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    I primarily love to watch allthough a golden stream down my belly and on my dick probably would make me quite horny.

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    Watching a woman pee like a racehorse in front of her car.

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  1. drummer34

    Naughty masterbation

    Like this perhaps?
  2. drummer34

    Naughty masterbation

    Same story here. If i do a naughty piss i usually have to masturbate too.
  3. drummer34


    I just love theese pics BUT i prefer the "unposed", -then again, i AM a voyeur at heart and i find it most exiting when the girl is unaware that she is being watched..
  4. Some pictures i took after wetting myself, just added a bit in the last pic. ;-)
  5. drummer34

    Art or Porn?

    Art, definitely........ but why does she not appear in "a city near you (me)" ...... :wink:
  6. drummer34

    Desperate to pee is a turn on

    Nope, i agree with Fannywatcher. Watching a girl desperate for a pee does NOT make me horny at all, on the contrary, i feel sorry for her. -besides, it can actually be quite dangerous to hold it too long. ...
  7. drummer34

    Things that annoy you about pee porn

    I really dont like faked desperation. Desperation in itself doesn't turn me on at all but faked desperation is sometimes downright ridicoulus to look at.
  8. drummer34

    Nonchalant Peeing in Naughty Places

    I love the "Nike slogan" "Just DO it" and i dont really like the "desperation vids" they look awfully staged by not very good actors. I just love a woman that says "I'm gonna flood my pants now" and then does just that. :)
  9. drummer34

    Biggest turn on for men

    Watching girls pee..... anywhere, anytime :)
  10. drummer34

    Your first pee website...

    Man you guys give me a trip down memory lane. :-) Patches was my first site too, i remember Giga and Thomas's site very well and off course all the usenet groups. MAN i have browsed a lot of usenetgroups in my time. Peesearch.net is still a favourite.
  11. drummer34

    Where did you find us?

    Peesearch.net :-) I've been there for ages.
  12. drummer34

    Hello from Denmark

    57 yo male from Denmark here. I love peeing, mostly the voyeur stuff. I drive a bus so i have had occational sightings in my line of work. I also love wetting myself.