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  1. The Savior

    The Savior Shannon was disgusted. She watched through her telescope as the boy was beaten over and over for not working fast enough. She had watched the simple farm boy grow for nearly eighteen years. His parents were horrible. James had no visitors, no friends, and she never saw a girl his age at the farm. He didn’t even go to school. The time was almost at hand. One more day. Through her job at the DMV she knew he would turn eighteen tomorrow. She went to sleep knowing his salvation was almost at hand. It was morning and time to go to town. His parents always brought James to town on Mondays to load feed into the back of their truck while they ate at the local diner. She parked in the back of the feed store. He pulled up where he was loading the truck. “Get in.” she said. “Who are you? I’m not getting in your car.” Shannon replied. “Think about your life. If you want it to get better, get in my car. You’ll never have to see your parents again.” James thought for a minute, threw the last bag of feed in the truck and got in Shannon’s car. Shannon led James into her house. “What are we doing here?” he asked. “I’ve watched your parents treat you like shit for your entire life. I simply couldn’t let it continue. You will stay with me.” Shannon replied. “Are you my new Mom?” James asked. “You can think of me that way if you’d like. I’ve got some new clothes for you to wear. We will have guests tonight. I’ve bought you some vitamin-C to take. It will help as a dietary supplement and prevent scurvy.” Shannon responded. She watched as James tried to take the vitamins. He coughed the pills up and gagged. “I’ve never been able to take pills.” James replied. “It makes no never mind, don’t worry about if for now.” She responded. The guests arrived. It was her friend Sally and Sally’s daughter Irene. Everyone sat at the table and dinner was served. Irene began talking to James. He quickly excused himself and ran up to his room. Shannon sat in uncomfortable silence for the rest of the meal. After the guests left, Shannon went and took a shower. She put on her robe and went to confront James. “Why did you run away tonight? Irene is a nice girl, you should get to know her.” Shannon said. “I don’t know much about girls. I get nervous” James responded. “I guess we’ll have to work on that. Let me run you a bath so we can get you cleaned up.” She said. Shannon started the bath. “Come in here, it’s time for you to be fresh.” She said. James entered the bathroom and Shannon removed his shirt. She began unbuckling his pants when he stopped her. “Settle down, I’m just getting you ready for your bath and to get clean.” She said. She took off his clothes and James got into the bath. “I’m going to clean you thoroughly now.” She said. James got into the bath and Shannon began washing his body. She waited and soaped up his cock and balls last. She stroked and stroked his cock, but it wouldn’t get hard. He was shaking and had his head in his hands. “Okay we’re all done. Come see me in my room when you’re ready for bed.” She said. Shannon was having trouble trying to figure out what to do next and brought a six pack of beer into her room. She had to bring James out of his shell. He arrived in her room. “You have led a sheltered life. You must know I’m here to help you. Have you ever seen a naked woman before?” she asked. “Never close up.” James responded. “Well it’s time.” Shannon said as she removed her robe. “Go to the end of my bed. I’m going to spread my legs so you can see what a woman looks like close up.” Shannon said. She waited until James was at the end of the bed. She got as close to the end of the bed as possible and spread her legs wide. James looked fascinated. He pointed and said. “Is that where your poop comes out? It doesn’t look very dirty.” Shannon quietly laughed. “Yes it is. You can touch it or lick it if you like. James touched it with his finger and then licked Shannon’s butthole. “It doesn’t taste bad Mom.” He said. “Call me Mommy Shannon replied. “What’s this?” James asked and pointed. “That’s my pussy. You can lick that too and put your tongue inside the hole.” Shannon replied. James licked her pussy and stuck his tongue as far inside her pussy as he could. “What are these things on the side?” he asked. “Just like mommy has lips on her face, she has lips on her pussy. Spread my pussy and get a good look.” She replied. James spread open Shannon’s pussy. What’s this on top?” he asked. “That’s mommy’s clit. It’s a very important part of a woman. You can lick it, but only for a second. I don’t want to get too excited.” Shannon replied. James licked her clit. Suddenly he looked curious again. “What’s this other small hole?” he asked. “That’s where Mommy’s pee comes out. You can lick that too.” Shannon replied. James licked her pee hole. “I’m thirsty. Do you have any milk in your breasts?” he asked. “No, I don’t have any milk, but you can drink the water that comes out of mommy.” Shannon responded. “You mean your pee? That sounds bad.” James responded. “I’m sorry you’ve led such a sheltered life. Pee is mostly water. I’ll show you. Get the glass off the nightstand and hold it under my pee hole.” Shannon responded. James got the glass and watched as Shannon filled it halfway with her pee. He was mesmerized. “Give me the glass. I’ll drink half, and you drink the other half.” Shannon said. James watched as Shannon drank her pee and handed him the glass. She had drank half. He smelled it, and then put the glass to his lips and drank. “What do you think?” Shannon asked. “It’s warm and kind of salty, but not too bad.” James replied. “Well I have to pee and your thirsty. So let’s do it again.” James held the glass under her pussy. “There’s no need for the glass. I’ll pee into your mouth.” She said. Shannon moved slightly forward to get into position when she noticed James cock. It was rock hard. She wouldn’t let the opportunity go to waste. “Change of plans. It’s for you to finally have some joy.” She said as she got on the floor and took his cock into her mouth. “What are you doing?” James asked. “I’m sure you’ve masturbated and cum before. It’s time for me to make you cum.” Shannon replied. “I might cum in your mouth.” James warned. “Good girls like to swallow cum. It’s full of vitamins and minerals.” Shannon replied. “Can I see my cum in your mouth before you swallow it?” James asked. “Sure. Whatever makes you happy.” Shannon replied. She took his cock into her mouth and massaged his balls and shaft. It didn’t take long. James began moaning and shot his load into her mouth. She opened it so he could see. “You look so pretty with my cum in your mouth Mommy.” James said. Shannon swallowed and knew she was making progress. James was a deviant. Just like she was. “Lie on your back. This is called the 69 position. I’m