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    im a simple man who love pissing freely on carpets what ever sometimes i wet the bed just for the share joy
    pluss it turns me on doing it

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    Anything about it pee whenever or wherever just feels so great
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    got no experience yet , hope to eventually with someone :)

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  1. youre fantasys makes me nuts too wish i knew more about you :)
  2. whats the first thing you would do if you had a partner who would be in to the same as you, and how would you feel walking naked most of the time ? if that was possible . and ive allways wonderd how it would feel like to wet my clothes but i cant do it alone for some od reason, wish someone was here and could join me 😞 i also would love another girl pissing on me doggystyle while i fuck another one while she piss aswell , my fantasy is prob nuts 😛
  3. or you could live with someone who likes the same as you and could enjoy every awaken moment doing it, if i ever could feel a women peeing under the table id be hard as a rock i swear "
  4. i wish i had you here lol my god i have had a fetish of a women pissing anywhere and just be them selfs and also id love to see you wet the bed of pure convience it sounds hot ! and i even got a room with mattresses that i piss on sometimes just cuz i cant be bothers using the toilet lol
  5. living room wow thats hot not gonna lie if you lived with me you could wet the bed anytime you wanted to
  6. wow do you like anything else involving pee just curious and tell me the things you find a true turn on :) if you like ofc, and how old are you , sorry for this question im curious by nature so cant help it 😞 and whats youre biggest passion whats youre ultimate Dream in general , also would you drink pee / pee anywhere inside if you felt like it ?
  7. when ever you see this give me a way to be able to fully communicate with you :) since msg on peefans dosent work i cant exactly talk to you and actually get to know you as a person in private :) also ive allways wanted to try butt sex but never got the change ,
  8. peetowin


    gildengoose youre right there haha dont say we dident warn you , but peeing on furniture and floors and carpets and even bed is quite the turn on
  9. i can make it come true for you if you let me :) it be my pleasure
  10. wish i could join you in this, and i totally agree it turns you on and make you extremly horny ❤️ id love to taste youre golden necter! if thats okey to say hope it dosent offend or hurt anyone here
  11. and im horny more than 5 times a day and its exhausting
  12. ty for such honest and informative Answers . i just cant help myself i wanna try it out, but alone is so incredible boring, not to mention the fact that wish someone would say hey lets meet up and make it happen, like a women since im a man obvisouly sorry for my bad typing, but all these women their beautifull pussys wet and all, its impossible not to be turned on! and imagen having a women to share it all with and could make it work 100 % but issue is how do you get to know people who is in to this type of kink and talk to them , does anyone know a true chat type thing where one
  13. how can i get to know you? please let me know. i would appriciate it if you reach out someday with real respons :) it would mean alot to me
  14. how did you learn to Write so many great and detailed Stories, how do you know when characters comes in play, how do you choose the setting as you go along with the Writing and could you give me some really good and helpfull tips how to start writing properly ? ive read so many of youre storie, and you make them come so to life, that you start invisioning it in youre head. also i wonder whats youre Favoritt Country , vacation place, do you own a fanzy car/ nice house with more than 4 bedrooms ? what movies do you like the best anything from 50- now
  15. Well im kinda liking the idee of peeing whenever wherever, and also pissing on someone or furniture is such a turn on . maybe im just wierd but, i find it erotic to pee on someone, and even in their ass, pussy, mouth, giving them a Golden Shower Shower, and while eating it be fun under the table, and beeing sourounded with amazing people , that like this would be a dream ! maybe im nasty, but women are just hot when they pee, if i could see a women legit wetting the bed and knowing it turn her on, id be melting!
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