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  1. Where did you find us?

    Please share with us how you actually found this website. Whilst this will be handy to know from a research and promotional perspective, I'm also just curious how you all came across this site. :) Let me know, thanks!
  2. Post whatever song you're currently listening to. :) For me, it's: Greenday - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  3. Multiple members have mentioned that the textbox is not always appearing when trying to send a private message. Who is experiencing this still?
  4. Our member count on the site has crossed 18,000 users, and of course that's only a fraction of the amount of people who visit the site as a lot don't register. However, this got me thinking, how many people in the world have a pee fetish? I know there's no way we can know, but roughly how many other like-minded people do you think are out there? If we say it's 1 in every 1000 people, that means there's around 7 and a half million pee fans in the world. Is that too high? Too conservative?
  5. Come up with a total lie about the poster above you, being as elaborate and ridiculous as you like! :)
  6. We've all seen videos where it's made to look effortless, but for the inexperienced and non-porn stars of the world, is peeing standing up for women actually doable without getting it all over yourself? (And without any devices to assist of course) This is obviously a question for the girls, but if any guys have had experiences with girlfriends/wives etc peeing standing up, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. I have a friend who has tried and told me it has been extremely unsuccessful and messy so far (not that I'd necessarily call messy 'unsuccessful'). Is there a technique I should be recommending?
  7. Some PeeFans stats for you: In December 2014 - a year after the forum's creation - we had our most active month with 5,122 new posts. The record for most new members in a month currently stands at 1008. I want to beat both of these records this month (August 2017), and to do so I need your help: If you currently just read/browse the site, please contribute! We want to hear from you, and you'll get more out of the site by participating. If you already do post, please try to think of some new thread ideas to generate some new discussions. Likewise, don't be afraid to go back and answer some older threads; there are some great topics that have simply fallen down the list over time but could do with being revived Consider ways of promoting the site - posting the link to places where appropriate, reminding people you know to use the site (or recruiting them if they're not already members), etc. Every little helps. Let me know what else you think the site needs, so it can be improved further. Why should you care about any of this? Well, aside from improving the community and thus meaning a better experience for everyone (and one more people want to use / contribute to), better statistics certainly helps in negotiating advertising deals. The better the advertisement deal, the better funded the site is, meaning more upgrades/growth etc, and less asking (and reliance) for donations! Essentially, posting more and promoting the site is in everyone's best interests, and I'd love for August to be a record breaking month. Both of those statistics are extremely tough to beat, but definitely doable with a conscious effort from us all. Let's do this.
  8. Start Your Own Interview!

    This sub-section is a way of bringing members of the community closer together and learning a little more about each other through a simple Q&A system. Any threads in this section can be used to ask participating members any questions you wish - pee or otherwise. Please remember to be respectful and avoid asking anything too private/personal - 'what's the naughtiest place you've ever peed?', or 'what's your favourite TV show?' would likely be appropriate questions, 'what's your full name?' would not. This is light-hearted fun, not an interrogation. If you'd like to receive questions, simply start a new thread in this section with the title as your username. Feel free to specify specific areas you don't want to talk about, and remember that you are free to skip any questions you'd prefer not to answer. If there are any members you'd particularly like to see open an interview thread, be sure to tag them below using '@(username)'. Of course, remember many people may not be interested in this, but hopefully some people will be happy to take questions. :)
  9. Hello everyone, this is the original forum founder speaking, not the admin who has been running the site in recent times. I sold this site (originally called WatchGirlsPeeing) for personal reasons a few years back. However, whilst the previous admin seemed to have kept things running relatively smoothly, he suddenly had to shut down the site due to advice from his lawyer regarding changes to laws in his state. When I heard the whole site - including all posts and uploads - was going to be deleted, I decided something had to be done to save this community, which is why I have now returned. However, I plan to run this more as a hobby than a business, and unless sufficient funding can be raised, the video gallery may not return. Everything else will remain unchanged, but this is the biggest drain on resources and the factor that causes potential legal issues. Whilst I haven't ruled out its return, there are so many free places to access videos that I am hoping it is not integral to the site's success, and that people would rather at least keep the forum side, rather than lose everything. Apologies for the recent downtime, a lot has been going on over the last week or so to try and get everything back up and running smoothly. We are now on a new server, and the only problem should be that pictures aren't loading - this will be resolved in the next 48 hours. Feel free to continue posting in the meantime. Please let me know below should any other issues arise, as there may be some teething problems from the switch. I'm hoping this site can become better than ever with the help from you guys. I'll keep this brief for now, but stay tuned for new developments shortly. Thank you very much to everyone for your patience and understanding, and thanks also to those who have pledged to contribute to help keep the forum running (please drop me a message if you're still willing to help). Also, a thanks to PeeSearch staff for allowing developments to be discussed whilst this site was down. Finally, a huge thanks to the past admin - without him, none of this would have been possible. Anyway, please spread the word that PeeFans is back! I'm looking forward to chatting with you all again!
  10. Hi all, as we rapidly approach 2018 I thought now would be a good time to ask for any site feedback on the previous year - both positive and negative. What have you liked/disliked? What's missing or you want more of? What can we do better next year? Any input at all would be appreciated. Have a great Christmas and New Year!
  11. Willing to help keep PeeFans running? Please send me a private message. Donations are quick, secure and anonymous. Any contribution at all helps! PeeFans.com was literally days away from being completely deleted - along with all posts and members - before myself and a few others pledged to contribute funding to keep the site alive. A massive thanks to Steve, Scot_Lover, likesToLick & nopjans for agreeing. I now plan to keep this site running as more of a hobby than a business. Besides, as several people have pointed out, things tend to get less fun/friendly when revenue is the priority. However, this site has grown substantially, and aside from costs such as licenses and domains, the monthly sever cost is ever-growing. Therefore, in order to keep the PeeFans site we all like, that's well maintained and advert/popup/spam free, I am asking if any members would consider donating to help support the site and keep it running. I will contribute what I can too, but simply cannot support the site alone as it continues to grow (without introducing revenue streams that would detract from the site). I believe there is a lot of value in a site like this, and whilst I appreciate it is a huge ask, please could anyone who is willing to help out please send me a private message. I am working on some sort of perks system (including videos) for those who help out, but more details on that shortly. This is not about buying anything, but simply supporting the site if you would like to see it continue and grow. I am sorry to have to write a post like this, but I hope you understand.
  12. Great, there are lots of free video hosts where you can upload them, and then just post the link in the Videos area.
  13. Porn sites?

