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    I really love to watch people pee. The sound drives me crazy. I love the taste of the sweet nectar on my face.

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    The sounds and taste
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    Getting peed on by a woman

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  1. When you here the dishwasher running and you immediately wish she was real
  2. I’ve waited up 4 hours to release the golden nectar
  3. What are somethings you can do to entice your partner to enjoy peeing more. My wife will do it but and she likes it but I want her to really get into it. Any suggestions. I’m new here and love reading all of this great information 😍😍
  4. How the heck do you pm someone???
  5. Beautiful ass and welcome. Hope you have a great time
  6. Welcome welcome glad you are here
  7. I too love true crime and welcome to the site

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