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  1. I was the same i used to take my towel to my room every night it was normal to do this and id pee in spurts around my room and put my towel across my bed and spray little bits there and going for showers id get in normally then instead of peeing in the shower id open the shower glass door and pee on the mat or on the wall out side the shower i think the scariest one being young was having the shower running getting out putting my towel on the floor behind the door and could hear either my sister or a parent in the laundry right out side and i peed my full bladder on the back of the door with them only feet away but they could only hear the shower running
  2. I wouldnt mind even hearing of some parents that do this and keep it hidden from the kids
  3. Its the whole im not supposed to do this but no one will know... cause its a bath mat it gets wet when you get out no one takes a second look so its the naughty element of its wrong but next to no chance of being busted if you do this when friends are over or staying with relatives
  4. Ive been looking for somone to do this for ages but no ones got it right so far... Having a shower half way threw you walk to the edge and pee out all over the mat then continue showering like nothing happned
  5. Try boot this up again no need for exact ages as not sure if saying you were 13 is classed as underage material but very interested in hearing stories of first carpet pees or any where around the house before moving out
  6. Id love to hear from some girls on what they got away with at home dosent havr to be carpets walls even just peeing in a bowl or peeing on the shower walls what ever you could get away with id love to hear keep the stories coming everyone
  7. Alright serious question when living at home as a teenager where did you pee besides the toilet i my self peed On towels in the bathroom and bedroom Carpet in my room A couple 2 seconds spray on my bed Bathroom walls Sinks And dirty laundry Verry interested in places and full stories i will expand on any of mine if asked
  8. Tingr16

    Snapchat pee

    I have lots of ideas if your interested in trying them Piss on bath mat from shower while showering (makes it naughty cause you could of just peed in the shower but chose to aim out) Back of a closed door Standing beside the bed and peeing onto it Peeing on the fridge while its closed Lifting a sofa cushion and peeing like its a toilet
  9. Do you have a site or something I can view your vids or snapshots of vids even just a description on vids you have already done and the things you can and can't do? :)
  10. I'm having some issues logging in I have paid the sub fee a while back and it's worked for months but now it just pops up with the log in bit and won't let me go any further I have put in all the right details but it won't even give me the option for I forgot my password to try and change my password in case that's the issue
  11. Tingr16

    New Videos!

    Is that a new carpet pee vid? I thought you couldn't do them in your new place?
  12. I agree with the phills Angels and Leah has a new one called Leah's closset
  13. I'm male 20 live in Australia was just wanting to see if anyone wants to add my kik and we can chat and get to know each other I haven't had much of a chance to explore my love of pee but hey anyone wanting to help me explore is welcome :)
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