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  1. Girlspee.net is now showing a Ddos guard screen.
  2. Anybody else recognise Sexy Sinna in that latest ‘page’?
  3. Regulus


    Must've been a glitch.
  4. Regulus


    Pissrip just died.
  5. Nothing in my junk mail. Possible problem your end.
  6. Any progress? It's been like a week and I've heard nothing from here.
  7. I signed up last year using a discount code. My username is either my email which is [email protected] or Regulus.
  8. I'm having a bit of an issue here. I can't remember my password and, despite using the forgot my password option twice, I haven't had a reply from the admin with reset details.
  9. Why is it that the japanese stuff is so hard to locate?
  10. the first file is in german or something
  11. "But, I do think we need to use extreme caution when writing stories in which all the characters are under age. The one above was kind of innocent enough, with no adults involved with children, and no actual sex taking place. But we must be careful about inadvertantly writing the kind of stuff that paedophiles could get off on, because that could bring unwelcome attention from the wrong kind of people to the forum." That's true enough.
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