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  1. Countless times I've been held while peeing. But 9/10 times, the girl vise grips me almost to the point of not being able to release. But there was one fling that was an absolute champ at holding me. My fondest memory with her was in the shower, and I started peeing on her nonchallant (I tell almost every s/o about my fetish the first or second hook up, so she knew). She turns around after noticing, takes me dick in hand, and aims right at her stomach and chest. She knew exactly how to handle me without squeezing, but still keeping perfect control. After I finished she told me, "I love when yo
  2. You could always pee proof your bedroom and have garbage bags ready to dispose of the mess. Like puppy pads all over the floor, mattress protector, etc. Depends on what kind of activities planned.
  3. In my car I had a funnel I used for fluids, but one day I decided to "misuse" it. I brought it inside to my room and experimented a bit. It was a little over a foot in length with a wide, curved opening. It fit into literally every bottle I tried, so I pretty much had my own bedroom urinal. To describe the curve best I can, the opening was offset, so you could pour oil/fluids and have a splash guard. A splash guard it definitely was. Depending on the size of the bottle, and having a bed maybe a foot off the ground, i could pee sitting up or while laying sideways. 2 liters were tricky, id eithe
  4. Thinking about it now, with the right precautions and fabric/upholstery focused detail chemicals that rejects liquids, id pee in a Rolls Royce while being chauffered. Either by wetting myself, on the floor, in the champagne glasses, or just lowering my pants and going like sitting on a toilet. Realistically I could never unless wearing a VERY absorbent diaper, or being with a s/o and exchange a glass of "champagne" while being driven.
  5. Oooh! I was going through to make sure it wasn't a repost but that pic of the cheerleader girl is from Detroit Rock City! You can hear her pee for a few seconds then she begins to fart. My ex didn't let me watch that part of the movie knowing my fetish 😅
  6. Next time she mentions needing to pee, say in a casual way, "now that you mention it I could go for one too." Hopefully you can pause your work to go, so after you say that proceed to get up like you're going to go. Her reaction will tell the tale.
  7. Not sure if content creators count as adult film stars, but diapered sunshine and baby Blair have my vote. Sunshine is just the cutest thing since sliced bread, and Blair has that beautiful English accent that revs my engines. Black raspberry has be stealing the show lately though. The hissing sound coming from her diaper is just 🤌
  8. You could always soda water it after peeing. Let the bubbly lift everything out of the fabric then firmly press a towel onto the landing zone. I had a futon that probably had around 6 different peoples pees on it, plus religiously by me. No issues.
  9. Thanks for the input! I'm going to experiment when laundry day comes and test one out with water first before a beer induced pee. I'm sure different quality rubbers hold more than others.
  10. Anywhere I use a conventional toilet, home or public, I aim for the back right curve probably right above the water line. If I'm with someone who knows about my fetish I aim more into the water for them to hear and make them think about my pee. At that angle though, I find when my legs are exposed I don't feel any splashback. I enjoy pee on my body, but the inside of toilets gross me out. I clean and sanitize my personal toilet like 3 times a week and still disinfect the seat when I go number 2.
  11. Have you ever had a condom break while peeing? Like has too much liquid caused one to burst? I haven't filled a condom since I was a teenager. They always held up but they were small pees.
  12. I applaud the women that hover. It's a rare occurrence based on my experience. It astonishes me how many women I've witnessed plop right on a public toilet without even wiping it. I have a personal throne in my room and still sanitize the seat before I sit, even if I used it last. Gotta pamper the ass cheeks 🤌
  13. I literally spill the beans after the second or third orgasm I give said partner. Then during the sensual slow strokes I ask what their kinks are. After they answer they always ask back. I act embarrassed, make them pinky promise not to tell, then admit my pee fetish. 9 times outa 10 I've gotten indulged. Confidence is key. But also providing an open mind to their kinks is the kicker.
  14. Any pics of it? Or better yet what are the dimensions?
  15. Being an ex auto detail tech, I'd be upset if pee got on my paint from the driver Infront of me 😅 It would work great with a gas tank style container that could hold it with a drain plug. Like an RV.
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