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    I've been peeing all my life and loving it

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    For me it’s all about intimacy and sensation. I love the feeling of warm wetness on my body, the smell, the taste, the beauty of watching her face as it streams out.

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  1. After drinking A LOT of water and two big cups of tea I was incredibly desperate and almost bursting... dreaming of a cute girlfriend who wants to be showered in this 💦. Also feeling insecure about the size of my flaccid peen here, but I’m a grower not a shower 😂 Thanks for all your comments and appreciation on the thread so far folks. Making me feel more connected to other pee lovers!
  2. Wow that’s very close to the top! 😂 Hot story too 😉 thanks for sharing!
  3. Hey Becky, welcome! I like your profile pic 😍 hope you have a great time here
  4. I totally agree! It’s all about love and sensuality in my book. It’s so nice to meet and share with others who view it the same way as myself 😊
  5. Anything you’d like to see. I may or may not do them all, but it’ll give me more ideas to build on. I always enjoy the encouragement!
  6. In the absence of a warm pee-loving partner, I figured I’d try filling some of my lifelong wet desires by sharing a few photos and videos here on the forum. Hope folks enjoy, and feel free to give suggestions of what you’d like to see. It’s a lonely fetish sometimes and I just want to share my passion with others who appreciate the journey! Here’s a fresh one from this morning to get things started:
  7. I'm in Eastern Canada too, Nova Scotia!
  8. Wow this is great. I love reading these types of true stories about experiencing pee with a sexual partner. It sounds like you had a lot of fun together! I'd love to know what happened next.
  9. I was really young when I discovered this interest, so it wasn't really sexual at first because I didn't even know what sex was. The girl who lived across the street used to come over to play in the backyard. We would go behind the shed and watch each other pee.
  10. Hey thanks! It's great to see other Canadians here
  11. It's not impossible to find, but I always prefer real homemade content by normal couples or single females who obviously just love peeing and documenting their piscapades for their own enjoyment. Professional stuff just doesn't really do much for me to be honest. It always seems a bit too forced. Being able to see their faces is a big plus for me too, but I understand why a lot of people don't include that part. I could share a few examples of what I like, but I'm not sure if it's allowed in this forum. Maybe I'll post links to some of my favorites in the video section.
  12. It depends on how turned on I am. Sometimes I'll look or read casually just because I enjoy pee stuff. It doesn't always have to be a sexual thing for me. If I'm really turned on though, nothing makes me cum harder than watching a good pee video or having a story to read. I don't think I've ever jacked off to pee photos, but I do enjoy viewing them. I like when it's someone sharing their true personal experiences of piss play with a boyfriend or girlfriend. I'm not so much into fictional/fantasy stories. I guess the realness of it is part of what gets me off.
  13. Pretty sure I found this site from a google search. I was looking for forums with people sharing their personal pee interests & experiences
  14. Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here.
  15. Hey everybody, I was on a different pee forum for awhile, but it wasn’t very active so I decided to try this site in hopes of finding more people. I enjoy reading about others experiences and connecting with folks who enjoy pee as much as I do. I don't have much experience, but I hope to try it someday. Unfortunately I’ve never found a girlfriend who is excited to include pee in our relationship. If I ever meet someone like that I’ll probably marry her lol. I like golden showers... peeing during oral & during sex... watching... wetting… pretty much everything except drinking
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