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    Just your average guy. Well, as average as a pee freak can be!!! I play the drums, get good grades, work hard etc. I discovered my love for pee a few years ago, and reletively quickly decided to embrace it. Idk what else to say... I'm 6 foot, and sorta hench but without the muscles. I made this acount to finally have a chance to talk to likeminded people, and hopefully make some likeminded friends. I'm friendly so dont be scared to dm me, I'd love a good chat but my reply may be a bit slow depending :)))

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    Girls wetting.Naughty peeing where you REALLY shouldn't. Peeing in pools/bathwater/hot tub really gets me going. The idea of being able to just pee whereever and whenever with a girl or three ;). Lazy/ convienience/ nonchalant peeing as if its the most natural thing in the world to just squat down and piss on the carpet.
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    I still live with family and haven't had much luck with relationships due to social anxiety, so mosly just fantasies. That being said, I've wet myself multiple times, i like to hold my bladder at a max, and have had some naughty pees (dishwater, sink, floor, outside wall) I sometimes like to pee on dirty washing. One of my favorite experiences was walking roud the house and just letting a few spurts loose every now and then until im empty. I've done this a couple of times ;)

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  1. Anyone remember experience project?? I remember being able to find so many amazing stories and encounters on there. Whether or not they were true, i don't know. But i didn't particularly care! One post I distinctly remember was a supposedly true story that went along the lines of the following: This girl went round here friends house every day after school and by the time the got there, they were both bursting for a pee. I think that the girl normally lost the race, and so her friend went first. Until one day when she won, and her friend was made to wait for the toilet. However,
  2. What a lucky guy to have so many women piss in your car!! I might have to invest in a piss car, to use solely for things like this... that would definitely make life more interesting 😉
  3. It's been said before but ill say it again... What a lucky guy!!! Just openly pissing in your living room sounds super hot. If only i knew someone near me that had this fetish 😉
  4. Two VERY hot stories there!! I wish I could be part of something like that! You'll have to keep us updated if anything else happens, I think it's fair to say that we're all eager to hear more ☺️
  5. WOW! 2, 3, and 4 sound amazing! I absolutely love things like that. I would kill to witness or be part of them! All three are a massive turn on 😍 You must be proud! 😉
  6. 1. Public bathroom floor 2. Dirty washing 3. Dishwasher/ washing machine/ sink 4. Kitchen floor while cooking 5. The carpet as I walked around the house Not all that impressive, but i need to work up a bit more courage before doing any of the other things I want to.
  7. So earlier this evening I had to do some washing up, which I don't particularly enjoy. I was standing there, waiting for the bowl to fill up with hot water. I spurted a few drops of washing up liquid in and continued waiting. When the bowl finally filled up, I turned the tap off, and just as I was about to starting washing up a saucepan lid, it hit me. I needed to pee. At this point I had been holding for most of the day as I usually do more out of habit than anything else. My bladder hadn't troubled me for a while, but I guess the running water woke it up, per say. I looked at the
  8. Hey everyone, I'm Charlie I'll try and make a very long story short to save everyone's sanity. Esentially, I discorvered pee a few years back and quickly acceptd it as part of me, since anything else seemed futile. Since then, I have developed a lot in many ways, especially in acceptance, an exploration of this fetish. I discoverd peefans reletively recently, and have been slowly building up the courage to introduce myself. It took me a while to even become a member. At the end of the day, every descision was a "fuck it, why not" type of descision. Fast forward to now, and I wo
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