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  1. I've often thought about this! I'm pretty simple and my desire is for videos that are authentic or at least appear to be. So, what I would do is I would create a holding contest among real amateurs. I would recruit them by offering significant prize money for the winner. I think I would offer $1,000 for taking part and $5,000 for winning. Two women would consume a significant amount of fluid and then would need to travel somewhere in the city with someone filming them in a gonzo fashion (to make it look like candid capture). The contest would go until one girl gives up or pees herself. I
  2. Ashamed. That's the core feeling at the time of the wetting, but that shame turns into excitement shortly after. I had bladder issues as a kid (still do, but they are much better managed now). I had accidents pretty regularly until I was about 8 and occasionally (maybe once a year) until I was about 12. So, my childhood was tough and those memories are all tied into the kink today still
  3. Desperation and accidents are my kink. Someone peeing themselves on purpose does very little for me and public peeing/golden showers, naughty peeing, etc. does literally nothing for me. To each their own, if that's their thing, but it's not what does it for me. You're right, this site leans towards the non-wetting side of the kink. Not entirely, but it absolutely leans that way. It's a very supportive and friendly space though. With apologies for linking the competition, if you are looking for a board that leans the other way -- mostly wetting with a little of the rest -- try OmoOrg
  4. I've written before about my experience with OAB in my life, but as a quick summary I've had occasions as an adult where I have lost control. I also sometimes engage in holding/staged accidents as fantasy. So, I have a somewhat unique perspective from most, I think. What I'll say is that a long, slow hold feels different than when I'm experiencing legitimate desperation. My understanding of that is that desperation is caused by a spasm in the bladder, which causes a sudden, intense need to go. With me, that doesn't happen all the time -- often enough, but not every time. So, if I'm just
  5. Too much information? You just posted this to a forum called Pee Fans Dot Com. You're fine. Probably don't share it at the Marketing meeting tomorrow though. And, in three years when you are deciding whether you should piss yourself on the packed, public bus at 5pm you'll think back to this post and chuckle. We would all benefit from taking a step back and laughing at the absurdity of our kink from time to time, while also accepting that as long as we're not hurting anyone it's perfectly fine. I'm glad you enjoyed your virgin pants pissing experience, Durian. Seriously, I am. I may s
  6. I know there are a lot of people that think that men will just whip it out whenever they need to in this scenario. I'm here to tell you that, for me anyway, that's not true. I'm going to try and hold it until it becomes a go-now-or-time-to-change situation, but even then I'm going as deep into the bushes as I can get. I've been in some uncomfortable situations over the years...
  7. I first connected wetting and sex when I was about 12. I had a lot of accidents as a kid (like 1-2 a year up until Middle School. and it was creating conflicting emotions even younger than that. I remember purposely doing it one day around that time and feeling strange after. I was embarrassed to have to tell my mother but I also started to realize it also made me feel good too. In the seventh grade I was lying in bed while my parents were entertaining a couple I didn't know. I woke up from the noise and realized that I needed to pee fairly badly. Not it's going to come out now bad, but it was
  8. I had a girlfriend that found out the same way. To her credit, she didn't shame me over it when she brought it up a few days later and even offered to try and accommodate me in the bedroom. What I said -- and this is literally the only time I've ever admitted it to another person in my life -- was that "This is a private part of me that I don't fully understand and that at least partially makes me feel ashamed. Thank you for not being judgmental, but I'd appreciate it if we dropped this now and never brought it up again." It was clear to me at that moment that I wanted to keep it private
  9. Fear of kink shaming is a legitimate thing, especially if your kink includes wetting yourself. I'm sorry that happened to you.. I find that there is a resistance in this space to those of us that keep it secret. Those that successfully share the kink with partners are celebrated and the message is always "just be honest," and "it will make everything better." It's not that simple. This kink is not universally accepted. No one should feel that they need to be any more open than they are comfortable with.
  10. About 5x a week. I often try to resist ejaculation in an attempt to teach myself how to have multiple orgasms. Been successful a few times, but it's a challenge!
  11. I have never shared it with partners. There are a lot of people that do and it works for them, but I don't think that you should feel that you have to do that. I think, for some of us, this kink is something that works better for us if it's private. In my case, my turn on is accidental wetting so I don't feel there is much that would be added to my sex life if I shared it. I'd probably be moderately turned on the first time she peed herself for me, but it would eventually become something that became less and less interesting. I'd also worry that if the relationship went bad that she mig
  12. I trace my kink origin back to a legit accident I had on a school bus in Middle School. I don't share the details beyond that due to the site rules, but what I'll add here is that it wasn't my only school accident. What it was, however, was the only accident that other people knew about. On two other occasions when I was younger I had an accident in class that the teacher covered up for me. I actually think it's more common than we realize because a) kids are pretty self-involved and don't notice what other's are doing and b) teachers are motivated to help you cover it up because it looks bad
  13. TMI, perhaps, but the best anal I've had was with an older woman (oldest I've been with) who told me after the fact that she had discovered her enjoyment of it as she got older and fully understood and accepted what she liked (in her case, being with a "man's man who takes what he wants in bed.") She told me this after I directly asked her if we had gone back door because I wasn't fully sure -- I was holding her tight against me from behind and it kind of just slipped there. I was pretty sure it had happened, but I wasn't about to stop and look. That was hot because it was passionate and
  14. I've found myself in the alternative exit here and there over the years and I gotta tell ya that there's not a single photo in this thread that corresponds with my experience. It's much...messier. But, hey...I don't know. Maybe I've just had a different experience. (Real talk: It's kinda kinky, but ultimately a bit overrated. To each their own, of course)
  15. It's entirely and fully this -- whether it's me losing control, or another person. This kink is a very broad spectrum, but I would guess that the "real accident" folks are the narrowest among us in terms of what excites them. I welcome being told I'm wrong, but I suspect that if your kink is about seeing or imagining true accidents, you probably aren't interested in anything other than that -- it's the embarrassment and shame that turns you on... I'm not always happy with myself about this, but I recognize that it's what this is about.
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