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  1. What grade where you in when this happened?
  2. I like to pee in front of large groups of people, I have done it a few times and found it very exilerating, especially when everyone is chill with it and it feels like I have "gotten away with something naughty".
  3. Has anyone ever caught you peeing on the floor/wall at the gym? If so how much did they see and what did they say?
  4. Where all did you see them pissing? Were they mainly outside or inside?
  5. Did you see his cock while he was pissing or anyone else's cock pissing at the party?
  6. Would you and the other people at foam parties pee through your clothes or remove your clothes in order to pee?
  7. Can you tell us about your other examples? I like hearing these stories, I especially like hearing about girl's reactions to brazen public peeing.
  8. Can you write about the successive ones which happened the next day?
  9. What other times have you peed in front of your friends?
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