going to suck on your cock more so you get used to it. Since you’re thirsty and I have to pee, you’ll open your mouth and drink.” She said as she got into position. Shannon took James cock into her mouth and positioned herself. “Drink as much as you can.” She briefly lowered her pussy onto his mouth to make sure he was in the right spot. ”Open your mouth, I’m going to pee now.” Shannon always knew she was a deviant and was really enjoying being so nasty. She began to pee and could hear James mouth filling. He swallowed and his cock got harder in her mouth. She had drank too much and peed for longer than normal. James was loving it. Her bladder was almost empty and she decided to stop. “That was fun.” James said. “Hang on. I’m not done yet.” Shannon said. She pissed into his mouth twice more. “I’m not in the bathroom, you need to clean mommy up. Lick at all off me. Then suck my clit until I tell you to stop.” Shannon said. James licked off the pee and began sucking on Shannon’s clit. “Don’t let go. Take it into your mouth.” She screamed. James sucked as fast as he could on Shannon’s clit until she screamed and began shaking. She slowly climbed off his face. “I think you’re a man now.” Shannon said. “Are you thirsty Mommy?” James replied. “You want to pee in my mouth now?” she asked. “I think it’s fun.” James replied. “Go get the glass and pee into it.” Shannon responded. James peed into the glass. “Do you see how dark it is? You don’t keep yourself hydrated enough like I do. Taste it. It won’t taste as good as mine.” Shannon said. James tasted his pee. “You’re right, it doesn’t’ taste as good. Shannon tried it too. “You need to drink more water. You can pee in my mouth but I’ll only drink a little bit. It is important for you to learn these adult things.” Shannon replied. As a deviant Shannon wanted James to pee in her mouth. She was dirty and it turned her on. She held his cock as the pee flowed into her mouth. She let most of it spill out, but did swallow some. “Thanks for teaching me. I do need to learn.” James said. “I need to get more beer. Can I get you anything.” She asked. “I could use a snack.” James replied. When Shannon returned she was only carrying a six pack of beer in each hand. “I thought you were bringing me a snack?” James asked. “I only have so many hands. Open your mouth.” Shannon said as she squatted over him. “Are you going to pee again?” James asked. “Just open your mouth.” James complied and watched as a hot dog came out of Shannon’s pussy and landed in his mouth. “I can only carry so much in my hands.” Shannon said. “What else is there to learn?” James asked as he ate the hot dog and drank a beer. “A lot. People have fetishes and desires. There’s bondage. Some people have a foot fetish. There’s roleplaying and strapons. There’s facesitting and face fucking. There’s sex games. “What is face sitting?” James asked. “Have you seen the way my dog humps the pillow in the living room? That’s what a woman does on a mans face. She grinds her pussy and ass on you. You try to lick and suck while she does it. Would you like to try?” Shannon asked. “Sure.” James replied. “Lie on your back and get ready.” Shannon replied as she mounted his face. She started grinding her pussy against his mouth. Suddenly she stopped. “I have to pee again and don’t want to go all the way to the bathroom. I’m going to pee in your mouth again. This time will be different. I’ll watch until you mouth gets full. After you swallow, I’ll pee again.” She said. Shannon was so horny after grinding her pussy on James face. Peeing turned her on more than anything else. She arched her back in ecstasy and began to pee. She filled James mouth seven times and watched as he swallowed it all. She immediately told him to suck on her clit and had another massive orgasm. Shannon got off James and noticed he had a massive hard on. “I guess it’s time you learned about face fucking.” She said. Shannon laid on her back and opened her mouth. James knew what to do. It didn’t take long and she had another shot of cum in her mouth. “I want you to shower me now.” Shannon said. “I don’t know what that means.” James replied. “Pee in my mouth, on my face, in my hair, and all over my body.” Shannon replied. James was still on her chest and began peeing in her mouth. She drank it down. He stood up and covered her in his warm pee. Shannon was pretty much drunk and exhausted. “We should play a game.” James said. “What kind of game? I’m pretty tired” Shannon replied. “It’s an easy game. Let’s 69 and we can pee on each other without warning for 30 minutes.” James replied. “So you could be licking my butthole, or sucking on my clit, and I can just pee whenever I want?” Shannon asked. “Yes, and I can pee on you whenever I want.” James replied. “Fine, but after his I’m done for tonight. Give me some time.” Shannon replied as she popped open another beer. “I was thinking. Every contest should have a winner. There should be one time where the other person has to drink all the pee coming out of the other. In fact the pee shouldn’t even leave a body and be in the open air. Let’s call it a “special pee”, when it’s my turn, I’ll wrap my pussy around your mouth, and you must drink it all. My warm pee won’t leave a human body until it comes out of your hot cock. When it’s your turn, I’ll take the head of your cock into my mouth and drink it all down. Your hot pee won’t come out of a human body until it comes out of my wet pussy.” Shannon said. “I agree. With one more rule. Each of us must drink two more beers and 24 ounces of water before we start. The beer and water were gone. Shannon had to pee bad. She decided to hold it and started out on bottom. James was licking her ass. She decided to pee a little to turn him on. Sure enough as soon as her pee made it to her butthole James cock got harder. She kept letting a little trickle out. Soon James was cumming in her mouth again. Shortly after he said it was time for his special pee. She felt his hot pee come out of his cock and began swallowing. He was sucking her clit and they were both moaning. She was a deviant and loved it. She swallowed it all and didn’t spill a drop. “It’s my turn.” She said as she got on top of James and positioned her pussy over his mouth. She sat and began to pee. She had so much. She shoved her pee hole into his mouth as far as possible and peed as slow as she could. “Lick my pee hole.” She said as the last few drops trickled out of her. James instinctively began sucking on her clit. She had another massive orgasm and began shaking. James tried to climb out from under her when she was done. “Hang on. Here’s a little more pee for you.” She said as she pissed into his mouth again. “I’m done for tonight. I did solve your vitamin-c problem. If you take too much vitamin-c it comes out in your pee. I’ll give you your vitamins orally in the morning.” Shannon said.
