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    I really like seeing women pee lol. me and gf love peeing on each other and filming each other pee.

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    First pee experience with my gf. We did a role play so I was sitting on the toilet and she came into the bathroom and had to pee really bad. So i told her to pee on me so as she stood in the doorway she showered me in piss. it was awesome lmao.

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  1. neworder455


    is there a video of this?
  2. neworder455


    is there a video of this? whats the source
  3. neworder455

    Looking for a pee buddy

    Hey everyone. I really enjoy making pissing videos and Id like to share them, any of you ladies interested? please pm me :)
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. so after some surfing I stumbled across Ana Didovic and her power piss videos are simply amazing. Ive seen many compilation videos of her and have always wondered where the source came from. Looks like this is HER website and Im just curious weather to sign up or not. There is scat too... which im not a fan of but it looks like you can subscribe to only power pissing. now Im just wondering if anyone has subscribed to this website? and if so are there updates to power piss videos? ive seen compilations of her dating back to 2007 - 2010. im just wondering if its worth subscribing and if I do will I see videos ive already seen? any input will be appriciated.
  6. Heyy there im looking for girls who can powerpiss and who dont mind peeing around the house. If youre intetested please pm me :) thanks
  7. neworder455


    anyone know any torrents or download links for some of these video? theyre alot more but these are two id really like to get my hands on :p http://www.jade-net-home.com/products/101544 http://www.jade-net-home.com/products/100573
  8. neworder455

    homemade videos?

    anyone know of any websites that feature homemade or amateur original content?