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  1. Help a girl out! I have the house to myself and a full bladder. I thought about something along pissing in my bathtub, wetting panties (maybe stockings) in front of my mirror or maybe in a bowl. Do you have any ideas on what I should do?
  2. I just got myself and my full bladder all horny and worked up until I went outside and pissed my red lacy panties. As I pissed I rubbed my clit and came hard. If anyone were to walk by they would’ve totally seen me, no one did though. tell me about you’re experiences or something you want me to try!
  3. Hello there! I wanted to tell a little story, and also hear about your experiences. So a while ago I was on a school trip to Spain. The weather was really nice, so an afternoon me and 7 other girl went to the beach, That morning we left our hotel at 8. we then proceeded to walk for hours, visiting multiple museum. All this time I didn’t visit the toilet. I held it. Around 4 in the afternoon we reached the beach. I changed into my pink bikini, and we went to lie down in the sand. By this time I was bursting. While lying there several different men payed us a little too
  4. Sometimes I like to sit on the floor before I even turn on the shower and let go. Occasionally I will keep on my panties and slowly wet them, other times I will let my stream flow freely and when I’m feeling extra frisky I will play with my clit as I let go of my full bladder
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