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    30 something married 10 years to Bonnie (bonita) who also enjoys the wet life. I write true stories about Bonnie and our wet sex together. Read more here: http://peefans.com/index.php?/search/&q=bonnie&sortby=relevancy

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    This afternoon around 3 pm as I was reading a magazine and enjoying a coffee, wife Bonnie suddenly grabs me by the arm and says "quick -- come with me I need you to do something right away" and leads me to the back porch.

    She's says "get into position quickly as I can't hold it" and I scramble around to the rear of the deck as she drops her panties rapidly and bends over to offer her ass to my face. I'm instantly hard and hurriedly take out my cock which is suddenly hardened.

    Bonnie spreads open the cheeks of her ample ass and her pussy lips full and swollen part quickly as suddenly her bladder voids itself in a rush, hissing rapidly through them spattering the edge of the deck as it rebounds off the head of my engorged member and ballsack. Her puckered anus pulses as rivulets of warmth trickle over it, and halfway through the flood she farts noisily and says "sorry" ..but I'm not sorry she farted.

    Now I hadn't been thinking about sex until just this moment, but as I'm as horny as a teenage linebacker in a hottub full of cheerleaders and I can feel my cum starting to rush. Normally I'd hold off until Bonny had finished emptying her bladder, then I'd lick her dry and we'd rush into the house so she could receive my full load of jizz high up into her greedy cunt, as she prefers to enjoy her multiple orgasms which begin as soon as my load soaks her cuntal membranes.

    But this afternoon my orgasm caught me short -- and with just a few strokes my tallywhacker disgorged its white hot sticky cargo forcefully into the air, landing directly on Bonnie's protruding asshole, cunt lips, and pisstube. She immediately cums as she fingers her clit to finish , moaning and sucking air as her vagina absorbs my hot spew.

    There's a beach towel hanging over the rail to dry from the pool, so we both clean up with that, and after I wipe down Bonnie's rump and ladyparts I can see that she's still wanting more, so we repair to the bedroom where I give her the high hard one until we both cum hard one more time and are completely worn out.

    We'll both sleep well tonight -- and tomorrow might be another pee day.