  2. Hello

    Good evening, My name is Jim. I enjoy writing and I enjoy the sexy curves of the female body. I've written many perverse stories of which only a few have made it here. I enjoy writing and look forward to being motivated by a woman who can continue to inspire my deviant side. Give me a reason.…..... Jim
  3. The Last Straw

    Glad you enjoyed it!
  4. Freedom

    Freedom Nellie and Jim watched as the government vehicle arrived at the farmhouse. The driver got out and opened the passenger side door. A woman dressed in traditional Arabic burqa exited the vehicle. She was completely covered in her traditional clothing from head to toe. Nellie knew it had to be Aisha, a refugee they were taking in from a remote village in Afghanistan. “She hasn’t adjusted to America yet.” Nellie said. “Give her time.” Jim replied. Aisha was escorted to the door by the man from the state department. “Welcome Aisha, our home is your home.” Nellie said. “Thank you, can you please show me my room.” Aisha replied as the man from the state department left. “We will be eating dinner in an hour. After you get settled in come downstairs and we will enjoy a fine meal together.” Jim said. “Thank you, I will be down in an hour.” Aisha said and abruptly shut her bedroom door. An hour later Aisha came down to eat. Nellie had prepared fish, corn, asparagus, and french bread. Aisha was still in her burqa and moved her veil to eat each bite. “Aisha, you are in the United States now, you are not required to wear the burqa.” Jim said. “It is all I know. I do not know another way. It is neccesary.” Aisha replied. The reminder of the meal was silent. “Thank you for the fine meal, goodnight.” Aisha said in broken English. “She’s not very chatty.” Nellie said. “This is all new to her, give her time.” Jim replied. Very little was said at breakfast the next morning. Jim went off to work and Aisha went to her room. Nellie decided to go to the garden as she usually did. She had been gardening for an hour and was working on tomatoes. Nellie had to pee. As usual she was wearing loose fitting shorts and pulled them aside to piss. As she heard her piss hit the ground she realized she had completely forgotten about Aisha. She finished pissing and turned around. Aisha wasn’t in the second story window of her room. Nellie did notice the curtain was moving. Aisha was terrified. She was in a new country and a completely strange environment. Her hosts had the audacity to tell her to remove her burqa. It was insanity. She was grateful for their hospitality and felt most comfortable alone in her room. She did like to look at the trees and the greenery outside. Nellie had been gardening outside for a long time. Aisha was transfixed when Nellie suddenly exposed herself and made water. She barely got out of view before her host caught her watching. More meals had passed and Aisha still continued to wear her burqa and rarely spoke. Jim was at work again and Nellie was back in the garden. She looked up briefly and saw that Aisha was watching her. She placed her cell phone on the table in front of her and began recording. She pointed her ass towards the house, pulled down her shorts, and pissed. It took longer then normal because she had been holding it. Nellie took her time and slowly pulled up her shorts. She grabbed her cell phone and went inside. The video clearly showed her pissing and clearly showed Aisha watching from above. It was time to confront her guest. Aisha couldn’t help herself. She hadn’t ever seen anything like it. She felt ashamed watching the woman make water, but she had been transfixed. She desperately wanted to touch herself but knew tradition forbade it. She watched as Nellie came back to the house. Aisha sat on the floor and began to meditate. She needed to get the evil thoughts out of her head. Nellie immediately went to Aisha’s room and knocked on the door. After a few seconds the door opened. “Hello Aisha, I’m sorry to disturb you. There’s something I want to show you.” Nellie said. “I’m your guest. You’ve been very gracious. Show me anything you wish.” Aisha replied. The device Nellie always had with her was placed on the table. Aisha watched as her host activated it. The images clearly showed Nellie making water and her watching. Aisha didn’t know what to do. She went to the corner and curled into a fetal position. Nellie was surprised by her guest. Aisha went into a complete panic when she watched the video. The woman was in the corner of her room. She made a decision. “You are in the United States now. You need to adjust to our customs.” Nellie said and took off all her clothes. She laid on Aisha’s bed on her stomach and spread her legs wide. She listened and waited for Aisha. After an hour she hadn’t heard any movement and fell asleep. Aisha was ashamed. She didn’t know such images could be captured. She hid in shame and waited for Nellie to leave. It took an eternity. Nellie did not leave, but Aisha could hear the woman snoring. Aisha slowly turned her head and looked toward the bed. Nellie was completely naked. Aisha looked at her nude body. She had never seen anything as beautiful as the woman’s butthole and pussy. Her host continued to snore. Aisha got up and got closer. For the first time in her life she touched herself. Nellie woke up. Her guest was sound asleep in the corner of the room. She went and made dinner. Jim came home from work and Aisha came down for dinner. Aisha didn’t say a word. Nellie couldn’t sleep even after a few glasses of wine. She felt Aisha was uncomfortable and it would be time to find her a new host. Nellie went to Aisha’s room and found her guest on the floor mediating. “I’m going to take off my clothes and lay on your bed again. If you fail to communicate with me again the state department will come tomorrow and find you a new home.” she said. Nellie watched as Aisha went to the corner. Nellie laid down and spread her legs. She had to pee and decided to hold it. Aisha was in a complete panic. She’d be going to a new home if she didn’t communicate with her hosts. Nellie had turned on the light before she had laid down and begun snoring. Aisha stood up and approached the bed. She loved the beauty of Nellie’s ass and pussy and couldn’t stop staring. Aisha carefully positioned herself on the bed between Nellie’s legs. She continued to look at the woman’s butthole. