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  1. Against the fridge Across the sofa On the curtains Into the washing machine Bath mat while showering Dresser drawer
  2. And you are correct except they don't gor threw your private messages so you can send what you please her page has no signs of this its only a select group that gets what she offers and its all over messages that you get to keep and of cant tell her no cause she hasn't advertised it
  3. If any of you are interested @Catie_lee does this stuff and she sends it threw her only fans account if you subscribe and tip she will happily send you some she already has filmed and will do customs
  4. Can you play as a female character or is it just the guy same as on tombraider you can only play as Laura
  5. My favourite poster on ep was wetgirlep She told all her stories of being a teen and her first pee on her bedroom carpet and started getting braver pissing all around her parents house on beds sofas tables carpets But alot of her stuff was removed
  6. Sorry guys didn't realise I had to make a community here's the page feel free to jump on and post any vids of peeing around the house https://www.reddit.com/r/peeonthings?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  7. maybe try marking some furniture a quick spray on a couch then a rug maybe coffee table close the toilet door and pee down the door open a drawer pass on some clothes I'd love to see you record some and send it threw I have a kick account if your ever interested in sharing vids
  8. Just made a new reddit group for everyone to post vids of them peeing around the house or in public challenges are encouraged https://www.reddit.com/user/tophat93/m/peeonthings/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  9. If you dont do full bladder but when going for your shower if you pee a little on the bathmat no one knows cause it gets wet when you stand on it any way Laundry is always a good idea If you have carpet peeing in small spurts while moving around the room helps cause small puddles dry faster Moving furniture is also doable move the couch pee on the floor hide it back under the couch And sinks
  10. I honestly thought this thread would of really picked up considering most of us found out before we ever left home that we like naughty peeing i figured there would be more stories
  11. Ill give it another kick start im sure we have gained some new members that may provide us with some fun stories
  12. I was the same i used to take my towel to my room every night it was normal to do this and id pee in spurts around my room and put my towel across my bed and spray little bits there and going for showers id get in normally then instead of peeing in the shower id open the shower glass door and pee on the mat or on the wall out side the shower i think the scariest one being young was having the shower running getting out putting my towel on the floor behind the door and could hear either my sister or a parent in the laundry right out side and i peed my full bladder on the back of the door with t
  13. I wouldnt mind even hearing of some parents that do this and keep it hidden from the kids
  14. Its the whole im not supposed to do this but no one will know... cause its a bath mat it gets wet when you get out no one takes a second look so its the naughty element of its wrong but next to no chance of being busted if you do this when friends are over or staying with relatives
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