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    Live in Scotland, unfortunatly I never met anyone with the same fetish as me, had a fettish about pee since i can remember. more specifically i get really turned on when girls are close to bursting, always been really hard when any female freind mentioned they really needed to pee. Seen a video of a guy and girl having sex and she starts peeing with him iside her and he pretty much instantly cummed. This is something i would love to experience but i doubt i ever will.

    Apart from the pee stuff, I’m into various things, games, tv, sports :) feel free to drop a friendly message about anything to chat :)

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    naughty peeing, wetting, peeing during intercorse
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    Unfortunatly never had one, only can say watching a few videos online

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  1. Yeah it’s like a remake of the old games and it’s been advertised a lot the past year by Nintendo on there directs :) yeah unfortunately a lot of the modded game stuff is really on pc only but prop hunt does always look a blast 😂
  2. That’s a list to go through 😁 yeah feel the same about the Zelda game here? Never finished the last one and currently playing the new fire emblem game and loving it 😁 also wanting to get advance wars cause that just looks like a fun way to spend like long trips 🙂
  3. Hey Bacardi, I remember your a fellow gamer 🙂 anything coming out in the switch that your looking forward to ?
  4. Wow ! Now that is a hot story, thanks for sharing @peegirl99! Even the thought walking into such a scene is incredible! Hope you share other stories like this in the future 🙂
  5. For me, when I was a teenage I used to always fantasies about being outside with a female friend of mine and then being bursting for the toilet but not wanting to go on top of a tree stump or on the cold ground so I would sit down and let them sit in me and just pee, this then evolved into them peeing and fantasising about the stream running down my cock giving me an erection which would hit off there pussy as they peed
  6. DAMNNNNNN! now that is stunning the bow on the back and everything, just wow does this one have a video ? once again cheers @colette888
  7. Well i will just have to up my appreciation levels for all the lurkers :)
  8. Just back from a recent ski holiday in the alps and thought I would share the following experience 🙂 I was in a pub with friends and family and we had all had a few pints and drinks, I decided to head back to the hotel earlier than everyone else but as I started walking realised I was absolutely bursting, not sure if it was the Cold air that made it come on quickly but I HAD to go. I found a quiet spot and just let it flow, there was a nice steam coming from the stream and the snow beneath melting as the warm liquid flowed over it leaving behind a hole. It felt like the long
  9. My favourite thread ❤️ always love coming back to this 🔥
  10. Going to say never really paid attanrtion to it but like a cigarette and then with a little squeeze/shake to drain the last bits out
  11. PisSRL


    Lovely photos !
  12. Don’t apologise 😁 but I love the style you go for 🙂 always love a bit of hair above the downstairs ! I guess the next question would be, what do you like on a guy ?
  13. Is this you ? (If so damn ! Thanks for sharing beautiful downstairs 😍😍) or were you using this picture as a demonstration of how it looks :)?
  14. Hot and steamy story ! Got my blood pumping ! Thanks for sharing it 🙂
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