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Peeing in the shower

How do you pee in the shower?!  

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  1. 1. How do you pee in the shower?!

    • I do it standing up
    • I squat over the drain
    • I normally have a partner under me
    • I have a different position EVERY TIME (tell me!)
    • I lay down and let it all go
    • Oh... I don't take showers
    • I have a weird position... (Tell me!)

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I would like to get peeing in the shower with a women seeing it. I hope one day this comes true to me. Seeing my hot stream come out of me. I love taking long pees in shower.

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Depends on the circumstances.  I voted "standing up" as that is my usual position, but the actual peeing varies.

If I really need to pee before I get in the shower then I sometimes open the shower cubicle door and pee into the shower tray from outside before I get ready and get in the shower.

If I am in the bathroom alone then I often aim my pee up the side of the glass panels and watch the pee cascading down the glass and into the shower tray.

Sometimes I will aim my pee upwards onto to my chest and enjoy feeling it run all over me before I shower off.

Sometimes I simply let me pee go whilst I am showering and it just goes wherever it feels like - I I stand still and don't aim anything then it often seems to fall on my left foot.  

If my wife is in the bathroom (but not in the shower), I tend to just let it fall to the shower tray without making a big deal of it. She will sometimes notice but doesn't usually say anything.

If my wife is in the shower with me, I will usually aim it to the floor near her feet.  She doesn't want to be peed all over (shame), but I do sometimes "accidentally" pee on her legs and she doesn't seem to mind that.

My wife also regularly pees in the shower.  If I am in the bathroom (but not in the shower) she doesn't announce it but I see a yellowing of the water around her feet as she pees down her legs.   If I let her know that I've noticed, she just laughs or says something like "whoops"

If I am in the shower with her, she will sometimes open her legs and pee, letting me put my hand or leg in the way of the stream.

There is one swimming pool that I sometimes (rarely actually) go to, where the showers are open communal showers between the changing rooms and the pool.   Male and females shower together but always with their costumes on.   I sometimes pee through my swimming shorts whilst stood next to a lady.  I quite enjoy that.   I always try and spot the women peeing, but it is difficult to tell as I think they pee when they are covered in soap and it is difficult to detect amongst the water and suds.   A couple of times though, I have seen a woman washing herself, then stand dead still for about 30 seconds with her legs slightly apart. The water seems to change to a slightly yellow shade, then she carries on with her washing.

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I can take a leak right before I get in the shower, and I'll still have to go before I get out. I just go standing. I normally take a shower in the morning before work, but sometimes on Saturday I'll take a shower later in the day where I can plan for it, and build up some pressure in my bladder. I guess it's the warm water, but as soon as I get in the shower I have to piss. When I have a chance to plan it, the urge gets really strong. I might fight it for a little while, then just let the whole stream go.

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