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Peeing/bathrooms in TV adverts.

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I saw this advert on TV earlier featuring a woman sat on the toilet flicking through her phone (something I've done a few times) and it made me think, what other adverts are there? 


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This Bumble Ad with Helena Bonham Carter features a girl quickly darting behind a tree - presumably for a wee. Not much is seen except for her uncomfortable expression, but I'm sure our imagination can fill in the blanks.

What a pity, it doesn't look like the guy is a urophile. Helena denounces it as "awkward." 

Forgot to say, it's around the 40 second mark. 

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Adding the time of the relevant scene
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5 hours ago, Eliminature said:

A Canadian environmental message. More funny than anything but the possibilities of open urination could provide many a masturbatory fantasy...


Fantastic find 😃 Thank you!

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2 hours ago, Ms. Tito said:

British Rail ad from 1984, which includes all the problems of road trips, including one we are all very familiar with 

Fun fact: British trains in ‘84 had toilets that looked like normal toilets but flushed out through the floor onto the track. They had signs saying something like “please do not flush the toilet when standing at a station”, not that these rules were always followed. Meanwhile, trains in continental Europe also flushed to the track but had big opening flap valves so you could see & hear what was happening, rather than discreetly pushing the mess under the rug (in a manner of speaking). This probably says something about national temperament, or possibly distance from Pisuaria.

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