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Nellie pretended to snore and felt the bed move as Aisha got closer. She could feel the breath of the Arabian’s mouth on her ass. She felt the gentle touch of the woman’s tongue on her butthole. She pretended to sleep as Aisha continued to lick her ass. After a few minutes Nellie couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to confront Aisha. She sat up. “Do you want to stay here?” she asked. “Yes, ma’am.” Aisha responded. “Then you will do as I say.” Nellie said and ripped the Burqa off her Arabian guest. Aisha wasn’t prepared. Her Burqa was suddenly on the floor and she was naked. She immediately covered her tits and pussy with her hands. She stood and held herself. “I want to stay here.” She abruptly said. “If you want to stay here, then continue licking my ass.” Nellie replied. Aisha took a deep breath and looked at Nellie’s beautiful butthole and began to lick it. After a few minutes Nellie stood up. “Why did you watch me pee?” she asked. “I can’t answer that question. I don’t know, it’s something I can’t stop watching.” Aisha replied. “I have to pee again. I’ll be right back.” Nellie said. “Wait, Ma’am, let me lick you. Pee when you need to.” Aisha said. Nellie felt Aisha’s tongue on her asshole again. “I can’t hold it anymore. Open your mouth. Aisha was on her back and Nellie squatted over the woman’s mouth. “Open wide. You will drink my hot dirty pee.” She said. Aisha opened her mouth. Nellie didn’t feel it was wide enough. She put her fingers into the corners of the womans mouth and pulled it wider. Nellie had to piss bad. She rubbed her wet pussy on Aisha’s mouth one last time and began to piss. Aisha’s mouth was being held wide by her host. The pee began flowing into her mouth and she wanted more. She moaned in ecstasy and began rubbing her pussy hard. She drank the water from Nellie. She wanted more and Nellie pissed in her mouth for the rest of the night. Aisha spread her legs and embraced her new nation. In the early morning Aisha had to piss and pissed on her burqa. A lifetime of oppression needed nothing less. “It’s about time. Jim will be home soon and you will learn about cock.” Nellie said as she also pissed on the burqa. Aisha watched as the piss flowed out of Nellie. “Thank you ma’am.” Aisha said as she licked the salty hot piss from her host. “Open your mouth. I have to pee more.” Nellie said.
  5. Karma

    Glad you liked it Steve. I did have trouble with the morality issue also. It's why I made her so evil. Just posted a new one......"The Last Straw"
  6. Unholy.

    Thanks Steve. Glad you liked it!
  7. The Last Straw

    "The Last Straw" Carla was exhausted and felt like crap. She was scheduled to work for another five hours. There was no way she was going to make it to the end of her shift. Her stomach began churning after lunch. She had food poisoning. "Bob, I'm sick and have to go." she told her boss. "You're my best chef, I need you tonight." Bob replied. "I won't be your best chef if I'm puking in the food. I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight." Carla said as she headed for the exit. She planned on crawling into bed the second she got home, and would ask her fiance Todd to bring her soup and water. As she entered the house she could sense something was wrong. She heard someone moaning upstairs. She heard the sound of two people having sex. She silently climbed the stairs and stood in the open doorway of the bedroom. Todd was fucking some blond bitch she didn't recognize. Her stomach hurt for a new reason. She was pissed off, exhausted, and didn't know what to do. Todd and the blond were oblivious to her. Carla wouldn't give Todd the opportunity to deny what he was doing. She retrieved her phone and took a video of her fiance fucking the slutty woman. Carla knew what she would do next. She went to her car and noticed a new Audi parked halfway down the block. The teller at the bank looked concerned. "You are making a large withdrawl and have a new balance of only three dollars. Fifteen thousand dollars is a lot of money to carry around. Are you sure you wish to proceed?" he asked. "Yes, I know what I'm doing." Carla replied and put the cash in her purse and went home. The Audi hadn't moved. Carla parked fifty yards behind it and waited. After fifteen minutes the bitch finally left. Carla followed the Audi downtown. The slut stopped in front of a small office building and took what looked like a dentists gown out of the back seat. Carla watched the office from across the street. Nobody was going inside. It was time to deal with Todd. She sent him a text. "You have thirty minutes to gather your shit and get out of the house. I have all the money, don't bother going to the bank." she attached the video she had taken and sent the message. Carla looked up just in time to see someone entering the office building. She recognized the person. It was a member of the city council. Carla knew the woman from work. The council woman came in often for lunch. It appeared the whore was some sort of high-end dentist. It was time for action. Carla got out of her car and went into the building. She was stopped by a receptionist. "Can I help you?" the woman asked. "I'd like to make an appointment." Carla replied. "Unless you've been recommended, I can't make you an appointment. We deal with only upscale clientele. The cost for the first appointment is four thousand dollars." Carla took out four thousand dollars and handed it the receptionist. "I'd like to get in as soon as possible. My name is Carla." she said. Apparently cash worked quite well. The receptionist took the money. "I have an opening at one o'clock tomorrow." she said. "I'll take it. I forgot, what's her name again?" Carla asked. "Her name is Stacy." the receptionist replied. "Good, I think I have a cavity." Carla said. "You're funny, I like you." the receptionist replied. Carla didn't know what the receptionist meant. It was a weird thing to say. Now she knew the whore's name. She waited for Stacy to leave. The council woman left and Stacy quickly followed. Carla followed Stacy home. The Audi stopped in front of a gated house. Stacy entered a code and the gate opened. Carla wrote down the address and went home. She new the home was owned by the wealthiest man in town. He was almost seventy and everyone knew him. Todd was gone and had managed to pack up most of his stuff. Carla looked at the display case. Todd hadn't taken the precious boxing glove which had been signed by Mike Tyson. She took it out of the case and took off her clothes. She spread her legs, opened the glove, and pissed into it. She had to piss bad and filled it up. She put it back into the case. Carla arrived for her appointment and waited. She didn't know what she was going to do but had to confront the whore. Stacy appeared and led her into a small room in the back. "Take off your pants and underwear and put this robe on." Stacy said. Carla was confused. She quickly looked around the room. She saw an examination table with stirrups. Stacy wasn't a dentist she was a gynocologist! Carla took off her clothes and put the robe on. "Get up on the table and put your legs into the stirrups." Stacy commanded. Carla put her legs into the stirrups. "Can you spread my legs wider? It's more comfortable for me." Carla asked. Stacy adjusted the stirrups. Carla was happy. Her pussy was spread wide open. Stacy sat on a small rolling chair and began her examination. "Everything looks alright at first glance." Stacy said. "I think I scratched myself with a fingernail. Can you look closer?" Carla asked. Stacy came in closer. Carla pissed into her face as hard as she could. Stacy was shocked. She had piss in her mouth and all over her face. She quickly found a towel and drank some water. She tried to compose herself and couldn't. