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    Hello, I'm Bill.
    I'm curious and looking to chat with people with similar interests.
    my biggest kinks are urination and body odors. i love to urinate my pants with others, I also enjoy smelly women, (vagina, armpits, butts). I like to be humiliated and forced to smell crotches/butts and/or pee my pants.

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    My girlfriend peeing through her panties into my mouth And me peeing my pants while sniffing her ass.

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  1. Why can't I accsess the chat? I used to be able to but now it says I need to upgrade to a gold membership.
  2. My first experience was my high school girlfriend, She was my first girlfriend, We would pee on each other in the pool through our bathing suits while we hugged. And on prom night she peed on me in the hotel bathtub. It wasn't until I was in my 20s that I peed my pants in front of a girl.
  3. Yes, one of my best friends. I'v never seen her pee and have only seen her naked twice, But I often imagine her pissing her pants with me and letting my smell her stinky pussy.
  4. I've only peed my pants once infront of my friends. And we were all drunk.
  5. welcome to the site. The fact that it is dirty is what turns me on, I love sharing my gross fetishes with others. It turned me on so much when I found out the girl I was dating had a very smelly pussy and I was honest and open with her early on, even pissing my pants within the first few weeks of dating.
  6. I started peeing my pajamas in my room and now I piss my pants with my girlfriend and even wet in public.
  7. Welcome aboard. Pissing your pants is so freeing and fun. I actually wet my bed last night.
  8. I told my girlfriend that I have a pee fetish and then I peed my boxers in her shower.
  9. I once payed an escort to pee her pants for me, She just stood there and peed as I was on my knees smelling and wetting my own pants. I then ate her out and then fucked. She had a very stinky pussy as well.
  10. I didn't think you meant a bad smell I prefer a musky smelly pussy to. I drank my girlfriends piss strait from her smelly pussy several times. It always smells, In fact when we first met I could smell it through her pants.
  11. I love that she had a smelly pussy in the dream.
  12. lucky, Can you ever smell it before you open your eyes?

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