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  1. Love that sweets. Recalling all the good times is great for the current libido. I love to hear women talk about the love they have for making men feel good, hand jobs , cocksucking, straight hard and deep fucking. Now I'll have to recall a few other women and describe the action. You too now :P
  2. No wonder you're so sexy! I find a lot of navy oriented women are. We live for the moment don't we? Never had any nookie on a navy vessel but I should have to round out the experience. BTW the vid you made with the vibe and blue dild is just as hot as it ever was. Have viewed it deliciously a few times here with the wife also. We need to get together some time <wink>
  3. Largest machines on earth. 1,080 feet long. 6,000 crew when air wing attached. 4 acres of flight deck. Noisy. Dirty. Dangerous. No thrill ride equals a carrier launch though. 4 years was enough for me. Glad to be back on terra firma.
  4. Love it when the string hangs in and out of the slit. Just begging for a hand to arrange it or tug on it.
  5. Sweets that's a great idea! And a fine idea for a video too. HOT.
  6. First pussy touch, handjob Late bloomer here, senior in HS, and second date with full figured girl also my age (18). Kathleen was a 36D bra size, and very proud of her voluminous perky tits and was ogled by all the other wolves in my class, whistled at in the time-honored tradition. She'd transferred in with just a couple months left to go before graduation and although had a preformed reputation as a girl who 'got around', none of my classmates had any experiences with her. Fact is: she was smarter than most of us. One of the most intelligent women I have ever met. Top of her class in every subject. In fact, she'd not dated any of them and treated them mainly as the sex-fueled clueless dorks that most of them were. I met her in the Chess Club. Yes , I was one of those (and still am) geeks that likes to push little carvings about a chess board and strategize 3 moves in advance. I knew she was serious about the game as she whipped my ass in a “fool's mate” in about 12 moves the first time we played, and I knew about the gambit but didn't recognize it until too late. Note to self: never underestimate a smart girl with thick glasses. Kathy had previously attended a parochial school in another city, but as our town had none, went to public HS instead. Perhaps it was the pentup sexuality that oozed from her, or it was her abundance of hormones and madeup stories that followed here. She did turn most guys heads just walking around, but I was the only guy she'd talk to and usually it was about chess, or giving me some help with math homework. As she lived just 3 houses away we'd sometimes walk home the same route, and one day we happened to reach my house first, and as the day was hot I offered her some lemonade and cookies my mom always had on hand after school. She accepted and we both went in to the kitchen where Mom met her, exchanged pleasantries, and poured us lemonade and put out the cookies. We sat down at the table whle mom went back to her mending and tv soap opera viewing two rooms away. Kathy was seated at one corner of our small kitchen table, and I was about to sit down next to her on the side, when she said, quite innocently, “Jim – stand there a second please”. Then she stood up, came very close to me, and slid her hands into my jeans, and into the boxers as well and gave my junk a few firm squeezes as I rapidly became hard. I was shocked and unprepared to say anything. I started to croak something .. “Shhh.. “she whispered, as she undid the fly and hauled out my rod expertly skinning back the foreskin as if she'd done that move a hundred times before. “We can put them together here and later you can try to put it in me”. She then lifted her dress up and guided my hand to her pussy inside her panties which she had slid to the side. Taking my cock she guides it into her moist slit and strokes it about 4 times and then just as rapidly drops it and pulls up panties and smooths her dress. I quickly put it away as she thinks she hears someone coming. One more stroke and it would have been me. I don't know what to do next. She says “Take me home now. If no one is there you can feel me up”. Practically sprinting down the street we make it to her house, where there is no one home. She turns to me with a smoldering kiss and then says: 'Wait for me to pee and then we can continue”. She glides into the bathroom as I stand outside the door, listening intently as her piss gushes noisily into the bowl – my hardon raging inside my pants, dripping already with anticipation. As she opens the door a waft of heated pussy and girl pee drifts into my nostrils firing my imagination. She takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom. Sprawled on her bed, she spread wide and lets me insert my finger gingerly all the way into her well lubed and dripping muff, while she masturbates her own clit and silently cums. After she recovers she expertly jacks me off catching my cum in a Kleenex, manipulating my ball sack and sighing. My head is reeling. I've never had a girl jerk me off, never had my fingers up a pussy, I'm still hard hard hard and need to fuck her badly. But that's not in the cards today. She's done with me and now she ushers me out the door with a promise to get together next week, which we do. In the meantime I'm masturbating 4 times a day to the memory of Kathy and her knowing hand and silky tight teen pussy. Kathy went to nursing school and two years later we met up again and this time spent a weekend in a hotel suite (that she paid for) where she instructed me in the pleasures of a prostate massage, pissing, and many orgasms. That became a regular monthly rendezvous and where my first FMF 3-way took place. So here's to you, Kathy. You taught me so much about my sexuality, and yours, introduced me to the joys of a sexy girl's finger up my asshole, while jerking me and sucking me to the best orgasms, who taught me how to gently slide it into her anus, and getting her off just as I came inside it. Who was an instinctive sucker of cocks, swallower of sperm, pleasure giver to men. She's the rare one I think of when solitary getting myself off.