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" she asked. "I'm not a whore like you." the woman responded. Stacy now knew who the woman was. Todd told her they'd been caught. "Oh, you're the fiance. It's too bad you don't fuck as good as I do. I'm calling the police. You're going to jail." Stacy angrily said. The whore was also a bitch. It was time for Carla to play her ace. "Get over here and drink my piss." she said. "You're insane. Why in the fuck would I do that?" Stacy replied. "If you don't, your rich boyfriend will see this." Carla said. Stacy hadn't noticed Carla had been holding her phone in her hand. Carla played the video she had taken. "The choice is yours. You can call the police if you want. If you do, you will lose your boyfriend. I'm guessing he helps fund this place. You could lose your practice too. I have to pee real bad. You're running out of time." Carla said. Stacy didn't know what to do. She loved power and money. She couldn't lose it. She sat back down on the chair and wheeled over to Carla's vagina. Carla watched with satisfaction as the gynocologist made the right choice. "Get closer and don't spill any." she said. Carla squirted piss into Stacy's mouth over and over. She finally ran out of piss. "You've had your revenge. I don't want to see you ever again." Stacy said as she wiped the piss off her lips. "I'll be your one o'clock appointment for the rest of the week. Clean the piss off my pussy." Stacy licked the urine off the woman's vagina and watched Carla put her clothes back on. "See you tomorrow." Carla said as she left. Stacy went home. She thought about hiring a contract killer. It was a dangerous idea. Carla could have sent copies of the video anywhere. She went to the bedroom. Thomas was fast asleep. She looked forward to the day when he didn't wake up. She would marry him soon and would eventually have all the money. She drank some wine and decided to do nothing. She'd do what she must and would get through the week. Carla arrived and was greeted by the receptionist Charlene. "You can go in, she's ready for you." Charlene said. Carla entered the examination room and found Stacy sitting in a chair with her head in her hands. Carla began opening drawers and looking through the gynocological equipment. "What are you doing?" Stacy asked. "I want to do something a little different today. What's this?" Carla asked. "It's part of a small catheter tube. It's basically a clear round plastic tube." Stacy replied. "It's not a catheter tube. It's your straw. Be gentle when you put it in me." Carla replied as she took off her clothes, climbed onto the table, and put her legs in the stirrups. Stacy inserted one end of the tube into her piss hole. "Put the other end in your mouth." Carla commanded. She watched gleefully as her piss began flowing through the tube into Stacy's mouth. Carla rubbed her clit and came as her pissed flowed into the sluts mouth. Mercifully the week had finally come to and end. Stacy was finally free. Carla was perverse. On the last day Carla had demanded a speculum. Stacy pissed into Carla's pussy. Stacy was forced to drink her own piss out of Carla's pussy with a straw. Thank god it was over. Monday had finally arrived and all had been quiet. She finished her day and went home. Surprisingly Thomas was awake and waiting for her. "I want to play a game tonight." he said. "Whatever you want hon." she replied. He told her to take her clothes off. She disrobed and he brought her into the living room. "Let's have a little fun for once." he said. It took the old man ten minutes to tie her up. She was hogtied. The old man had done a good job. She couldn't get loose and had no idea what he was doing. Thomas picked up an antique bell and rang it. Stacy heard the sound of high heels on the wooden floor. Someone else was in the house. The sound got closer and a figure appeared. It was a woman. Her appearance was unbelievable. The woman was wearing her own massive wedding dress. She couldn't see her face. It was covered by an anonymous mask and the woman was wearing a top hat. Thomas suddenly appeared next to her. "I like to watch. Do what you're told and everything will be fine." Suddenly whiteness enveloped them both. The woman was standing over them. The massive dress covered half the room. The woman was struggling with the dress. A vagina suddenly appeared in the whiteness. "If you drink down all this woman's piss, you will be rewarded." Thomas said. Piss began coming out of the vagina. Stacy eagerly drank it all down. She would finally have the power she desired. The piss tasted strangely familiar. It couldn't be. Pee finally stopped coming out of the vagina. The whiteness suddenly disappeared. The woman took off the white wedding dress and was now only wearing high heels, the anonymous mask, and the top hat. The woman removed the top hat and reached for the mask. She slowly took off the mask. It was Carla! Carla had enjoyed this surprise more then anything that had happened at the clinic. "I showed Thomas the video the day after it was taken. The dress is now mine. You're finished." she said and rang the bell. "Fuck you!" Stacy said. She was about to say more when she heard more high heeled women coming down the hallway. It had to be a large group. The sound was loud in the quiet house. A dozen nude women were led into the room by her naked receptionist Charlene. "Thomas asked me to gather some of your clients for a proper send off." Stacy looked at the group of women. The council woman, the wife of the mayor, and all the important women of the town were present. One by one each woman got on all fours. She was quickly surrounded. Everywhere she looked she saw vaginas pointed at her. She began crying. Her tears were quickly washed away with piss.
