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  1. Your video has been flagged, if you weren't already aware.
  2. This would definitely be hot to watch, but, she didn't ruin the table. Most billard tables are made of a very hard material, material varies, that can't be damaged by that small amount of water. The felt however, that was ruined. The felt is the carpet like material that covers the tables slabs. As far as cost, that varies based on quality. Cheap bar table would be about a grand. Mrs R and I have a table that retails for about 8k. We bought it used so we didn't pay that much. Having the surface refelted would be a few hundred if you can't do it yourself, which I'm guessing he couldn't if
  3. I can see why you would think that. Sounding is actually a medical treatment, not sure it uses the same name though. When done carefully, with proper equipment and lube, it is safe. Actual sounding rods have a curved edge, not a point. I have not read anything on serious injury caused by it, but, if stretched to much (using sounding rods that are to big) you can damage the muscles controlling your bladder and loose all control of your urine flow. Granted, anything can happen. So, you aren't wrong.
  4. @gldenwetgoose is correct. A hollow sounding rod is very similar to a catheter. @peeter you can insert a rod past the muscles directly into the bladder. Like GWG said though, gravity basically takes control. You may be able to prevent that and actually suck it out of her bladder if she were on her shoulders with her ass in the air. Basically the same position if she were trying to piss on her own face. Don't quote me on that though. I'm sure there is some kind of pressure that builds up inside the bladder. 🤷‍♂️ I would consider sounding even more uncommon the watersports. Not to sou
  5. As previously pointed out, due to muscles, it would be almost impossible to "suck" out a womens/man's piss. The closest you could probably get to this experience would involve what is called sounding. Sounding is the practice of inserting objects into the urethra. They do make "tools" (sounding rods) for this activity. Some of which are hollow for the main purpose of releasing urine. You could probably lightly suck on said hallow tool. I have tried sounding a few times and it is pleasurable, but, a different kind of pleasurable.
  6. @WendyMarty Did you ever confront the postman about the show he gave you?
  7. Mrs R usually works pretty late and sometimes has to drive quite a bit. A few nights ago both happened. I knew she would be doing a lot of driving that night so I kept messaging her trying to get her to take a naughty piss somewhere during her travels. While waiting to receive a message back, hopefully with a video attached, I fell asleep in my recliner. She got home around 11pm and woke me up. To my surprise she was wearing only her bath robe and a pair of her sexy purple panties. When I came too, she asked me if I was working the next day to which I replied I was not (my work schedule
  8. Sorry to say that we didn't get to have any fun. The night was extremely busy and because of the beautiful weather, there was people everywhere! We discussed some naughty pissing in various locations in our hotel room after the party, but, we ended up having the after party room and weren't alone till about 330am. By that point we were both exhausted. Sorry we couldn't make it happen. Maybe next time.
  9. Mrs R and I are going to a bar take over tonight (LS party). She told me last night while we were drinking in our hot tub that she wants to go and piss in the parking lot while we are there.....every time she has to go! Hoping she will let me record it.
  10. Mrs R is a social butterfly. When we are out, she can talk to anyone so she is constantly making new friends. When it comes to interacting with her phone....totally different story. Sometimes I truly beleive that she forgets that she has one. I leave for work everday very early in the morning, hours before she wakes up. I always kiss her good bye, but, she is completely past out, so, I also text her "Good Morning Beautiful" between 7 and 8. With how little she looks at her phone, it's not uncommon for it to be 2 sometimes 3 hours before she replies. I'll be honest, it annoys the hell out
  11. I can relate to this. I play "beer league" hockey (American, just to clarify) and I normally play goalie and it's just like @moremichael said....heavy equipment. I, like most goalies, sweat like crazy, but, I also consume over a gallon of water every game. Anyway, a few seasons back we were in the championship game and tied in the 3rd period when I got the urge to go. Seeing what was on the line (in beer league hockey there is really nothing on the line except bragging rights) I didn't want to have needing to take a piss on my mind. The puck was at the other end of the ice so I just went. Didn
  12. So we told our friend about our fetish last night, it took a little liquid courage though. LOL. She told us that she had never been a part of any type of watersports but was very intrigued. Told her how much I enjoy watching Mrs R and women in general piss. Watching in the bathroom, outside, in bed, soaking her panties (especially that). She then told us about a situation she had not long ago where she completely soaked herself and the drivers seat of her car, however, in a time of desperation. After she told us about it Mrs R told her that she has no idea how much she had turned me on. It was
  13. Very hot story. Wish I would have been one of the people that could see.
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