? Posting a message takes less than a second and you're notified of new replies without refreshing. It's really not that different, and would bring more discussion back to the actual forum.

My logic behind all this is that if everyone and everything is just in one simple place, it will be more used, and better for everyone.

I'm in no way set on this idea, just wanted to run it past you all, especially after recent comments of things feeling a little quieter. 


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Remove the clubs, they are hardly used but keep the chat. I feel a thread will just die out within a month or two at most. and it would be annoying getting a notification every minute or so if people are talking but you are not interested in the topic or don't want to join in at that particular moment. But if you unsubscribe from notifications, you're likely to miss or forget about the thread entirely.


The biggest problems with the chat was certain members driving chatters away (which can be fixed with the now easily accessed ignore feature) and people not being on at the same time. A lot of the time you will see someone saying "hi" and that would be a few hours ago. It doesn't help that the majority of the conversation is just that, people saying hi. There's nothing really to reply to, no running topic as such. If I log on and see someone said hi a few hours ago, I probably won't reply. That person has logged off and is doing other things so I wouldn't get an answer either. But if there was a question, a topic or a comment, I could reply to that, and others might see it as they're browsing the forum and join in also. Thus a naturally flowing conversation is created. 

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I agree with Sophie.

The clubs are only really accessed by people looking for pics, most of which are also posted in the threads. They have not really worked as a micro-community, and I know I rarely go there.

Would be a shame to lose all the pic content in there though, even if a lot of it is duplicated elsewhere. Perhaps collect all the pics and place them into a large gallery only accessible to gold members?

But I don't think we should do away with live chat. Real time conversations have occurred less often there of late, but when the right people are online together it can still work.

If the site starts attracting more active members, this might in any case feed through into a more active chatroom. So site promotion is key probably.

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I think the poll is slightly flawed.

It asks if we should ditch both clubs and live chat or keep everything the same.

I cannot vote in it because I favour neither. I think we can go forward without the clubs but don't want to do away with live chat. But there is no poll option for that.

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That thought did cross my mind that it was a bit 'all or nothing' as clubs and chat are very different. Although I do think the chat can somewhat detract from the main forum too, I agree that if we do get more activity after the upcoming planned promotion, it's worth keeping since there can be some great chats there at the right time. It doesn't always have to be thriving to justify having it as an option. 

I'd talked about changing to a different chat system too, but let's see how it goes now people know how to ignore unwanted chatters. 

2 hours ago, steve25805 said:

Would be a shame to lose all the pic content in there though, even if a lot of it is duplicated elsewhere. Perhaps collect all the pics and place them into a large gallery only accessible to gold members?


Funnily enough this is exactly what I had in mind. We can still keep the main categories too. As I agree there is a great catalogue of pics there. 

Right. Thanks guys. Live chat will stay. Club forums will be moved to the main forums. Club pictures will be moved to a gallery with different albums. 

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2 hours ago, Admin said:

Club forums will be moved to the main forums

Somewhere in the rights of goldmembers there was written we would have had some privileges about clubs. I agree 100000000000% moving the clubs to the forum, but I have a club, Nancy's hookupclub, where I discuss psychological things with people, to embetter their appearence with girls and increase their selfesteem. it's important for it to remain a closed club somehow. People writing in it obtained an assurement from me that it would have remained private. Indeed I have had tons of request of access I have denied, notifying people through PM that the club is strictly for people of proved sensitivity, analyzed through forum contributions, and access is not for everybody as it's absurdily delicate… so please consider it. For the rest, the live chat MUST live, it's too cool. the other clubs, move them to the forum!!!

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Rather than ask what we think, what do the numbers tell you? Are very many active (not total) members using chat and/or clubs? I have to say that I've never used the former and rarely the latter. I come here pretty much daily to use the forums, and that's it, FWIW. Thanks for asking, and I'm looking forward to what happens.

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12 minutes ago, watchr12 said:

I've never used the former

try, it's fun! kisses

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The mini clubs could get removed. Also I think like you are doing/want to do bring in more members. I think a bit of the downfall of the forum imo is when you glance at the forum it's the same 10 or so people making posts/making replies. There's really not that many active daily users here. You might get a new person that makes a post then they don't actually become 'involved' in the forum. If we had more people on the site that used the forum regularly and became more involved with the forum it might make the site better. 

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I don't have a constructive suggestion on how clubs could have worked. I joined a few, but after I picked the pictures I wanted clean, there wasn't much activity. There were a few specialized clubs, like Riley's "Small Bladders Club", but not much activity.

For the most part, forums are an archaic medium, but this one still works. Or at least, there aren't other options I know of. I gave a suggestion for chat in another thread.

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