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    A Ranch In Canada
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    I’m a 18 year old country gal who loves the wilderness. I work at a local bikini coffee shop as a Barista. Football ⚽️ is my favorite sport.

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    Any pee
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    Too many to tell since me, my dad, and my mom grew up in a ranch in the middle of nowhere in Canada. We didn’t have proper plumbing no toilet on a shower and sink so we pissed a we pleased

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  1. So me and friends were at soccer practice this is around when I was 15. My friends were tying their cleats I lowered my shorts and began peeing they were shocked and asked what I was doing I said “Oh I’m peeing” they were very surprised and some disgusted so they explained that it’s not normal to do that
  2. Well like I stated before I grew up in a very sheltered environment where my Otosan and Okasan (Mom and Dad in Japanese) peed wherever they wanted since we didn’t have a toilet. I did know toilets existed but never knew that they were very common since I was Home schooled from kindergarten to grade 9 when we moved to Toronto. So I discovered my fetish at 15 when one of my friends said it’s not normal to pee wherever but I love the rush of adrenaline when I do it publicly
  3. Hello everyone I’m new here I open to answering any of your question so you guys and gals can get to know me and Vise versa
  4. It’s a mix of British and Scottish accent
  5. He was born in the south side of Glasgow
  6. Hello I’m a bubbly and extroverted girl. I been interested in the pee fetish for a while. I was born in East London my mom is Japanese mean while my dad is from Glasgow but he moved to East London very young. After a couple months of me being born we moved to Canada where I was raised. My parents never thought the Internet wasn’t something necessary so I been a bit sheltered and suck at typing. So with all that said we didn’t have a proper shower we used to grab buckets of water for the shower and food. The pee situation was free game no wall or surface was safe I remember my dad used ge
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