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    I've been practicing with encouragement from a friend. I have gotten about 4 ft out from where I am standing. I discovered it's very fun. So I pee standing way more often now.
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    for @Sophie mainly, for everybody indeed!!!!!
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    I know you are completely straight, it's well written in your profile, but could you use some little appreciation? What you wrote is tickling...
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    What game are you playing right now? At the moment I'm going through the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy and I'm on the third game. Nearly completed all the levels and then I'll be going back to get all the gems, relics etc. Other than that, I'm playing Viscera Cleanup Detail, which sounds like the most boring game ever. You are literally cleaning, complete with a mop and bucket! But it's surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable.
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    Hi everyone. Just to let you know of a few little design changes that have taken place today. Firstly, a slightly updated logo, along with the ability to click on people's cover photos to see them in full size (give it a try on my profile as it's an image worth seeing ) . Additionally, smilies have been replaced with emoji. We had hundreds of smilies that were just never used outside of the main faces, whereas most people will be much more familiar with emojis (and you can input them in posts straight from the emoji keyboard on devices that have that). Typing in the faces such as ":)" will also give you a smiley face too. I've kept the pee smilies though, so they'll still work as normal and can be selected from the same button as before. Finally, when clicking to make a search, you'll now get more options and a lot more clarity on exactly what and where you're searching. Hopefully results will be improved too, making finding what you're looking for easier than ever. Please note the forum software has also been upgraded to apply some security updates - as a result, there may be a few bugs over the next few days, but these will get fixed shortly. Thanks for your co-operation.
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    This is my new gallery, read well the starting introduction and enjoy the Lawless Darkness
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    Good question. Not a champion, but quite far indeed, let's say 3 feet, maybe 4
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    Hello Will64 I was photographed when I pee. It feels exciting and a bit forbidden. I got a little horny because someone looked at me. hug
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    I have seen quite a lot of video game discussion on the forums, which makes sense. I'm sure there are plenty of us who like to unwind while playing. So why not make a club for it? It would be nice to have a gaming sub community, and you could even beat your fellow pee'rs!
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    You look gorgeous! Thank you!!
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    I shot this in an Art Gallery Loo!
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    Not long after I settled into the warm bath water, the door opened, and Tara entered, still completely naked. She smiled when she saw me and winked, then walked over to the toilet, put the seat and lid down, and sat down. “So,” she said, still grinning, “how much did you see?” I could feel my face go red. “Most of it,” I said, “especially the tail end of it.” She giggled and rolled her eyes. “Did it get you off?” she asked. I hesitated but then nodded. “Good,” she said. “Does Alan know?” I asked. “Yeah, but it’s okay,” Tara said. “I think he thinks you literally just realized what we were doing and ran into the bathroom really quick. But I know you.” I blushed again and smiled. “You like to watch.” I didn’t know what to say, so I just kept smiling and looked down at my bath water. Tara looked down at the bathroom floor and saw the towel near the door. “Was that you?” she asked. I nodded again. “Well then,” she said, “I guess I might as well add to that.” She sat back on the toilet as she scooted the towel closer to her with her foot. Without bothering to get up and lift the lid and toilet seat, she opened her legs and started to spray a warm stream of pee all over the lid. It soaked the lid and then dribbled down over the edge to the floor. Some of it leaked over the rim and down into the bowl, but most of it dripped over the edge to the towel. As I watched her, I felt like I could pee a little more, so I just sighed and added warmth to my bath water. “Hey, I can see you’re enjoying your bath,” she said. “I am,” I said as I sighed and let go completely, feeling it swirl around my vagina. Her flow finally stopped, but warm pee was still dripping from the rim of the toilet as mine was easing to an end. “What have we done to ourselves?” she asked, still grinning. “I have no idea,” I said. “When you get out of there, let’s go back downstairs. Alan is getting some sleep, so we can still have some girls’ time.” “Sounds great,” I said. She stood up and left the bathroom, the remnants of her messy pee still all over the toilet seat and on the towel on the floor. I laughed as I finished washing off and got out quickly, wrapped a clean towel around myself, and went to join her and Jennifer back in the basement. When I got down there, Jennifer was still snoozing on the mattress, laying on her back with the covers off. Tara was standing next to her. When she saw me, she put her finger to her lips and whispered, Shhhhhh. I smiled as I watched her kneel down and slide Jennifer’s panties aside as she touched her vulva. Jennifer groaned and moved just a bit. Tara and I both laughed silently as Tara continued to gently rub Jennifer. “Stop,” Jennifer mumbled, “I have to pee.” “Good morning,” Tara said, but she did not stop. Jennifer squirmed again, but she made no effort to move away or force Tara to stop. “Ohhh, that feels good, but… mmm… I’m seriously about to explode.” She spread her legs a little, allowing Tara to slip her fingers in just a little deeper. “Just tell me when,” Tara said. “Mmm hmm. Not much longer. Ohh… keep doing that.” Tara obeyed and slipped her fingers in just a little deeper, curving them and focusing on the upper part of Jennifer’s vulva. “Oh, god, that’s so good, ohhhh… mmm…” I watched her writhe and squirm as Tara stroked her vagina, and I couldn’t help but reach under my towel and start rubbing myself. “Ohhh, it’s coming, ohh, okay…” Tara took her hand away and right away a steady stream of pee flowed from Jennifer’s pussy and sprayed all over the crotch of her panties, her inner thighs, and the mattress. “Ohhh my god it’s so warm, ohhhh.” Jennifer reached down and pulled her labia apart as she continued to pee. “Oh, oh, OHHHHHHH!” and as she peed it was obvious that Jennifer climaxed, her eyes closed and mouth open in ecstasy. I slipped my own fingers into my vagina and gave my clit just a few strokes before I was going to my knees as I also had a small but satisfying climax. As I knelt there, I peed a little again, feeling it tickle the inside of my thigh and dribble onto the carpet under me. “So how much longer are you girls staying?” Tara asked. We laughed.
