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What useless information can you remember?

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12 hours ago, MC Cumzy said:

Crab sticks don't actually contain any crab, and from 1993 manufacturers have been legally obliged to label them "crab flavoured sticks"

At work we use imitation crab meat for one of the dishes that people can serve themselves and pulling out that block of fake crab meat and having to pull it apart and make it look real is one of the worst parts of my day. It smells so bad and I can't even begin to wrap my head around what it actually is if it's not crab lol.

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I can still remember the slogans, jingles and tunes from the cigarette commercials that were shown on children's television after school in the 1960s. That's pretty useless I think.

I'm a little surprised that I never actually took up smoking after that saturation campaign,  but I always was a right stubborn git.

I guess it worked in general,  because there were a lot of 10 and 11 year olds in my school who smoked.


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