    What porn sites do you use for content that isn't peeing? Do you have favourites that you check regularly?
  14. Whilst I'm sure this has been discussed before, sadly sites come and go and things change. I'm wondering what sites you guys believe are currently the best to access free pee videos? By best, I'm talking both in terms of quality and quantity, as well as general site safety (so many sites look good but are filled with spammy/malicious popups). In my experience, it would be eroprofile and tumblr. Though I'd loved to be introduced to some good alternatives.
  15. Just to echo Sophie's message above: congratulations to all of the above, each of you are very worthy winners. That said, everyone who was nominated definitely deserved to be recognised for their excellent contributions to the site. In fact, there are plenty of members who didn't get nominations but have been a huge asset to this community - so a very sincere thank you to everyone from me. Whilst I could be here all day thanking people (this really is sounding like an awards ceremony), I'll keep this brief by just extending an additional thanks to the moderator team - the site simply wouldn't be the same without your help. In particular, @steve25805deserves a mention for not only continuing to help the site financially, but for being here right from the beginning of PeeFans and still to this day being one of our best and most frequent contributors. And of course I'm sure you'll all join me in saying a huge thanks to @Sophiefor not only running these Christmas competitions, but for being such an incredible presence on the forum all year round! 2017 was a turbulent year for PeeFans for sure - but in a slightly selfish way I am glad, as the troubles at the beginning of the year led to me returning, and I am very happy to be back. The site is now 4 years old, but my plans for the site are bigger than ever. I don't know exactly what the new year will hold for the site - likely additional features such as an improved return of the video gallery - but the core forum community aspect will remain unchanged (except for hopefully growing as more pee fans find us). It's nice knowing there's always this group of like-minded people and that we can share our weirdness together. Bring on 2018.
  16. Hi all, Just a reminder that the voting for the 2017 Golden Piss Awards closes tonight. If you haven't already, please go and vote for who you think deserves each category. Have a great new year!
  17. Festive Peeing

    Add any Christmas themed pee pictures and videos here to get us in the festive spirit http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Santa_pee - Up close with Mrs. Claus when she has to pee
  18. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Definitely not - would have been no fun if this ended really quickly and well before Christmas. Nice that the thread has been so active. I get that people want to win but definitely no need to worry about that. As for the timezone question, you're right that it doesn't really matter as Sophie hasn't necessarily chosen a time she'd be typically online (the thread automatically locks at the time she randomly chose). That said, I believe she's on GMT/UTC if you're still curious.
  19. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Yes, it is a well known fact us admin are very wise. If you're reading this and haven't yet voted in the forum awards, please go and do so to show your appreciation to some very worthy nominations (and then get back here to post, because I sense this thread must be closing fairly soon...) I think it's testament to Sophie's previous stories that this thread already has 13 pages and several very keen posters. Good luck and merry Christmas everyone!
  20. Hey guys, I'm sure most of you visit several other other pee/adult sites, and I'm curious to know what features about those sites you like most? I'm always looking to improve this site and offer more to members, and perhaps the best way to find out what you guys want is by seeing what you're getting elsewhere? For example, do you visit other sites simply for more pictures & videos? Is there a certain feature one site has that you like? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this, as it might inspire some new features and improvements here.
  21. We have partnered with MyFetishLive to bring you Live Pee and ab/dl cams! As you probably already know most cam sites outright prohibit anything pee related so this is a unique opportunity to see live shows that you won't see on any other cam site. You can visit the site by clicking on the "Pee Cams" tab on the menu bar, or visit directly by going to https://cams.peefans.com/. You are of course free to visit the site at anytime, but we will be having a featured model this Saturday (The 18th) from 9 PM to 2 AM EST. You can see her profile here: https://cams.peefans.com/Kimberly-X. I respectfully request that if you are able, please come checkout the show. We've worked really hard to make this a reality and we need to show that there is enough interest in it to keep the models coming back. Ideally, we'd like to have a featured show every week. The cams are free to watch, but the models do work off of tips so please be prepared to tip if you can. And don't forget to spread the word if you know any other PeeFans! Thank you for your support, Admin
  22. I think there's a much bigger market for paid porn for fetishes, pee included. So, my question for you all is, have you ever paid for pee-related content? If not, would you ever consider it?
  23. This place is amazing!

    Glad to hear that, Tom! Welcome to the site - I hope you enjoy it even more now you're a member.
  24. This thread title would get some very different responses if posted in 'Other adult content'.