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    This question is for ladies here, when you are peeing how far that you can spray the stream? I mean the distance.
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    there 's a pic of me in my thread peeing on a wall, you can judge by yourself
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    Clubs were introduced a little while back to provide sub-communities within the forum, as not all pee fans are created equal! The idea being there would be specific sections for different niches and interests (and not just of pee topics). We also merged this idea with the previous photo gallery, so club owners could have both forum sections and image galleries if they wished. The update I have just done has done the following: Significantly improved both the upload process (you can easily upload many pictures in just 2 clicks) and the viewing process. The 'viewer' is now in the style of Facebook, and works especially well on desktops/laptops where you will get a nice big version of the image with the comments/reactions on the side. You can use your arrow keys to scroll through the pictures too. There are a lot of great photos in some of the clubs, so I highly recommend giving this a try! Under 'image tools' in the corner of a picture you also have the option to download it. Given club owners the power to edit and delete categories. For example, if you've accidentally added a tab you didn't want, or want to rename something. Given clubs a 'home' tab where the club's description/about text and latest activity will be. Given members the ability to decline club invitations. However, the main thing I'd like to draw your attention to is simply that there is going to be more of a focus on the clubs element, especially chatting within clubs. Certainly this feature of the site takes a little getting used to, but I think it has a lot of potential once people get a feel for using it. If you have any questions about clubs in general, or would like a change made to your club that you cannot see how to / do not have permission to, please post in the dedicated Clubs section. I would also like to point out that dead clubs with very little content or effort will be removed. Please try to ensure you add cover pictures and descriptions etc to your club to encourage people to join, and at least add some content to get it started. Also please remember that a club is not a gallery - if you just have a couple of pictures to post, put it in a thread, not create a whole club for it! Conversely, club owners running their clubs particularly well and encouraging activity (leading by example certainly helps) will be rewarded and highlighted. Thank you.
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    Popular pee actress peeing and pussy playing https://www.tnaflix.com/piss-videos/Piss%3B-suki-pee/video170460
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    Hello everyone Will64 here if you want to ask me question that's ok i'll answer them in best I can and looking forward to them
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    A nice continuation of my first story As the girls continued on their way home, all was focused on their recent peeing escapade at the rest stop. "such a relief, the feeling of an empty bladder" said Julie, " glad we found that place when we did Grace, I seriously was about to piss all over your car!" "you weren't the only one" replied Grace, "I don't think i've ever had to pee that bad in my life!" Grace thought back to the last time she had been soo desperate. It was a warm summer day, at an outdoor music festival. Grace had been enjoying the band's and pounding the beer all day, making frequent trips to the group of portaloos near the parking lot. Waiting for one of her favourite bands to finish their set, she had neglected her bladder a little too long. After the set finished, Grace had shuffled slowly over to the restroom, so as not to lose control. She then spent a good 15 mins she could ill afford standing in line, her legs crossed, hand on her bladder for support. She was dancing by the time her turn came, and she could final sit on the toliet and empty out a massive stream she was sure could be heard outside the portaloo. "Me neither" said Julie, thinking back to a pub crawl she had attended a year ago. She had been unable to use the bathroom at the last pub, before boarding the bus to the next one. She sat desperately with her legs crossed, trying to hold back all she'd drank at the last pub. The bus ended up getting stuck in traffic, and by the time they got to the next bar julie was almost hopping in the aisle. When she saw the line to get it in, she couldn't take it and squatted in the alley beside the bar. Her stream was so powerful, it hit the wall on the opposite side of the alley... "Dicks" Grace jerked Julie back to reality, " who the hell runs a rest stop with only facuilities for boys... boys who only need to pee i'd add" "well I think we did ok" smirked Julie, " It is unfair though, boys