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  1. I've been into pee since I was really young. At the time, I had no clue what fetishes were. Heck, even when I was old enough to know (Thirteen if I recall before we left home) I had no clue until we got the internet. As for being pansexual, I discovered I liked both women and mtf trans women during my video scouring days. Back then, I didn't even know that there was such a thing as being pansexual, until I discovered one of my other favorite sites around 2016 and began to take an interest in feminine males. (But for me, they have to be really feminine, like this fellow for example: Around that time I had read up on pansexuality and finally realized that I had it. Coming out to my family about it scared the life out of me so bad that I cried. My parents approved, and thankfully all was well. However, that was around 2018 or 19, so it was a few years of keeping it hidden just in case. Realistic wise, back to Tennesse. Especially a stop back to where our old house used to stand, so I could come to terms and hopefully put my severe homesickness to bed. And since our neighbors drove us down here, I'd like to drive back. Fantasy wise, Japan. It not only looks like a fun place to hang out and go on vacation, but I'd love to go ghost/Yokai hunting there. (Realistically, I do want to go there, but my Thanatophobia keeps me from getting on a plane. Not sure about a boat, however) Hm, that's a tough one! In my eyes, every game has it's award winning stories and designs, but also their issues. If I had to pick, I'd say Doom Eternal. It not only continues the Doom storyline, but picks up where it's first reboot/continuation left off, giving us more insight as to what's happening to Earth and how Doomguy plans to save it. As for being hired by Bethesda, if I were an employee tasked with removing bugs, I'd try to sit down with the higher ups and discuss postponing the release date of the latest game so we could stamp out the game breaking bugs that would ruin a player's experience. It's going to be an uphill battle for me. I have zero experience, sadly. As for what got me into gaming, Doom 1 and 2. Those were my first games in my childhood. My favorite genre would have to be survival horror, like Resident Evil, for example. As for generation, I guess you could say early 2000's.
  2. Not at the moment, so I don't have any experience. >.< I've got Unreal Engine, but I haven't gotten around to test driving it yet.
  3. Creating video games! I adore 3D software and gaming, so being able to create my own games would be awesome.
  4. Figured I'd hop on board for the ama thing. Feel free to ask anything you'd like! If the question makes me feel uncomfortable, I'll let you know. Outside of that, anything else is fair game.
  5. Here's a joke I love. Two aliens arrive to Earth and approach a gas pump. The first alien says, "Earthling! Take us to your leader." He looks at the second alien, who shrugs, then he turns back to the gas pump. "Earthling! Take us to your leader." He says again. The second alien shakes his head in an "I don't know" manner. The first alien reaches his limit and draws his raygun before pointing it at the gas pump. "Earthling! This is your final warning. Take us to your leader." The second alien shrugs and shakes his head, and the first alien shoots the gas pump. The explosion sends them flying backwards, and they lay on the ground for a moment before the first alien turns to the second one and says, "I should have known he was a badass, standing there with his dick in his ear!" (Pardon my French, lol)
  6. It's better with the captions on, lol.
  7. Dude, I loved this song in my youth back in Tennessee. Still love it today!
  8. I used to listen to the heck out of this song after finding this video. Fair warning: it contains some themes that may be disturbing.
  9. A bit- okay, a whole lot memey, but here goes: 1337.
  10. You're welcome! At first I was racking my brain trying to think of what could fit with the topic, then I remembered this gem that came to mind a day or so ago.
  11. One of my funniest pee memories at this current point in time was years ago, back when I was still young and living in Tennessee. We'd been battling field rats that were trying to make our home theirs, (If you've never had the misfortune of encountering one of these things, I recommend doing a Google search) and at the time I was horrified of them. Well, one day I needed to take care of business and stepped into the bathroom before shutting the door and doing what I had to do. Our laundry room was just right outside the bathroom, and that's where we had our trash bags. Well, from the laundry room, my mother unintentionally rustled the bag in order to get it open and throw something away, and I immediately spun around and looked at the door, suspecting a rat. There was no such thing, but I immediately passed some of my water on my left foot. At the time I was more like, "Crap! This is awful!" but when I look back at it now, I can't help but smile a bit.
  12. A song that recently popped back up in my head: "I wet myself" by Crucified Barbara. First discovered the song years ago through a wikipedia search for... um, research! Scientific research. Needles to say, it's been one of my favorites for obvious reasons.

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