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  1. I'm a car masturbator also. Sometimes I just get too horny to wait.
  2. On a plane, I would probably just open the window next to me and pee out of it.
  3. Blind drunk and standing in a busy street with cars honking at me. I'm really lucky I didn't get arrested for that.
  4. I go through phases with it. Sometimes I pee quite normally and other times i just don't want to use the toilet at all. I pee outside and I pee into things inside like a large bowl or a vase and other times i just pee in the sink or the shower. Occasionally something even naughtier.
  5. I voted for peeing in the sink, just because i have a thing for peeing in the sink. I would do it in some of the other places too, but the sink would be the first place.
  6. I like peeing in the pool too. It’s really the only place you can stand there and relieve yourself in public without anybody noticing. I’m sure other people are doing it too, but it does feel naughty when there are others close by who are getting your golden shower and not even knowing it. Also, it’s just a nice place for pissing if you look for alternatives to peeing in the toilet.
  7. This is a difficult question. I always thought it was better to pee outside, but I totally love the naughty indoor pee too. Just don't use the toilet and I get so turned on by it. Peeing outside is so great but so is going on the floor or in the shower or the sink.
  8. Morning piss feels so good when you really have to go. Personally, I like to find someplace other than the toilet to do it.
  9. I frequently pee into things in the bedroom. I always thought it would be cool to have one of those old-fashioned chamber pots under the bed but usually I just pee into a bucket pan or flower vase. I used to have a large bowl that sat on a table and looked like a tasteful decoration, but was really my bedroom toilet and nobody knew.
  10. Just pee in the sink or the shower or into something you can hold in front of your dick.
  11. Seems your pee made me want to masturbate too. 🙂 Thanks for the sexy story.
  12. Pissing in a bucket all weekend is on my...ahem...bucket list.
  13. once a day on average now that I am single again. usually in the evening.
  14. Actually, yes, I like to pee out the window also. There is something about not knowing where your pee is landing - who might be walking below - or who might recognize what you are doing. I used to have a window right next to my bed. I could just roll out of bed and piss out the window and go back to bed. There were even a few times I did it with the screen down. It made a splashy mess but most of the pee went out. I peed out a hotel window once too. I have never seen a woman peeing out a window but it is really one of my fantasies.
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