already have sooo many perks" "you never see them dancing around like desperate fools!" Grace raged, "they just pull it out and go where ever they like, god... sometimes I wish I was a boy!!" Julie laughed, " got a bit of penis envy do you Grace?" Grace blushed " a little i guess... its just sooo convinent, and easy to aim" "From what I saw you didn't have any issues with aim" Julie shot back with a smirk. Grace blushed again " i've never peed standing like that before, I dare say if I hadn't been ready to burst, I wouldn't have" "My first time too" said julie, "I'd say we did ok for a couple of beavers though... I actually found it rather fun" "my only complaint now is my wet panties." "did you pee yourself?" Grace enquired Julie smiled " just a bit of leakage, nothing too bad, you?" Grace glanced down at the large wet spot on the crotch of her black tights "bit more then leakage i'm afraid, had a good 3 second spurt there before...." she trailed off and blushed again. Julie laughed, "must say Grace that took me by surprise, I didn't think you had it in you... I guess desperation brings out the worst in a girl!!" "I'm sorry julie" Grace said, " It's just you were taking sooo long, and I was losing control.. and... well... you saw how much I peed... imagine that all over my pants and the floor" "It's ok Grace" Julie replied, "no harm done, I should apologize to you. I got caught up in my relief and forgot about you, It must have been torture listening to me pee when you had to go so badly" "It really was" Grace admitted, "its not your fault though, I doubt you could have pinched off if you tried" Julie laughed " doubt it, it was kind of hot when my pee splashed against the wall like that" "yeah that was something different" Grace agreed The girl's drove in silence for another 15 minutes before Grace noticed Julie was fidgeting and crossing her legs.. "don't tell me you have to go again Jule's, it hasn't even been an hour yet!!" Julie grinned sheepishly, "actually yah... pretty badly too!" "F!@#, me too" Grace admitted, "what the hell did we drink" "I don't know" said julie " lets hope theres another rest stop soon, or that your floor mats are waterproof" julie joked "Don't make me laugh", grace said through gritted teeth, "I'll lose it" 15 minutes passed by which time the girls were ready to explode. All they could see on either side for miles was heavy forest. "I got an idea" quipped Julie, " lets practice our new found aiming abilities, it'll be fun!!" "Sounds more fun then having my car cleaned" Grace agreed, as she pulled over to the side and flicked on the four ways. As they jumped out of the car, just how badly they needed to piss. Hands went to their crotches, and to their bladders, as they broke into a slow run towards the woods. They passed the outskirts of the forest and came to stop in a small clearing. "Now what" Grace moaned, bent over, her hand jammed against her pee hole. "still feel like being a guy?" Julie laughed. With that she hobbled towards the big tree in the centre, pulled her panties to the side and began to pee a massive stream which created a puddle as it pooled on the ground. At the site of this Grace almost lost control, but managed to make it to the tree next to julie, pull down her tights and unleash a torrent against it's bark "Nice waterfall" joked Julie "Feel's sooo amazing" Grace moaned, as piss poored out of her with no signed of letting up. "I'll bet" Julie said, " bet I can get it higher then you" she said as she stepped back, bent backwards, and arched her pussy up, sending her stream about a 1/4 way up the trees trunk. "pfft, easy" trashed Grace, who bent back and pulled on her clit to send her massive gush twice as high!!" "Nobody likes a show off" teased Julie, as both girls continued to pee. "How about distance then?" she said, pinching off and running to the centre of the clearing. Grace didn't look pleased at having to interupt her releif, but followed suit. Both girls stood side by side. "Furthest arch wins", said Julie, as the girls spread their legs and arched their pussies forward, "1,2,3" As the 3 left her lips, both girls began to piss simaltaneously. Grace's arch shot half way across the clearing. Not to be outdone, Julie's cleared Grace's, landing at the edge of the clearing among the trees. "Redemption!" yelled Julie, as Grace flipped her the bird. Both girls pissed for another minute, before their streams pettered out. They looked at each and smiled in relief. "I never knew peeing could be this much fun" said Grace, pulling up her tights. "with the right person, anything is fun!" Julie added with a wink, as she adjusted her panties and skirt. As they walked back to the car to continue their journey, Julie wondered aloud. "I wonder how far I could hit my toliet from at home?"
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    https://xhamster.com/videos/mistress-t-epic-cumshot-compilation-6932245#720p Worth a look 'fanny'...X
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    She's very good at 'milking' cocks.