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I'm a real good influence on my friends

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I love how much you actually do seem to have influenced your friends.  That's so awesome bro.  You're their leader. Hahaha

  As for me, I don't think I'm much of an influencer for my friends, but I will say that since I started pissing more around my building, I've noticed a slight increase in others doing the same.  And I'm right there with you man, I LOVE watching guys piss way more than I love doing it.  Just last night coming home, I saw one of my neighbors pissing inside by the stairway against the brick wall.  He saw me, looked at me for a moment then turned back around. 

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This one isn't me encouraging friends but I hope it still counts.

Once when I was driving people for work, I was getting really desperate to pee. Pulled over near an old closed shop to pee against it around the side, and my actions ended up encouraging everyone else to do the same while we were there, seemed everyone else had to go as well. Just a group of people turning up to an old building to pee against it. Then after about 3 minutes of driving after that I realized there was a public rest stop with toilets just up ahead, but I didn't say anything, and really did not realize it was there. Hope nobody that I was driving is in here.

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16 hours ago, vanessa9 said:

More than once I was the one who started the trend of public peeing, floor peeing in the restrooms

I love that you’ve emboldened people to piss on the floor because it’s especially naughty so people need a confident leader. Where were the most naughty places you’ve encouraged someone else to piss?

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On 3/14/2024 at 3:03 AM, TylerHasFun said:

Been thinking about this off and on but I feel like I've been a real pissing role model for my friends, lol.  Lot of u heard me talk about my friends before, they're all straight, chill guys, we always be doing dumb shit together.  And I am the only one with this kink and am mostly the one who does all the pissing adventures.  It took time but they all got used to my ways.  Ya know an outside piss here and there when we was smoking and it's just funny stuff.  To when I first started to piss in their kitchen sink when we all was hanging out, at first they was like wtf bro, but now I always do it when we hang out, and they do it too.  Some of em was a little taken back when I'd piss in more public settings like in an alley in town or on some random car when we leaving a bar.  In time, it became where they fucking dare me to do crazier shit and it's all but expected of me now.   I be pissing on their cars, get em in the leg,  or my dick being right there in their view.  Thats just tyler, they'd say.  But the best part for me is now they be pissing outside more and more these days.  I figure they seen me do it so much now they figured what the hell and just go for it.  

My buddy Mikey, if u remembered my older stories, he's probably developed the most.  He pisses around his building now all the time, fucker texts me saying like bro you ain't gonna believe what I just pissed on.  Lol.  Me and him go jogging probably every day and he joining me pissing off the side of the road with me, right as cars driving by.  Lol he even be getting people hollering at him for being a pig for doing it. Lol, My boy's all grown up now. 

Same for my other friends, we was leaving a bar last night and all 4 of us decided to have a piss by some trees by the lot.  Bro I almost couldn't go cause I was getting hard, lol watching em.  I said many times I love to piss outside but I love watching it more.  They fucking moaned in relief, saying how they gonna get one of their sneakers.  I even started daring em to piss on random places like they do me.  But I mean, I'm still the king, lol.  Honestly I'm pretty sure they all figure I have this thing about guys pissing.  We ain't ever bring it up but I'm sure it's obvious.   Chris, my best friend, I mean he knows for sure.   

What about yall?  You being a good piss role model for your friends?  

Also I'm curious, did it seem like they were perhaps getting a fetish for it or was it just more for fun?

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On 3/15/2024 at 9:10 AM, vanessa9 said:

A few women saw me and did the same very timidly, blocking view for each other. When I had to pee again 1-2 hours later, the ground around the urinals was littered with tissues, the grass was soaked with pee and women were openly squatting and peeing in front of everybody.

Kind of like the butterfly in the butterfly effect or just a peeing trendsetter. Sometimes amazing what a reaction you can cause with one single action.

I sometimes hope some visible puddles i left had the same effect on people 😅

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Not a "leader" per say, but I have been known to encourage my small cluster of friends. I had one female friend, who has since come out as trans, whom I would occasionally talk shop with, but never came out to her about my kinks. It never quite felt appropriate, but I am convinced my close friend told her and she was always waiting for me to confirm. I would hang with her at her place and we could be out in the pool or sunbathing, and she would bring up her need to pee. One of those times she said, "Normally, I would pee right here or behind the shed, but y'know...neighbors, so I'm gonna pop inside really quick". I was kinda disappointed tbh haha.

I've written about another friend on here plenty of times. Shes no stranger to it and needs no encouragement to piss somewhere she shouldn't. I do often wonder if she has a watersports kink, guess I'll never know. It's honestly weird to me that by wanting someone to corrupt me so bad, in the end I'm known as the freaky horny friend with most others being pretty tame. Manifest your own reality and be the freaky friend you want to have, I guess.

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On 3/14/2024 at 11:01 PM, SnakeFace said:

Also I'm curious, did it seem like they were perhaps getting a fetish for it or was it just more for fun?

Nah, I think its more they just gotten more bold.  Like they always thought it was funny, just started doing it more.  

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