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Hi guys

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1 hour ago, Mspowerdistance said:

Hello all,


I am new here and am introducing myself. I came into the world of pee play thru my boyfriend. We have been together for years and he recently started hinting for me to pee while I squirt. At first I thought that he was joking and I was very shy. But I noticed that he kept telling me to just let it go. We do a lot of pussy play and squirt play. Once he opened up to me that he was indeed serious I tried it out. Since that moment I just cannot get enough. I have discovered that I am very much an exhibitionist, and the feeling is intoxicating. He is not necessarily turned on by pee itself but more of watching the act and seeing every bit of me while I am spread open. He is not turned of by the pee though. I have peed on him multiple times including the body, face,and in the mouth. I find that if I fill my bladder as full as possible the orgasm is exhilarating. A full bladder allows for so many more sensations during orgasm for me. So far I have peed in the shower, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, on the patio, on the kitchen table, and my favorite by far in the living room. I like to try and hold it as long as possible to build up a powerful stream. Then when I get ready to go I position myself to shoot outwards. I open my lips fully with two hands and take a few deep breathes. Then I finally let go. I shoot it out as far and strong as possible. My boyfriend sometimes comes in close to watch with his face right next to my pussy, or sits back to enjoy if he is not in the line of fire. For him it can be extremely sexual where he immediately gets a hardon and jumps on top of me or we just continue on and do it again soon. For me it is exciting everytime. I get so horny and turned on, not by the pee itself but more of the act of him watching me. I could fuck every single time! He cannot so there is a lot of masturbation involved lol. I've noticed after I urinate if i continue to play with myself I am able to make a lot more come out that I am assuming is a large mixture of pee and squirt. We are able to soak the whole living room floor in a matter of minutes to the point where there are puddles.Also the  freedom and sexiness of it turn me on. Glad to be apart of a community of like minded individuals. Will be great to bounce ideas off of.

Welcome and thanks for the visuals. I wish there were more ladies like you...or more willing to share. Again...welcome, welcome, WELCOME!

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A very thorough introduction - and a hot one at that.   Welcome on board and I hope you find plenty to interest you here.   Look forward to hearing about some of your accounts when you are ready to post them.


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