  8. Karma

    Thank you holyknight3 and Alfresco. I was looking for some encouragement. I have a new one planned for later this week.
  9. Karma

    Karma "Dammit, you're five minutes late from your smoke break. We have patients who need their medication." Dr. Munson said. Jane was tired of the man. He was demanding and always bitching at her. She'd piss in his coffee the next chance she got. An alarm suddenly sounded. Major trauma patients would be coming in. She ran to the emergency room entrance knowing it wouldn't be pretty. Police were already at the desk. She found her friend Judy. "What's going on?" she asked. "It's another drunk. It was a head on collision. We're going to be getting five customers. Here they come." Judy said as ambulances began arriving. Four men and one woman were wheeled into the hospital. She had been assigned with assisting the last patient. The gurney was wheeled in. It was a woman. Her legs were badly damaged and she had a severe head injury. Jane gasped when she looked more closely at the woman's face. It was Laura. She couldn't believe it. She composed herself and did her job. Laura made it the operating room alive. Laura had been the homecoming queen and someone she had known her whole life. Five hours later her shift was over and she was outside smoking with Judy. "I've never felt this way about a patient. I don't care if she lives or dies. It's horrible of me." she said. "What happened between you and Laura?" Judy asked. "We grew up on the same block. When we were young Laura always told me how small and ugly I was. Around the age of ten she started doing worse things." Jane replied. "Like what?" Judy asked. "She has two friends who are completely loyal to her. Her friends would hold me down and Laura would punch me in the face and kick me. When they started smoking they's burn their cigarettes into my skin. I still have scars. When I was sixteen Laura broke my leg with a bat. It was horrible hearing my own bones break. Laura said she had always wanted to hear bones snap and thanked me as I tried to crawl home. If I ever told anyone she said she would kill me." Jane replied. "Someone like that probably deserves to die. Goodnight, I'll see you tomorrow." Judy replied. Jane hadn't told Judy the most horrible story. It would haunt her forever. A week after she turned eighteen she was celebrating her birthday and graduation. She rarely went to parties and shouldn't have gone to this one. Laura showed up with her friends and pushed her into a bedroom. Her friends locked the door. Laura beat the shit out of her again. Just when she thought the humilation was at an end, Laura asked her friends to lift up her dress. Jane could hardly move and was helpless. Laura drenched her in piss. She left the party covered in her own blood and Laura's piss. Now she wondered if Laura would live or die. Mark knew something was bothering his wife. She was just picking at her food. "What's wrong?" he asked. "It's not a big deal. We have someone in critical condition I grew up with. For all I know she's dead by now." Jane responded. "How well did you know her?" Mark asked. Jane decided not to tell Mark the whole story. "Not very well. It's still upsetting." Jane replied. Doctor Munson handed her a clipboard. Jane had a new patient to take care of. Laura was alive. She looked at the chart. Laura had suffered a traumatic brain injury and had brain damage. She would never be the same. Jane entered the room and stood over Laura's bed. The woman's face was battered and bruised and her head was swollen. "She'll likely be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. The patient is lucky to be alive. She was the one driving. Her two best friends died." Doctor Munson said from behind her. "I'll take good care of her." Jane replied. For the next week it was touch and go. Laura finally began showing some improvement in the second week. She was still unconscious. Laura's lips were cracked and dried and needed to be moistened. Jane got some water and filled a medicene dropper. She was about to begin dropping water into's Laura's mouth when she had to pee. She forgot she had the dropper in her hand and brought it into the bathroom. She spread her legs and began pissing. She noticed a plastic cup on the sink. She was almost done pissing. She didn't know what she was thinking but quickly grabbed the cup and pissed her last few ounces into it. She emptied the water out of the dropper. She put the dropper in the plastic cup and watched as her piss filled it completely. She went back to the bed and put the dropper over Laura's mouth. She watched as a single drop of piss landed in Laura's dry mouth. "What are you doing? She was horrible to you." Judy said from behind her. Jane jumped. She hadn't heard Judy come in. "She's my patient. She deserves moisture in her mouth just like all the rest." she replied and squeezed two more drops in Laura's open mouth. "You're a better person then I am." Judy replied. "I'll feel better when I can really give her a decent drink." Jane said. For the next three weeks Jane dripped her piss into Laura's mouth. She came in one day to find Laura had regained consciousness. "We've disconnected the tubes. She's going to be discharged soon. There's nothing else we can do for her. Do what you can. She seems to be obeying basic commands." Doctor Munson said. Laura was awake and applesauce was on the menu. Jane desperately wanted to piss into the applesauce. She couldn't. The cameras were everywhere. It wouldn't look right bringing applesauce into the bathroom. She began feeding her patient. "Open your mouth." she said. Laura opened her mouth. Jane put the applesauce in. Laura wasn't swallowing. "Swallow." she said. Laura swallowed the applesauce. "Lick the spoon." she said. Laura licked the spoon. Jane was frustrated. She desperately wanted to cimb onto the bed, lift her ass, and spray piss all over Laura. As a nurse she had at least got her patient to open her mouth, swallow, and clean the spoon. "The mother of the patient has arrived. You will escort her to the exit." Dr. Munson said. Jane arrived in the room. Laura's mother was in the corner sitting in a chair. "Oh my God. Jane, I didn't know you were the nurse." she said. "Yes, I'm so sorry Dorothy. I've done