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A lovely wetting from my wife

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Excellent experience, @Kupar!

I can attest to how good this is, as my wife has done this for me a few times, although without the clothing.   She has only done it in hotels and we also had the experience that quite a bit pooled on the floor.

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Sigh. 💚 Everything about this is so beautiful. So simple and understated, but divine and intimate, not to mention wonderfully wet. 💦


I made a list of the things I adore:


Your gorgeous wife, and what she does for you, and with you, despite not being a pee-fan herself. 

Your pee mixing with her pee…I know in real life it is just fluids being pulled down by gravity, but I evolve things into a spiritual notion in my mind, and I think about how those special fluids travelled through the mechanics of your bodies, and you released your waters at just the right time for the shared magic to pool at your feet for you to enjoy. Love, connection and contentment. Sigh.💚

“tent-pole-like erection”…awesome description….love it! 😆💖🍆

You cleared up while she ran a bath. You are so good with the practicalities. 💕

Massage!! 😍Lucky lady! 

And K allowing you to share such a lovely night with us here, including some wonderful pictures. Beyond magical. 🌟


Sorry, I am gushing as per usual, but thank you, Kupar, so much, for giving us this lovely treat. 


And yes, this is quite an accessible activity that any of us could try with our partners… if we only had the balls to! One day….😉

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