  7. Both you guys can get on over to west Texas and jump in the hot tub with Bonnie and me. No permission slips required.
  8. https://soranews24.com/2015/02/19/secrets-of-the-japanese-swimsuit-modeling-world-fake-breasts-and-lots-of-pee/ “During photo shoots in the ocean or pool, a lot of girls pee themselves.” Looking good makes or breaks a gurabia’s career, and for outdoor sessions, the photographer or film crew is racing to get all the desired shots before the sun goes down, taking with it the light they need for the model to look her best. Swimming pools are heated, but that still doesn’t mean they’re warm, and obviously there’s nothing you can do to change the ocean’s temperature. Being submerged in chilly water for long stretches of time puts a strain on the bladder, but many gurabia don’t feel it would be right to make everyone wait while they hop out of the water and run to the little girls with big breasts’ room. Once again, Nishida was clear that she wasn’t talking about herself, of course. She insists that she resists the urge, even when it feels like her bladder is about to become inflamed from the strain. Not everyone has this fortitude, though, and she claims that many others, with the lower half of their bodies obscured by the water, engage in a little bit of multi-tasking. “That moment of release puts a smile on their face,” Nishida says.
  9. https://soranews24.com/2014/07/09/anime-gals-serve-yellow-shaved-ice-with-creepy-connotations-then-things-somehow-get-worse/ Things are very strange in Nippon. Spent some time there in the Navy. LOVED IT. Anime gals serve yellow shaved ice with creepy connotations, then things somehow get worse
  10. Not too smart. Not smart to diss the cops either. If that's in your arrest file forget about any leniency with a judge.
  11. https://www.tampabay.com/news/crime/2020/02/03/man-arrested-after-peeing-off-st-pete-nightclub-balcony-and-hitting-women-below-police-say/ ST. PETERSBURG — A 20-year-old Michigan man was arrested early Saturday after police said he peed off a St. Petersburg nightclub balcony, hitting two women sitting on a bench below. Jack Estes Debrabander was arrested on two misdemeanor charges of simple battery. The incident took place at about 12:30 a.m. at the 260 First nightclub, located at 260 First Ave. N. Debrabander was on the upper-level balcony of the club overlooking the sidewalk, police said, when he stepped to the railing and started urinating onto the sidewalk below. Two women sitting on a bench below were “struck in the face, mouth, head, hands and arms with the defendant’s urine” as they looked up to see what was hitting them, an officer wrote in an arrest report. Officers noted that Debrabander, whose address is listed East Lansing, Mich. in the arrest report, was intoxicated and uncooperative. He was booked at the Pinellas County jail and released at 6:47 a.m. Saturday after posting $1,000 bail.
  12. Same with my wife Bonita. On all fours, doggie style its like a balloon has burst. No distinct jetting. Unless she also decides to release pee which she does frequently then it's a series of squirts followed by a long distinct stream once my cock is out of her.
  13. Does the guy wear a LARGE watch? They say short dicked dudes do this to make up. Needless to say my watch is tiny. But then, sweets, you've seen my 'watch'. <grin>
  14. https://soranews24.com/2015/11/03/japanese-tourist-center-asks-small-penised-travelers-to-not-make-a-mess-in-the-bathroom/ While Japan’s highest mountain itself is the primary attraction, it’s not the only thing to see in the Mt. Fuji area. There’s also the Fuji Five Lakes, which would be beautiful enough to warrant a visit even if they didn’t have the famed peak serving as a dramatic backdrop. But while travelers are happy to see the mountain and lakes alike, one thing none of them look forward to is a puddle of piss on the men’s room floor of a local visitor’s center. That’s why one facility has signs asking visitors to mind their aim when using the urinals, but while the Japanese text is a politely worded reminder, the English version seems to be implying that the reader’s penis really isn’t so impressive. Out of the five lakes, Lake Yamanaka is the largest, and also at the highest elevation. Drawing the lion’s share of Fuji Five Lakes tourist, though, means it also has the potential to receive the largest volume of unwanted yellow puddles. So when Japanese Twitter user @HBonsai stopped by the lake’s visitor center and headed into the restroom, he saw signs attached to the wall directly in front of the urinals. Accompanied by a picture of a uniformed tourist guide bowing respectfully, the Japanese text reads Itsumo kirei ni tsukatte itadaki, arigatou gozaimasu, which translates as “Thank you for very much for always using the restroom in a clean manner.” But while the sentence is perfectly fine in Japanese, it sounds just a bit wordy in English. Maybe that’s why instead of a straight translation, the visitor center decided on an alternate but equivalent message for English-reading tourists. “Please Stand Closer. Your TOMAHAWK is not so long as you wish.” That’s a huge gap in tone between the messages being given to domestic and Western travelers, or really any travelers more proficient in English than Japanese. It’s especially jarring since it doesn’t even say “as long as you think,” which would at least be diplomatic enough to allow for the possibility that the reader is satisfied with his length, despite it being less than he himself perceives. Nope, it flat-out says that you must be somewhat disappointed with the size of your manhood.
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