everything possible to make her comfortable." Jane replied. Dorothy had been left a fortune. She was a widow and traveled constantly. "I guess it's time to go. I'll bring her to your car." Jane said. An uncomortable silence filled the air as they travelled down the corridor. Dorothy's phone was a welcome interupption. Jane listened to the conversation. "No, I can't come to New York next week. I need to get Laura back to Flagstaff and under proper care. I'll talk to you later." she said. It was a golden opportunity. "Dorothy, if you need to go to New York I can bring Laura to my house. I've already been taking care of her and I know what she needs." Jane said. "I wouldn't want to inconvenience you. I'll take her home." Dorothy replied. "I insist. Go on your trip. She'll be in good hands." Jane responded. "Well it's only a week. I guess it's alright. Be careful. We weren't on good terms. I suspect she murdered her father." Dorothy said. Thirty minutes later the release paperwork was done and Laura was back in her room at the hospital. Jane had three hours left in her shift. The shift finally ended and Jane had to piss bad. She had been holding it. After a trip to medical supply, she retrieved Laura and brought her home. Mark was on the computer and looked out the window as she pulled into the driveway. He had a look of confusion as she pulled out a wheelchair. Mark came outside as Jane placed Laura in the wheelchair. "What's going on?" he asked. "We are taking care of this woman for a week. Help me get her inside. Lie her down on the floor on her back. I have to pee." Jane said. Mark brought the woman inside and put her on the floor. His wife was quickly taking off her clothes. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Don't say another word. I want to enjoy this. No interupptions." she replied. Jane looked at Laura. She spread her legs wide and squatted. "Open." Laura opened her mouth. Jane pissed into her mouth until it was full and stopped. "Swallow." Laura swallowed the piss. "Open." Laura opened her mouth. Jane filled it again. "Swallow." Laura swallowed again. Mark didn't know what the fuck was going on. His wife had brought someone home and was pissing over and over into her mouth. He watched each squirt of piss come out of his wife. The woman swallowed each one. He was turned on and began stroking his cock. After five minutes his wife finally ran out of piss. "Lick the spoon." she said. The woman on the ground stuck out her tongue and cleaned the piss off his wife's pussy and ass. Jane looked at her husband. He was stroking his hard cock. "I want that in my ass." she said. She could see the look in her husbands eyes. He was horny and needed to cum. She spread her legs and he put his cock in her ass. His hot cock felt good. It didn't take long. She felt his cum filling her ass. It felt good. They had been fucking next to Laura. Mark pulled his cock out and Jane spread her ass over Laura. "Open." Laura opened her mouth. Jane pushed the cum out of her ass into Laura's mouth. "Swallow." Laura swallowed. "Open." Cum slowly kept coming out of her ass and into Laura's mouth. "Swallow." Laura swallowed the cum again. Mark had no idea his wife was so dirty and didn't know what was going on. "I'll be back in a minute. I have to take a leak." he said. "No. Come back. Piss in this." his wife said and handed him a bottle. "What the hell is this?" he asked. "It's a small modified baby bottle. Don't ask questions just piss in it." Jane said. Mark pissed into the bottle. He watched as Jane put the top on. A large nipple stuck out the end. He watched his wife put the bottle inside her pussy. "It's nice and warm. Put her in the wheelchair and bring her to the kitchen table." she said. Mark watched as Jane spread her legs on the edge of the table. The nipple of the bottle was sticking out of her pussy. A drop of his piss glistened on the nipple. "Dinner is served Laura." Jane said. Mark knew what his wife wanted and pushed the woman closer. "Open." Laura opened her mouth. Jane scooted closer and put the nipple in Laura's mouth. "Swallow." Laura began sucking on the nipple. Jane pissed a little more. Laura drank it all down. Mark listened for the next ten minutes as Jane explained who the woman was. Laura continued sucking his piss out of the bottle in his wife's pussy. "So that's who this is." Jane said after explaining her horrible past. "It looks like the bottle might be empty." Mark replied. Jane took the nipple out of Laura's mouth. Nothing's coming out. I think you're right. She took the bottle out of her pussy. It was empty. "What are we going to do with her for the next week?" Mark asked. "Anything and everything. I'm going to take some time off." Jane replied. Jane took the week off and spread her legs wide. She squirted her piss all over Laura everytime she had to go. She was disappointed. The week was almost up. "I don't know what you're going to do now. She's leaving today. It's too bad she's getting better at blowjobs." Mark said as he took out his cock. "Make it quick. Her mom will be her soon. We're running out of time. Don't get any cum on her dress." Jane said as she pissed in a baby bottle. She took out a dropper and added a drop of apple juice. "What are you doing? Mark asked. "I don't like lying." Jane responded. Mark was disappointed. He came in Laura's mouth and was just getting ready to piss when the doorbell rang. "Perfect timing. You would have soaked her dress." Jane said. Dorothy was ready to pick up her daughter. She would immediately put her into a home. The child was evil and had killed her own father. As a child Laura had tormented and killed cats and dogs. Mark answered the door. Jane was on the couch feeding Laura a bottle. Laura was wearing her homecoming dress. "I thought you'd like to see her this way." Jane said. "Thank you Jane. You've done a wonderful job." Dorothy replied. "Would you like to feed her? You need to learn." Jane said. "Sure, I'll give it a try. What is it?" Dorothy asked. "It's an apple juice mix. I made it myself. She really seems to like it." Jane replied. "How do I do it?" Dorothy asked. "Ask her to open." Jane replied. "Open." Dorothy said and put the nipple in her daughters open mouth. "Now tell her to swallow." Jane said. "Swallow." Dorothy