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Male circumcision vs FGM

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I just want to know everyone's general opinion on this. Apologies in advance if anyone gets offended/triggered by what I'm about to say...

Now obviously I fully support the outright banning of FGM. Its draconian, barbaric, and outright pointless. I just think it's strange how the western world doesn't recoil with shock, disgust, horror and anger in the same way when it comes to newly-born boys getting their genitals mutilated with a vicious, razorblade-laden, miniature guillotine-esque device... Especially when said boy isn't able to verbalise his objection to the whole ordeal or understand what's happening.

Now don't get me wrong here, I wouldn't dare compare the two practices and fully understand that FGM is much much worse. It doesn't provide any tangible benefits and the negative consequences to a woman losing her clitoris and having her labia sewn up are unspeakable, however I do feel that a person, male or female, should have the right to choose what happens to their own body, and parents who force their newborn sons to go through circumcision before they can even express their levels of anxiety, voice their concerns, give consent or understand their surroundings are depriving them of such a right.

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I totally agree.  Female "circumcision" seems outright mean and sadistic to me.  It doesn't get rid of the female sex drive.  

I am a guy, and I am circumcised, but I didn't know any guys from my generation who weren't.  However I have learned that even male circumcision reduces sensitivity, and sexual pleasure.  It is relatively easy to pull back the foreskin and wash your penis.  So I didn't get my own son circumcised. 

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