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  1. If you had to pick a favourite, who would you say is your favourite pee model who you've seen in videos?
  2. Post whatever song you're currently listening to. :) For me, it's: Greenday - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  3. Pissing while hard

    You're hard and need to pee - what do you do? Do you have your own tactic, or is this a situation where it's best to skip using the toilet completely?
  4. No bits rule.

    As a straight guy, I agree I'd prefer not to see dicks in avatars. That said, I'm all in favour of boobs and vaginas in avatars, and it seems extremely hypocritical to specifically say male nudity should go. As for banning all nudity in avatars... well, it's an adult forum, it's hard to get away from nakedness really, so it just seems a little unnecessary. I like people setting their avatars and showing some individualism within their profile, and I don't want to discourage that so we all end up with the generic letters as pictures. Steve mentioned that it's my choice, but honestly on things like this I'd rather go with the consensus. My general feeling (and from the above, I think most agree) is that those of us who aren't huge fans can very easily tolerate them, and so we ideally don't want to go banning anything and placing unnecessary restrictions. I do completely hear what you're saying FW, but personally I can't say I really notice people's avatars all that much when browsing threads anyway. In the same way that in porn you focus on the bits you do want to see, hopefully the same can be done on the site. Worst case scenario I could potentially add a setting so individual members can choose to disable all avatars on their account, but I don't think many people would want that? Happy for people to continue giving opinions on this though. However, unsolicited dick pics was mentioned, and I'm sure it goes without saying that directly sending anyone unrequested pictures is very different to having a small public picture of your choosing.
  5. Pee shyness

    A slightly less sexy side of pee: a shy bladder! Needing to pee and not being able to is very frustrating. Do you ever get pee shy when other people are around? I can't say it's something I regularly have luckily, but there certainly has been the odd occasion and I wonder if anyone has any tips for letting go freely in such situations...
  6. A couple of times I have found myself in a restroom with cleaners of the opposite sex. Although I'm sure they're not interested in pee*, it can be a little exciting being alone in a room peeing with them over the other side. I assume this is almost never the case in women's restrooms (and given the fact there are cubicles instead of open urinals, it perhaps isn't quite the same?) However, has anyone else found themselves in a similar situation? Who knows, perhaps they have had a sneaky look over - if they actually were interested in pee at all, what a great job to have!
  7. Clubs you'd like to see...

    Got an idea for a club that needs development, or that you'd like someone else to run/manage? Suggest it here.
  8. Come up with a total lie about the poster above you, being as elaborate and ridiculous as you like! :)
  9. Has your interest in peeing or watching girls pee been with you all of your life, or is it something that seems to have developed recently? Share your experiences of how long ago you realised you had this interest.
  10. I think anywhere involving alcohol and a lack of facilities is probably your best bet, but I was curious whether anyone has noticed any particular locations or events where public peeing is particularly prominent and easy to see? For example, not just somewhere we know peeing happens, but where it is openly visible? Any accompanying stories around this would of course be very welcome.
  11. I have to admit that personally my online anonymity is important, but I realise that for many people the prospect of a PeeFans meet-up with other pee enthusiasts would be very appealing. Since this group is for people in the UK, it would be a lot easier to arrange something than on the normal forum, where we have members from countries all over the world. I remember @wetmanjfmeeting with MissPiss once through this site, and I wonder if other PeeFans meet ups could be possible. We have a calendar function on this group, and I'd be happy to add any meet-up events if there was interest. Just an idea. :)
  12. We've all seen videos where it's made to look effortless, but for the inexperienced and non-porn stars of the world, is peeing standing up for women actually doable without getting it all over yourself? (And without any devices to assist of course) This is obviously a question for the girls, but if any guys have had experiences with girlfriends/wives etc peeing standing up, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. I have a friend who has tried and told me it has been extremely unsuccessful and messy so far (not that I'd necessarily call messy 'unsuccessful'). Is there a technique I should be recommending?
  13. Clubs you'd like to see...

    Anyone is very welcome to go ahead and make any clubs they would like, there's no approval process. Just use common sense to see if a very similar club already exists. This thread is just to brainstorm ideas, and make suggestions if there's a club you'd like to see but don't want to actually create (and so hopefully someone else will). Please don't think of clubs based on picture categories though - if it could just go in a picture thread, then use the pictures section of the forum. If you think a small community could be based around the topic/theme though, then go ahead and set it up!
  14. Hi all, Curious to know how site speeds are for you in terms of the time to load pages etc. Please also specify where you are browsing from. Of course your speed will largely be determined by your internet connection speeds, but relative to other websites does the site browse fairly fast, normal, or quite slow? It's also worth pointing out that since the server is based in the UK, the further away you are geographically, the likelier it is that your speeds are a little worse (sorry @Scot_Lover!) I ask this because I am experimenting with having slightly more content on the homepage (recent threads, popular club images this month etc) and am wondering if this has much of an affect on people's browsing? In theory on pages that aren't picture intensive, things should be running very smoothly now. Please let me know your feedback/thoughts so we can optimise things where needed.
  15. A bit of snow causing total chaos.
  16. Porn sites?

    What porn sites do you use for content that isn't peeing? Do you have favourites that you check regularly?
  17. To all the veterans of the pee community, long before you used any pee forums, where did you go to get your pee fix? Were there any paid sites in particular that seemed to provide a lot of great content back in the day, or any eroprofile/reddit/peefans equivalents that acted as hubs for pee content? Would be interesting to see the sites and pee sources people remember fondly.
  18. Clubs you'd like to see...

    I think the naughty peeing club just needs an extra category for extreme naughty peeing to be highlighted, as I'm sure all members would want to see both (and there is already some content like what you described within the images section). I am definitely in favour of more regionalised clubs for meet-ups and specific area discussion - we already have a couple but by all means start one for your area, or hopefully someone else will. I'm not sure in picture form how well you can tell if someone will spit or swallow, but again, if you think it's different enough from pee drinking club and needs its own space for people to discuss it, by all means someone go ahead with the idea. Thanks for the suggestions.
  19. Both the ones I posted are The Wolf of Wall Street. Excellent film.
  20. peeindetail.com

    @UniversalI am guessing from your site you had some success with this in the end? I have to say, great collection there at pissrip.tk - good job.
  21. What does your "name" mean?

    I think I'll keep mine a secret - good to keep people guessing.
  22. Great that meet-ups can happen like that, and I'm sure many go on privately with members we don't know about. I do think any pee dating sites are hugely flawed because the amount of men will always be vastly higher than the amount of women. Without being too biased, a site like this is the best way to chat with the opposite sex about pee (and potentially even going further than just chatting). Spamming the women here will never work, but engaging in an interesting conversation could lead somewhere far more promising. It's the same as people who join and post their kik's or whatever app they're using - it's illogical to think horny women into pee will just jump at every randomer's info that is posted, but there is a very real possibility to have some great pee conversations with a little more effort.
  23. Goodbye

    From an admin perspective I completely agree that people showing their appreciation for people willing to share stuff here should be very much encouraged, and I of course don't want to see such popular contributors leaving. That said, just because a post isn't literally liked using the button, doesn't mean a lot of people aren't liking it! I find your 'underappreciated' comments a little surprising - you literally won an award for your posts last year, and do have a very high amount of reputation points. It seems clear people would like you to stay, but we also don't want to turn this into a begging thread. If you are only coming back if there is sufficient demand and likes then I would say that's for the wrong reasons. I am fairly certain that is not the case though, and if you would like to continue being part of this community and sharing with us, then that would be brilliant news. Hopefully we'll see you back soon?