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  1. Actually, if this is the case I'm thinking of, it's pretty horrific. In Japan, there was this guy (I forget his name, but Lazy Masquerade covered it on YouTube) who spoke out against this company who was causing pollution. Well, he vanished one evening, and low and behold, they found him there. People automatically assumed he was just a pervert, but a few people came forward and said that was a lie, he actually had a good reputation, not to mention the big question: Why would he crawl in there with no way out? The theory is that the company had him silenced for speaking out against t
  2. Here's two of my many fave videos. ^^ https://m.ashemaletube.com/videos/733536/itzel-pissing/?sort=re https://m.ashemaletube.com/videos/707850/cutie-cosplayer-mei-does-a-wee/
  3. Here's two jokes of mine. First one is a variation of an old joke. Two women are out enjoying a walk around the city, taking in the sight of the buildings and establishments. It's was a hot summer day, and one of the women had been chugging water, which she was paying for now in the form of pure desperation for a toilet. Excusing herself, she immediately took off in search of a restroom. Unfortunately, some of the establishments were either closed or the open ones were too far away. Immediately heading to the park, she decided to use the public restrooms there, but her heart skipped a bea
  4. Here's two. Apologies if the second is a repost. https://txxx.com/videos/11033449/michiru-holding-and-peeing-in-a-bottle-pee-desperation/?promo=11914 https://m.ashemaletube.com/videos/391390/tskorradelrio-desperate-to-pee-in-office/
  5. Holy Moses! You weren't kidding. The relief must have felt like heaven after that.
  6. I've been into pee since I was really young. At the time, I had no clue what fetishes were. Heck, even when I was old enough to know (Thirteen if I recall before we left home) I had no clue until we got the internet. As for being pansexual, I discovered I liked both women and mtf trans women during my video scouring days. Back then, I didn't even know that there was such a thing as being pansexual, until I discovered one of my other favorite sites around 2016 and began to take an interest in feminine males. (But for me, they have to be really feminine, like this fellow for example: Aroun
  7. Not at the moment, so I don't have any experience. >.< I've got Unreal Engine, but I haven't gotten around to test driving it yet.
  8. Creating video games! I adore 3D software and gaming, so being able to create my own games would be awesome.
  9. Figured I'd hop on board for the ama thing. Feel free to ask anything you'd like! If the question makes me feel uncomfortable, I'll let you know. Outside of that, anything else is fair game.
  10. Here's a joke I love. Two aliens arrive to Earth and approach a gas pump. The first alien says, "Earthling! Take us to your leader." He looks at the second alien, who shrugs, then he turns back to the gas pump. "Earthling! Take us to your leader." He says again. The second alien shakes his head in an "I don't know" manner. The first alien reaches his limit and draws his raygun before pointing it at the gas pump. "Earthling! This is your final warning. Take us to your leader." The second alien shrugs and shakes his head, and the first alien shoots the gas pump
  11. It's better with the captions on, lol.
  12. Born and raised in Tennessee.
  13. Dude, I loved this song in my youth back in Tennessee. Still love it today!
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