said. Laura quickly began drinking Jane's piss. "Is this mayonaisse on her chin?" Dorothy asked. "It must be. We tried a sandwich earlier. It didn't work out so well. Put it on your finger and make her finish it. Laura needs to learn to finish meals." Mark said. Dorothy took the bottle out of Laura's mouth and put her cum covered finger inside. "Swallow." she said. "Good job. You're learning Dorothy." Jane said. Dorothy put the nipple back in Laura's mouth. Laura began sucking Jane's piss out of the bottle again. "She sure is thirsty. The bottle is empty. I guess it's time for us to go." she said. Jane and Mark began gathering Laura's few belongings. "I was going to put her into a medical facility when I got home. I think I'd rather have her closer. I'd pay you and your husband $150,000.00 a year to take care of my home and Laura. I travel a lot so you'd be in charge of Laura and the house. I'd need you to come with me today Jane." Dorothy said. Jane was stunned. The woman was offering twice of their combined incomes. "Can you give us a moment." Jane asked. It was a no brainer. Mark quickly agreed. He would stay and pack up the house. "Dorothy, we accept your offer. We will continue caring for Laura just like we did for the last week. Give me ten minutes. I need to pack a few things and prepare a bottle for Laura." Jane said. It took fifteen minutes for Jane to pack up what she needed. Dorothy took Laura to the car. Jane went into the kitchen and got a bottle out of the dishwaher. "We're going to have a lot of fun." she said to mark as she spread her legs and pissed into the bottle. She put the nipple on and went to the car to feed Laura.
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. Unholy.

    "Unholy" Priest Alden was devoted to his flock. It was Thursday and he watched one of his young members tend to her garden across from the church. He heard sister Mary approach. "Laura looks beautiful. Her bonnet matches the white dress perfectly." sister Mary said. "She's all grown up now. Soon she will have a family of her own." Priest Alden replied. "What is she doing?" sister Mary asked. "It looks like she's a bit tired. It's hot out. She looks dizzy and probably just needed to sit down." Priest Alden replied. Sister Mary watched as Laura sat down, lifted her skirt, and put her fingers on her head like she was the devil. Laura spread her legs wide. Her vagina was completely exposed. Sister Mary wanted to look away but was transfixed. Laura sprayed her piss across the yard. The woman pissed long and hard. Her pee had made it all the way to the street. "She's an abomination. It's unnatural to piss so far." Sister Mary said. "Don't be so judgmental. Perhaps she was pretending to be a deer. She was right next to her house. We're the only ones who could have seen her. For thousands and thousands of years we've been peeing outside. What she did isn't unnatural." Priest Alden replied. Priest Alden was very concerned. He instructed Sister Mary to focus on the new activities of the flock. He spent his time on the second floor observing Laura. The woman began wearing black. He watched Laura spread her legs and pee everywhere. A cat ran by and she tried to piss on it. "There's something very wrong with her. The devil is inside her." Sister Mary said from behind him. "Something is troubling her. I'll keep watching her. You have duties to tend to. You must understand there is a reason for what she does." Priest Alden said. Sister Mary left. Across the street Laura looked right at him and took off all her clothes. She turned around and got on her hands and knees with her ass pointed at the church. She spread her legs wide, raised her ass high and pissed in his direction. A member of his flock was in need of attention. She had something going on which needed to be addressed. Priest Alden was about to pay a visit to Laura's mother. The mother Sarah suddenly burst into his office in tears. "Father, I don't now what to do. Laura has lost her mind. I think she's possessed. She isn't herself. She's running around the house naked. She pisses on everything. I can't control her. "Something is troubling your child. We must intervene. I will speak with sister Mary. We will be at your house within the hour. I'll bring holy water. If you have rope, now is the time." Priest Alden said. Sister Mary was happy Priest Alden was finally taking action. The woman was an abomination and had to be destroyed. "It will be nice to end this evil." she said. "This isn't evil. This is one of my flock who needs help. You could learn a lesson today. Let's go see what we can do to help her." Priest Alden responded. When Priest Alden and sister Mary arrived Sarah was waiting for them. "She's in the basement. Prepare yourselves." she said. Priest Alden went to the basement. Laura was naked and wet. She had pissed all over herself and was licking pee off her fingers. "Laura, I'm here to help you. Let's get you to your room." he said. Laura didn't know what was going on. She only knew what she wanted. She was confused and found she was suddenly chained to her bed. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Priest Alden was worried. The woman appeared to be possessed. Laura screamed and began to shake the bed. She finally passed out. Priest Alden saw what the issue was. "Sister Mary, I think I see the sign of the devil on her taint." he said. "What is her taint?" sister Mary asked. "It's the spot between her vagina and her butthole." Priest Alden replied. Sister Mary went down to investigate. Laura spread her legs and pissed all over sister Mary. Laura was about to pass out again. "Mary is the evil one." she said before she passed out. Priest Alden had always suspected his nun of being evil. "You are right Laura. I will take off her clothes. Do what you must." he said. "I'm not a deviant. Such things happened in ancient times. I'm a good person. Priest Alden, please make sure her mouth is open when I piss into it." she said. Sister Mary had always known she had been too judgmental. Priest Alden tried to open her mouth. "I know what I've done. I'll accept the consequences. You don't need to hold my mouth open. She watched Laura piss. The woman had a beautiful wet vagina. She drank it down knowing she was learning a lesson.